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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Solartech designs, manufactures, and distributes high efficiency solar panels helping its customers convert from traditional electricity streams into reliable energy sources. 

Solartech manufactures solar panels designed with industrial-grade strength. The modules fall into a number of varying series depending on the needs of the property. 

In addition to mass producing solar modules, Solartech also produces compatible mounting systems designed to efficiently secure solar panels and ensure high-quality performance throughout the duration of the panel lifespan. 

The Solartech platform incorporates a well-established line of distribution, providing quality solar parts to installers, resellers, and contractors. These partnerships allow for Solartech products to fill the needs of off-grid solar customers all across the world. 

While the company manufactures residential solar panels, its primary target is commercial and industrial clients. 

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The Good

  • Solar Panel Products
  • Panels Applications
  • Associated Mounting Systems
  • Off Grid Specialty

Solar Panel Products

Solartech Power breaks its panel inventory down into a number of series. These series include a wide range of individual solar panels all with their own accompanying power and efficiency metrics. 

All Solartech Power solar panels are made of highly efficient polycrystalline solar cells which allow for a traditionally increased output. 

Panels Applications

As a solar panel manufacturer that caters to the commercial and industrial industries, Solartech Power solar panels are designed to fulfill a number of varying applications. These functions include the following:

  • Off grid-connected applications
  • Telecommunications applications
  • Traffic signal and control applications
  • Railroad applications
  • Security applications
  • Street lighting applications
  • Billboard lighting applications
  • Solar panel products and kits

The solar panels applications of Solartech Power products vastly vary from traditional solar panel manufacturers that are catering to the typical residential client. 

Associated Mounting Systems

In addition to producing high-quality solar panels, Solartech Power also manufactures its own mounting systems. It makes sense for a solar panel manufacturer to provide a quality and compatible solution to mount its product, but surprisingly, most solar panel manufacturers do not offer this as a solution. 

Solartech Power clients interested in having panels installed on a property can rest assured that mounting solutions will ensure high-quality performance and proper securing. Instead of utilizing a third-party racking system, Solartech Power offers its own solution. 

Off Grid Specialty

One of the key differing indicators of Solartech Power is its off grid capabilities. Most manufacturers that claim to offer off grid solar panel solutions provide limited off grid solutions. Solartech Power’s panels are specifically designed with off grid capabilities in mind. 

Clients in need of solar panels that are designed to work independently of the utility grid from the start will benefit from what Solartech Power provides. Instead of working with a manufacturer that offers limited off grid abilities, Solartech Power panels are designed to work without additional connectivity. 


The Bad

  • Industrial/Commercially Focused
  • Undisclosed Specifications

Industrial/Commercially Focused

Many clients feel feel drawn to  Solartech Power products for its off grid capabilities. In order to provide high-level off grid solutions, the equipment itself requires different design, module makes, and other materials. As a result, not many Solartech panels are designed for typical residential use.

The target customer base of Solartech Power are commercial and industrial clients. The Solartech solar panels are specifically designed to cater to the energy needs commonly found in commercial or industrial settings. Most manufacturers have a number of quality panels designed for residential use. That is not the case for Solartech. 

Undisclosed Specifications

Comparing solar panels products for prospective clients is generally a straightforward process. Typically, manufacturers will publicly release a performance specification sheet, breaking down a key number of performance metrics. This allows interested buyers to quickly see what a solar panel is capable of.

While Solartech Power offers a performance specification sheet to prospective customers, it does not include all of the typical metrics commonly displayed. There is no mention of a product or performance warranty. No pricing information is available. There is also no information on temperature coefficients for Solartech solar panels.


The Bottom Line

Solartech Power is responsible for producing and distributing off-grid solar solutions to clients all over the world. The solar panel inventory offered through Solartech offers a number of series for clients to choose from, each having its own specialty. The applications for Solartech products range from telecommunications to security.

In addition to producing solar panels, Solartech also manufactures mounting systems that are compatible with its solar products. Solartech Power panels are designed to provide completely off-grid solutions, whereas most panel products are utility grid tied.

While there are a number of reasons to consider Solartech solutions, there are also downsides to working with the company for panel products. Most of Solartech’s products are designed for commercial and industrial use, not typically for residential clients. 

There are also a number of performance specifications that Solartech has failed to disclose to the public making it difficult to compare its quality to its competitors. 

Considering the target customer base of Solartech, residential clients looking for solar panels may want to consider alternative providers as the Solartech inventory is not catered for homeowners’ needs. 

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