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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

WindyNation is a solar equipment manufacturer that specializes in small wind and solar products like generators, panels, and connecting products. WindyNation sells its products entirely online and ships equipment directly to the client. It is then up to the client to install and connect all required parts. The WindyNation platform is designed to help those interested in taking on the solar project themselves and transform an entity into an energy independent operator. 

Each product manufactured by WindyNation is designed to provide the best quality performance while maintaining its standing as a low-cost alternative to the traditionally expensive renewable power sources on the market. Making solar and wind power solutions available to the masses is an effort WindyNation takes seriously. 

Interested clients can quickly browse, sort, and compare solar solutions available through the WindyNation online store. In addition to selling alternative solar solutions, WindyNation also supplies clients with helpful resources and even a community forum to help troubleshoot common issues other customers have encountered. The products and resources available through WindyNation are put in place to bring clean power to all people. 

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The Good

  • Off-Grid Solutions
  • Affordability
  • Panel Types

Off-Grid Solutions

A key component that sets WindyNation apart from the rest of the solar panel manufacturing industry is its targeted customer base. A vast majority of the market is designing products to be installed on large-scale properties like residential, commercial, or utility homes and buildings.

WindyNation recognized the need for solar products to be used in a more niche off-grid setting. As a result, WindyNation offers solar and wind solutions for cabins, boats, RVs, trailers, and other off-grid entities.

By targeting an underserved client base, WindyNation has addressed the energy needs of those looking to utilize clean renewable energy in uncommon ways. 


The WindyNation mission is to bring “clean power to the people.” In an effort to do this, WindyNation has manufactured solar and other renewable energy based products that are affordable for everyday consumers. Solar panels sold through WindyNation range from $129.99 per panel to $319.99 per panel pack. This is a much more affordable alternative for those looking to use solar for off-grid use. 

Panel Types

Most solar panel manufacturers create panels that are either monocrystalline or polycrystalline. There are advantages and disadvantages to both panel types, but more often than not, solar manufacturers will solely go with one solar make.

Recognizing the diverse usage of off-grid solar solutions, WindyNation has made it a point to offer both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solutions. This gives the customer the option to choose what works best for their off-grid entity. 


The Bad

  • Unknown Technical Specifications
  • No Professional Installation
  • Residential Application

Unknown Technical Specifications

Most solar manufacturers publicly disclose a number of key performance metrics associated with the varying solar panels produced. This allows clients to compare products and determine what components matter most for their particular situation. 

Unfortunately for WindyNation clients, a number of common performance metrics and technical specifications are not disclosed. This makes it difficult to determine the quality of solar panels produced by the manufacturer. 

No Professional Installation

Installation is a double edged sword within the solar industry. Professional installation increases the overall upfront cost of having solar put in, but that professional service comes with a number of advantages. 

Professional solar installers typically offer an additional workmanship warranty which covers any issues stemming from the installation work. Professional installers also have the experience and knowledge necessary to set up solar property. WindyNation only offers DIY installation and no professional installers are available through the manufacturer. Clients will be responsible for the installation and connection of their WindyNation products. 

Residential Application

While clients looking for some energy independence could theoretically turn to WindyNation, it would not be practical for residential clients. The number of panels needed and the connectivity requirements to make WindyNation products and systems a reliable backup solution for residential properties would require so many panels and more technical experience than most homeowners have. 

Other solar manufacturers competing within the renewable energy space offer far more practical residential solar solutions than WindyNation does. 


The Bottom Line

WindyNation is an independent solar manufacturer and distributor that sells off grid solar and wind solutions. Most solar panels manufacturers target the traditional residential or commercial client, whereas WindyNation offers niche off grid products.

One of the biggest draws to the WindyNation inventory is the affordability of its products. Additionally, customers do not need to calculate installation costs as the products are designed to be installed by the client. There are both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels available for sale through the WindyNation platform.

While there are a number of reasons to consider WindyNation products, there are limitations to what the online seller and manufacturer provides. In terms of performance, there are a number of undisclosed technical specifications making it difficult to determine overall quality of its panel options. There are also no professional installation services available so clients will be responsible for connecting panels and systems. Lastly, the WindyNation platform is designed to make entities like RVs, boats, and other vehicles energy independent rather than a full residential or commercial property.

Clients looking to add power capabilities to their boat, RV, cabin, or other off grid entity will likely benefit from what WindyNation offers to clients. However, those looking for the more traditional residential solar panel application will want to consider other solar panel manufacturers. 

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