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LAST UPDATED: May 21st, 2023

Mission Solar is a U.S.-based manufacturing operation that creates solar equipment for residential, commercial, government, and even utility use. In an industry that is widely known to be dominated by global tech and electronic manufacturers, Mission Solar has carved out its own space in the renewable energy industry offering a more affordable and modular system than some competitors. 

Homeowners have been drawn to what Mission Solar offers, even if some of its specifications are not on the same level as other big name brands. The products are manufactured in the United Sates, and it is easier to get replacement parts when needed without going through corporate red tape commonly associated with the large tech companies. All Mission Solar products are made in San Antonio, Texas and are ranked as one of the best American-made solar panels. 

Residential clients looking for a more customized solar solution within the framework of a mass manufacturer will find options available through Mission Solar. The company also identifies trained and qualified installers to connect Mission Solar panels and accompanying system parts. 

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The Good

  • Affordability
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Design Options


The biggest advantage of the Mission Solar platform is the cost savings homeowners can get through ordering U.S.-made solar panels versus what some of the other big manufacturers offer. While the big tech companies can offer more in terms of efficiency, the cost for a more efficient panel can cost thousands of dollars more. Mission Solar has worked to keep panels affordable and accessible for homeowners across the states.

Most solar panels will cost homeowners over $20,000 on average, lingering more in the $25,000 range for most average property sizes. Mission Solar, on the other hands, offers its premier product for $18,000 with cheaper versions available for purchase. 

Warranty Coverage

It is standard for a manufacturer to offer an equipment warranty. These warranties generally last 25 years in length and cover a host of issues including replacement and repair work and parts. Mission Solar offers this typical equipment warranty as well; however, it offers a second warranty on all of its panels not commonly available through other manufacturers. 

Mission Solar also offers a 25-year power warranty covering production and functionality of its solar panels. This dual warranty covers nearly aspect of the solar panel that has potential for flaws providing additional security for homeowners that invest in Mission Solar products. 

Design Options

Another unique aspect of the Mission Solar product is the fact that the panels themselves are modular to fit design specifications of a certain home or property. Other mass produced panels come in standard shapes and sizes and it is up to the installers to make those measurements work. Additionally, Mission Solar clients can make aesthetic choices to better suit the home. Again, this is not available through other panel providers. 


The Bad

  • Performance Degradation Rate
  • Smaller Manufacturing Operation
  • Efficiency and Wattage

Performance Degradation Rate

One key metric that solar panel clients are interested in is the performance degradation rate. This rate determines what percentage of performance or power produced that the panel can generate over time. The average performance degradation rate hovers around 0.2 percent to 0.5 year over year.

With Mission Solar products and panels, the average performance degradation rate comes out to 0.8 percent which is one of the highest degradation rates on the market. That means that Mission Solar panels work less efficiently at a faster rate over the lifespan of the panels in comparison to other panels on the market. 

Smaller Manufacturing Operation

The other solar panel manufacturers commonly known in the renewable energy industry have massive manufacturing operations with plants in multiple countries scattered throughout the entire world. That is not the case with Mission Solar. The entire manufacturing operation is based in San Antonio, Texas. As a smaller manufacturing operation, Mission Solar is unable to mass produce in the same ways that other manufacturers are and so there are fewer installers who work with Mission Solar to install its systems. 

Efficiency and Wattage

Performance degradation is not the only underperforming metric associated with Mission Solar. Unfortunately, the solar panels also lack efficiency and wattage metrics as well. While it is not a drastic difference, Mission Solar does not meet the industry averages in these areas.

Efficiency ratings for Mission Solar hover around 18.2 percent to 19.3 percent, and the best MIssion Solar panel in terms of wattage maxes out at 350 W. Both of these metrics are below the industry average, although not by much. 


The Bottom Line

Mission Solar offers solar equipment manufacturing services for those looking for flexible panel solutions. The affordability of Mission Solar products is one of the main draws as its specifications are generally within average range and qualify for federal tax rebates and credits to offset some of the investment.

All solar panels produced by Mission Solar are also covered by comprehensive warranties, protecting homeowners’ investment in solar for decades to come. The design flexibility of Mission Solar allows clients more aesthetic options than other mass-produced solar panels. 

Despite offering a number of high-quality features and coverage solutions, there are limitations associated with Mission Solar panels. Prospective homeowners looking to purchase solar panels for their property should know that the performance degradation rate is higher than the industry average while the efficiency and wattage specifications are lower. Mission Solar is also a smaller manufacturing operation, making it more difficult to find qualified installers to connect these solar panels. 

Homeowners interested in purchasing solar panels that meet basic specifications standards but will not break the bank may benefit from the panels that MIssion Solar produces. However, those looking for above industry marks may want to consider alternative solar panel options. 

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