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LAST UPDATED: March 4th, 2023

Evergreen Solar Solutions is a Florida-based, non-installing SunPower dealer. To provide high quality equipment and solar solutions, Evergreen Solar works through SunPower, a top equipment manufacturer. The flexibility of SunPower equipment allows Evergreen to provide various configurations to customize solar solutions for each client. 

Before getting started, Evergreen Solar Solutions offers a free estimate. This estimate will provide prospective clients with basic details that will make the purchasing decision easier. This estimate will gauge equipment needs, energy usage, potential savings, and what will be required to become more energy independent. The company utilizes satellite technology to quickly and efficiently estimate solar savings. 

Helping people transition from traditional and expensive power sources to clean energy solutions is what Evergreen Solar Solutions does best. 


The Good

  • SunPower Elite Dealer
  • Start-to-Finish Process
  • Creative Installation Methods
  • Certified Solar Professionals
  • SunPower-Backed Installation Warranty

SunPower Elite Dealer

To provide some of the highest-quality solar equipment in the industry, Evergreen Solar Solutions has partnered with SunPower to supply panels, inverters, and battery solar solutions to its clients. Since its founding in 2020, Evergreen Solar Solutions has already reached Elite Dealership status within the SunPower authorized dealer program. 

Finding a solar company that has a tier-1 solar manufacturing product to install should not be taken lightly. Not all solar providers can offer clients what Evergreen Solar Solutions can with its top tier equipment partnership. 

Start-to-Finish Process

More and more solar companies are turning to third-party providers to manage projects. In these circumstances, one company will handle the consultation and the sale portion of the process while another company does the actual installation. With Evergreen Solar Solutions, homeowners can rest assured that every step of the process is handled in-house by certified professionals. The Evergreen Solar Solutions process includes the following:

  • Site survey
  • System design
  • Permitting
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Utility hook-up
  • Power on
  • Creative installation methods

Most solar installation companies offer cut and dry installation services. Certain types of roofs that face a certain way are the only properties these types of providers will take on. That is where Evergreen Solar Solutions truly stands out as clients are not turned away due to complex installation needs.

Whether it's a third-story roof or a ground mounted system, Evergreen Solar Solutions will make the adjustments necessary to ensure a high-quality installation regardless of obstacles certain homes may present. 

Certified Solar Professionals

The North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals is an independent organization widely recognized as the gold standard certification institution within the renewable energy industry. Obtaining NABCEP certification is not an easy feat, and professionals as well as companies must demonstrate a certain level of knowledge and skill to be considered NABCEP certified. All work conducted by Evergreen Solar Solutions is done by NABCEP certified solar professionals. Clients can rest assured that the work done on their property will meet a certain standard and quality.

SunPower-Backed Installation Warranty

Warranties are a standard offering within the solar industry. In fact, warranties are so important that solar manufacturers like SunPower ensure that customers are taken care of when it comes to equipment and production. These warranties are generally backed by the manufacturer, but the solar installation provider is then usually responsible for the workmanship.

In the case of Evergreen Solar Solutions, the workmanship or installation warranty, backed by SunPower, is good for 12 years.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area

Limited Service Area

Solar installation providers typically offer a localized service. Solar companies will either service a state or the more populated areas within a state. Some solar providers have found ways to expand services and cross state lines, covering a region or multiple states. Unfortunately, Evergreen Solar Solutions is not one of those expanded solar companies.

Since Evergreen is a SunPower dealer, these relationships often restrict a service area with no opportunities for further development or service area expansion. Evergreen Solar Solutions falls into this category. 


The Bottom Line

Evergreen Solar Solutions is a comprehensive solar dealer helping residential clients utilize renewable energy sources to power their property. For equipment purposes, Evergreen Solar Solutions has partnered with SunPower and reached Elite Dealership status. No part of the Evergreen Solar Solutions process is ever outsourced to a third-party provider. From start to finish, Evergreen Solar Solutions will be there every step of the way.

Evergreen Solar Solutions works to provide various mounting solutions. Where other solar providers may turn a project down, Evergreen Solar Solutions sees it as an opportunity. Lastly, all work conducted by Evergreen Solar Solutions is done by solar professionals that have been certified by the renowned NABCEP. 

Despite offering a number of high quality services and features, there are limitations prospective solar clients should be aware of when it comes to working with Evergreen Solar Solutions. The service area of Evergreen Solar Solutions is restricted to Florida homeowners.

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Kenneth San José, SJ

I liked the salesman but he made a lot of promises that he didn't keep. I was told if I signed up the day he came that we would receive a set of pots and pans, a luxury knife set and a cutting board. I even repeated this to his boss when he got him on the phone. We did receive the pots and pans but that is all. When I asked him about it he told me that I wasn't eligible for the other gifts as only one of the 3 referrals that I gave him actually signed up for a solar system. I was not told that they all had to sign up to receive the gifts. I have no control over who signs up. I feel like I was misled. He also mentioned that I would be receiving a $1,000 bonus for the customer that did sign up. I sent him an email asking him when I could expect the check and I have yet to receive a response. In addition, our system was installed last month but is still not been activated. They have been back out many times and it still doesn't work. Gabriel called me for access on Monday but I am currently out of town and told him I would arrange for someone to meet him there. I have sent him 2 texts and left him a VM message and have yet to hear from him. I made my first payment on the system on January 1 and it is not yet working. I am not too impressed so far. Hopefully they will get it working soon.

2 months ago

Evergreen Solar Solutions Logo

Reply from Evergreen Solar Solutions

Kenneth, thank you for letting me know that everything has been received, as promised. I am thankful for your patience, support and for your referral that will also be a clean energy family. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Feb. 17th, 2023

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Angela Port Saint Lucie, FL

Customer service. I started this process in April of 2021 and is still not completed. My emails are not replied.

2 months ago

Evergreen Solar Solutions Logo

Reply from Evergreen Solar Solutions

Ms. Angela, I appreciate your email with feedback. I sincerely apologize for the frustrations you have experienced with the installer. As you are aware, Evergreen Solar Solutions is an Elite Dealer authorized to sell Sunpower systems. Per our discussion, we will continue to work on your behalf to quickly finalize all areas of your installation, and we are very happy that you are pleased with Evergreens efforts at this time. We appreciate your patience, and thank you for your support.

Jan. 24th, 2023