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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Silfab has grown to be one of the largest solar panel and equipment manufacturing operations in all of North America. The company was founded in 2010 as a result of multiple international investors coming together to spur a movement focused on developing and producing high quality solar PV equipment. The goal was to improve solar technology while advancing its automated manufacturing efforts. To accomplish this, Silfab enlisted experienced partners and a specialty solar manufacturing enterprise was born. 

In order to meet the ever growing needs of commercial and residential clients, Silfab created a vertically integrated network complete with solar-focused partners that contribute on every level of the photovoltaic supply chain. This allowed Silfab to utilize advanced manufacturing systems to create tier-1 products and process engineering efforts. 

Since its founding, Silfab has expanded its efforts to include solar design, engineering, and manufacturing functions that result in a widely recognized, efficient solar panel product. Through direct efforts and distributors across the continent, Silfab panels are known to maximize power density and are backed by a trusted and dependable product and performance warranty. 

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The Good

  • Silfab Prime Series
  • Silfab Elite Series
  • Panel Benefits
  • Power Density

Silfab Prime Series

The Silfab Prime series is the more popular solar panel solution among residential clients. It is specifically designed to compliment a home’s energy needs providing high quality and strong-performing production services. These panels are black-on-black and will work on virtually every rooftop. There are two products in the Silfab Prime series, including SIL-370 HC and SIL-400 HC+.
These panels are designed to accommodate large to small residential properties and will outperform many of its competitors. 

Silfab Elite Series

The Silfab Elite Series are a more high-end solution that maximize efficiency. These solar panels actually have the highest efficiency of any US manufactured solar panel. The backsheet and integrated cell design are what set the Elite panels apart from teh competition as it replaces the more traditional design commonly found in residential solar panels. This design allows for the panels to collect and harness more light and turn it into energy. There are two Elite panel models to choose from, including SIL-380 BK and SIL-410 BG.

The Silfab Elite series incorporates back-contact technology allowing the panels to produce at the highest level and provide unmatched durability. 

Panel Benefits

There are a number of solar panel models for residential and commercial clients to choose from. However, the panel benefits remain consistent throughout all products manufactured and designed by Silfab. These beneficial features include:

  • Durability — Each panel manufactured by Silfab is built to handle the conditions experienced in Canada and the United States. Most impressive is its wind sustainability. Not many panels can compete when it comes to continuing to produce energy in windy conditions. 
  • Design — The actual technology and design of Silfab solar panels are built to last and withstand the test of time. The backsheets, frames, and glass will continue to produce even when encountering inclement weather conditions year after year. 
  • Aesthetic — When most people envision solar panels, they think of bulky pieces of equipment in prominent positions on the roof. With the light weight frame of the Silfab solar panels, sleek and aesthetically pleasing panels can be roof or ground mounted. 

Power Density

In comparison to its competing solar panels, Silfab is known for being extremely power dense. This power density is what has allowed the Silfab solar panel to become increasingly popular among homeowners in the last ten years. Its design allows for optimal sunlight to energy conversion bolstering efficiency ratings and production rates. 


The Bad

  • Power Ratings and Climate Impact
  • Outsourced Installation

Power Ratings and Climate Impact

While there is no denying the dependability of Silfab solar panels, there are some concerns surrounding its power output ratings. Silfab solar panels max out at 370 watts, which is lower than many of the large manufacturers also producing solar panels. 

As for climate limitations, Silfab products are designed to solely handle the climates typically experienced in North American countries because the company solely offers its products in that region. But many manufacturers eventually open sales on a more global scale. Silfab will have to make adjustments to its technology and chemistry in order to make that work. 

Outsourced Installation

There are no direct installation efforts or services available through Silfab. The company remains committed to improving its technology and processes, and instead outsources all installation efforts. While this is not necessarily uncommon, it is important to note as outsourced installation can lead to increased costs, wait times, and room for error since not all contractors are specifically trained to install Silfab-specific products.

Essentially, with outsourced installation, there is room for error and inconsistencies that are eliminated when the manufacturing operation also handles sales and installation. 


The Bottom Line

In recent years, Silfab has increasingly become a popular installed solar panel for North American commercial and residential solar customers. The manufacturing operation currently produces two panel series with multiple models to choose from. This includes the Silfab Prime and Elite solar panels.

The performance, durability, aesthetic, and design are what set apart Silfab solar panels from other products on the market. Silfab solar panels are widely considered to be one of the most power dense panel options for residential customers. 

There are a number of reasons to consider Silfab Solar for panel purchasing and installation, but there are limitations to what the manufacturer offers as well. One point to note is that the power ratings of Silfab solar panels are lower than the industry average and climate conditions are restricted to North American environments.

All Silfab sales and installation is outsourced to distributors and certified dealers. Silfab does not offer its own installation service. This can make it difficult to determine final prices as installation costs will vary depending on the company that performs the installation. 

For homeowners looking for a dependable, aesthetically pleasing solar panel solution, Silfab Solar offers just that. However, those more interested in power rating metrics may want to consider alternative options. 

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