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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

One of the most prominent solar manufacturers in the world is LONGi Solar which mass produces a number of solar products. Most notably, LONGi Solar is known for its production and advancements within the residential solar panel market.

As a tier-1 solar panel brand, LONGi has made major technological contributions, including advancements within the PERC technology realm. 

Through LONGi, residential clients have the opportunity to purchase four different PV module types. These solutions include the LONGi core advantages and are protected by the manufacturer's multiple warranties. Solar panel products include:

  • Hi-MO 5
  • Hi-MO 5m
  • Hi-MO 4m
  • Hi-MO 4

These residential solar panels are constructed from monocrystalline silicon wafers and modules. There are a total of 15 different manufacturing bases with over 30 operational branches located all across the globe.

LONGi is committed to improving renewable energy products and has invested heavily into its research and development efforts. 

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The Good

  • Long-Term Power Generation
  • Increased Energy Yield
  • Soldering
  • PERC Technology

Long-Term Power Generation

Utilizing the best and latest technology advancements has been a commitment of LONGi since its founding over two decades ago. The company continuously invests in technological improvements, furthering its commitment to creating a more sustainable and reliable future when it comes to energy production.

With LONGi solar panels, the presence of gallium-doped technology improves overall performance and sustainability. The gallium-doped technology supersedes LID degradation furthering the long-term power generations of the module. This means that LONGi solar panels will perform at a higher level for longer than much of its competition. 

Increased Energy Yield

Another key component of LONGi solar panels is the presence of bifacial energy yield. This is a result of the backside of the solar panels including bifacial modules. These backside modules allow for increased energy yield, something other solar panels do not utilize.

The best part about this performance metric is that the presence of an increased energy yield has been independently verified. Not only have current and former clients experienced this, but third-party testing organizations have confirmed it. 


The actual make of LONGi solar panels is also worth noting as even the structure itself utilizes smart technology. In a feature known as smart soldering, LONGi solar panels utilize this uniform design to bolster certain performance specifications.

With smart soldering, solar panel power and efficiency performance on the module-level are increased. The overall power load capacity is also improved. This is something not replicated by competing manufacturer’s products. 

PERC Technology

With the amount of money LONGi Solar has invested into research and development, it is no surprise that its solar panels incorporate some of the latest innovations and technological improvements on the market. One such example is the incorporation of the LONGi PERC technology. 

PERC technology allows individual solar panel cells to operate at a higher cell efficiency. PERC, or passivated emitter and rear contact, include an additional glass layer located on the backside of the solar cells. This ultimately reduces the energy loss allowing for more efficient electricity captured and generated. 


The Bad

  • Locating Installers
  • Temperature Coefficient

Locating Installers

A common hiccup for tier-1 manufacturers with headquarters in other countries is locating solar contractors that carry and are equipped to install the equipment. Finding an associated dealer for competitor’s solar panels is much easier for prospective clients than it is to find a LONGi solar panel installer.

FInding a local LONGi installer is critical for system connectivity. This simply may not be possible for some homeowners. Others may need to put in additional time and effort to locate the best installation partner. 

Temperature Coefficient

The only major performance downside of LONGi solar panels is its temperature coefficient. The temperature coefficient is responsible for measuring just how much (or little) a solar panel’s production reduces in hot temperatures. 

When LONGi solar panels encounter warmer temperatures, the production slips a bit more than its counterpart’s products do. Residents in areas where substantially hot temperatures exist may want to consider alternatives. 


The Bottom Line

LONGi Solar is known worldwide for mass producing high quality, affordable solar panels for residential use. With its gallium-doped technology, LONGi has found ways to drastically reduce degradation allowing for long-term power generation.

With its bifacial energy capabilities, LONGi solar panels are also able to retrieve additional power supply through the backside of the modules. This increases the overall power yield.

LONGi solar panels are equipped with smart soldering which helps bolster both the power and efficiency of the module. Lasty, LONGi solar panels utilize PERC technology allowing for increased individual cell performance.

While there are a host of reasons to consider having LONGi solar panels installed on a home, there are drawbacks to going through the manufacturer for residential solar solutions. It is more difficult to locate LONGi suppliers as the U.S. market is saturated with quality solar panel dealers. The temperature coefficient for LONGi solar panels is also relatively high in comparison to its competitors within the space.

Homeowners looking for solar panels that incorporate some of the most efficient cell technology without costing substantially more than other market options will likely benefit from what LONGi solar panels offer. 

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