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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Solaria was initially founded in 2000 as a manufacturer of utility-scale solar systems that were ground mounted in locations all around the world. This initial effort put Solaria on the map within the renewable energy industry and the company quickly become known for its field-tested and high-quality panels that were able to efficiently produce clean energy while maintaining panel durability. Solaria became synonymous with solar tracking arrays which bolstered energy production and efficiency ratings. 

Over time, Solaria started to branch out and develop solar panels that were used for smaller-scale projects like residential and commercial solar systems. Since 2014, Solaria has over 250 issued and pending patents within the solar field as the manufacturer worked on developing its shingled solar panels. 

Most recently, Solaria has developed the Solaria PowerXT solar panel. This solar panel took the industry by storm as it utilized never-before-seen technology. The PowerXT solar panel is made up of solar cells that are actually cut and then overlap allowing for a more densely packed solar panel. These shingled panels beat out the traditional solar panel in a number of key performance metrics. 

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The Good

  • Solaria Panel Options
  • Efficiency
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Shingled Solar Panels

Solaria Panel Options

Prospective solar clients interested in Solaria solar panels will have a number of options to choose from. There are two different series of solar panels through Solaria: the PowerXT series which is the more premium series and the PowerX Performance series. 


  • PowerXT 400R-PM
  • PowerXT 430R-PL

PowerX Performance

  • PowerX 400 STC 1000W/m2, 25° C, AM 1.5
  • PowerX 400 NOCT 800W/m2, 20°C Amb, Wind 1 m/s, AM 1.5

While other manufacturers may offer a number of panels to clients, few offer the efficiency ratings that these Solar solar panels provide. 


Solaria is known for its efficiency ratings and high-performing panels. Its drive to create the most efficient solar panels has proven successful, particularly with the launch of its PowerXT solar panel series.

On average, conventional solar panels have anywhere from a 15 percent to 17 percent efficiency rating. Solaria panels offer over 20 percent efficiency, with some panels reaching 20.2 percent when thoroughly tested. This is by far one of the best efficiency ratings in the industry. 

Warranty Coverage

Warranties are standard within the solar panel industry and, for the most part, these warranties cover the same items for the same amount of time. It is rare to find a manufacturer that offers anything more in terms of coverage and additional protection.

Solaria clients will receive additional coverage as the manufacturer provides a full 30-year warranty, beating out the industry average 25-year warranty commonly offered by other providers. 

Shingled Solar Panels

Solaria first introduced the shingled solar panel with the launch of the PowerXT panel back in 2016. This panel was designed to not only be more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional solar panel, but also produce up to 20 percent more power than the conventional solar panel. 

The PowerXT is made up of shingle solar panels. These are still full-sized solar panels but the solar cells are actually cut and overlapped giving it the shingled appearance. This formation allows for more solar cells to exist within the module thus increasing the amount of solar energy the panels can actually produce.

Shingled solar panels are also increasingly durable especially compared to conventional panels and are better protected in inclement weather situations. Solaria was a key leader in the development of this technology, and its competition has not been able to replicate the technological advancement. 


The Bad

  • Average Power Range
  • Price

Average Power Range

While Solaria is known for its advancements on the efficiency side of the solar panel, it is not as well known for its power output capabilities. Despite its advancements in technology, Solaria solar panels still provide a relatively average power output in terms of wattage. 

Panels in the PowerXT series offer a power range of 295 W–400 W. The more wattage a solar panel offers, the more expensive the overall cost will be. These metrics are considered to be average when compared to other panels on the market. 


Regardless of what solar panel a homeowner decides to go with, there will be a hefty investment. That being said, some solar panels are more affordable than others. Due to its high efficiency ratings and cell technology, Solaria solar panels fall on the more expensive and luxurious end of the solar panel spectrum.

There are cheaper and more basic solar panel options available through Solaria, but for the PowerXT series, solar clients can expect to pay around $21,700 for Solaria solar panels. This cost does not include potential installation fees. This makes Solaria more expensive than a lot of the competition in the same space.


The Bottom Line

Solaria is not only a solar panel manufacturer but a renewable energy innovator continuously pushing the limits of what solar panels offer. Through Solaria, residential clients can choose from a number of solar panel options ranging from more basic offerings to advanced solar solutions. With its advancements in solar technology, Solaria is synonymous with highly efficient solar panels. The Solaria products are some of the most efficient in the industry. The coverage in terms of warranty protection also sets Solaria apart from its competition with 30 year linear warranties. The biggest differentiator when it comes to Solaria is its shingled solar panel technology, something the more traditional solar panels simply cannot offer. 

Despite offering cutting-edge technology and leading the solar industry in certain elements, there are still limitations to the solar panels offered through Solaria. While Solaria solar panels are highly efficient, they are not known for boasting the most impressive power range and wattage specifications. The price for Solaria solar panels is also more per panel than the market average. 

Prospective residential solar clients interested in utilizing highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar panels to power their property will likely benefit from what Solaria solar panels have to offer. 

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