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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

REC Solar provides international manufacturing and production solutions within the renewable energy space. The company was founded in 1996 to provide the everyday consumer with accessible solar solutions. With access to clean and affordable solar products, REC Solar took off becoming one of the most trusted brands within the solar and renewable energy industry. 

Since its founding, REC has worked to provide high quality solar products that also are the best in class when it comes to carbon footprint impact. The panels that REC manufacturers are some of the most environmentally friendly on the market, especially with the advancement made to the company’s newest solar panel release. 

The main REC Group is headquartered in Norway, but the current operational headquartered in Singapore. Additionally, REC has solar manufacturing/regional hubs across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. REC solar panels are found all across the world and distributors are responsible for all installation and repair efforts. 

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The Good

  • Module Options
  • Heterojunction Cell Technology
  • Cell Connection and Layout
  • Lead Free Options

Module Options

Since REC continuously makes improvements and advancements within the renewable energy space, there are a plethora of panel options for prospective buyers to choose from. Available solar panels through REC include:

  • REC Alpha Pure-R: 410-430 Wp
  • REC Alpha Pure: 385-410 Wp
  • REC N-Peak 3 Black: 390-400 Wp
  • REC N-Peak 2: 360-375 Wp
  • REC Twinpeak 4: 360-375 Wp

With this many panel options, prospective solar panel consumers are likely to find a solution that fits their property needs and energy standards. 

Heterojunction Cell Technology

One of the most recent REC advancements is its introduction of heterojunction (HJT) cell technology. This technology does not require a LID, which means there is no loss of power, saving money in the long run. A higher power converter just increases the rate of the return on investment. The REC Alpha Pure Series will deliver an average of 16 percent more power on the installed roof compared to its competitors. Not all manufacturers are this committed to these types of advancements in cell technology, but REC is. 

Cell Connection and Layout

REC remains committed to improving its solar panel designs and connectivity. With its advancements in cell connection, REC solar panels have an increased number of wires which allows for improved electricity flow while simultaneously eliminating invasive soldering. This improvement essentially eliminates the risk of cell damage or the potential for microcracks allowing for long-lasting panel performance. 

Another differentiating factor of REC solar panels is its gapless cell layout. This layout allows for an increased active area meaning that each individual solar panel will be able to capture and subsequently produce more sunlight. Overall, this boosts power density without taking away from its aesthetically pleasing design.

Lead-Free Options

One unique feature of the newest releases of REC solar is its lead free solar panels. All of the lead that is commonly found in solar panels has been removed. This includes all solar panel components as well as cell connections, cross connectors, and even the junction box soldering.

As a result, the REC solar panels do not produce any toxic leakage of lead, even after the panels are recycled. In comparison to other solar panels, the REC solar panels have the edge in terms of environmental impact and the lowest overall carbon footprint. 


The Bad

  • Available Solely Through Distributors
  • Limited Warranties For Certain Products

Available Solely Through Distributors

Many solar manufacturers employ an entire sales division for direct to consumer sales options. This allows consumers to save by bypassing the authorized dealers that upcharge for solar equipment.

Unfortunately for REC solar clients, the solar panels are only available through authorized dealers and distributors. That means determining a final sale price is difficult as different installers will charge different rates for services. Consumers should obtain quotes from multiple providers before making a final decision. 

Limited Warranties for Certain Products

The industry standard within the solar panel market is at least a basic 25-year production and potentially equipment warranty. Some cover more potential issues or last longer than others, but that is generally the industry norm.

However, depending on what solar panel a homeowner decides to purchase through REC, there are added warranty limitations. For example, some of the older models are only covered for 20 years and there are exceptions that exempt REC from making repairs or replacing pieces of equipment. This is more restricted than competitors that typically provide the industry average warranties. 


The Bottom Line

REC Solar is a manufacturing company that continues to push the limits when it comes to solar technology and panel design. Depending on the needs of the homeowner, REC Solar offers a number of module options and incorporates technology to choose from.

The latest advancement in REC Solar technology is its heterojunction cell technology which eliminates the power loss issue other panels are confronted with. The equipment itself has continued to progress as REC has made improvements to the overall cell connection and frame layout of its solar panels. There are two REC solar panel options that are lead-free which boosts overall environmental impact. 

While REC Solar continues to push the limits on solar panel technology and equipment advancements, there are limitations to the products as well. Prospective buyers should be aware that REC solar panels are solely available through distributors and authorized dealers. That means pricing can vary, so it is wise to obtain quotes from multiple installers. There are also varying warranties and limited term lengths depending on what solar panel a homeowner decides to go with.

Those looking for high performing, reliable, and affordable solutions to solar panel purchasing will likely benefit from what REC Solar has to offer. Those wanting to utilize a DIY solar panel approach will not be able to go through REC Solar and will have to find an alternative option. 

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