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LAST UPDATED: December 1st, 2022

LG Electronics is known as a global leader in the consumer electronics, mobile communications, and home appliances space. Since 1958, LG has been a major manufacturing player in a number of common appliances and systems found in American homes and homes around the world. 

There are over 112 operations and 81 subsidiaries that fall under the LG umbrella. It is a massive operation. To meet the ever growing needs of its clients, LG launched its solar operation and has provided and manufactured solar panels, inverters, and even storage solutions. 

LG has received a number of awards within the solar industry for its manufactured products. In 2019, LG received the PV Magazine Award for its NeOn R ACe solar panel performance, The Architect’s Newspaper named NeON R ACe Solar Panel to be one of the most innovative produced in 2019. The Green Builder named the LG Solar Energy Storage System as one of its Hot 50 products. Lastly, the LG solar panels received the editors’ pick for the best of products according to A’N. 

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The Good

  • LG Solar Panel Models
  • Affordability vs. Efficiency
  • Warranty Details
  • Temperature Coefficient Range

LG Solar Panel Models

While there are a number of fully discontinued LG Solar panels to choose from, the latest panel offerings from LG include four different models. Residential property owners can choose from the following panel versions:

  • NeON 2 Panel: The best selling LG solar panel
  • NeON R Panel: The highest performing LG panel
  • NeOn R Prime Panel: The sleek, modern panel by LG
  • NeON R ACe Panel: The high power smart AC panel

Depending on what a solar panel client wants, there is likely a LG model that will work best to suit those needs and standards. 

Affordability vs. Efficiency

Typically, the more efficient a solar panel, the more it will cost the client. This is why the most efficient solar panels in the industry are the most expensive. Even solar panels that reach the average efficiency rating tend to cost more than its competition.

However, with LG efficiency does not necessarily come at that steep cost. Instead, LG has made an efficient solar panel (19.8%) that costs less than the industry average solar panel. Prices start in the $14,000-$15,000 range prior to tax incentives and breaks. 

Warranty Details

Product warranties are standard within the solar panel industry. Many warranties range anywhere from 12 to 25 years. However, with LG solar panels there are three separate warranties covering all aspects of the solar panel itself. This coverage stands out from the rest of the solar panel space as this type of coverage is rare. LG solar panel warranties include:

  • Product warranty — The LG product warranty ensures that LG handles every aspect of the manufacturing process ensuring that the panel will perform as promised.
  • Performance warranty — It is common knowledge that over time, all solar panels will lose efficiency and degenerate less power. That is why LG guarantees its solar panels to continue to generate clean energy for a full 25 years. 
  • Labor warranty — The labor warranty is one not commonly found on the manufacturing side of the solar panel industry, yet LG offers one. If a solar panel needs to be replaced for any reason, LG will cover the cost of the equipment and labor.

Temperature Coefficient Range

The performance metric that stands apart when it comes to LG solar panels is the temperature coefficient range. The temperature coefficient measures how well a solar panel will perform in less than ideal circumstances, such as inclement weather. In essence, this range tells you how a panel will perform when it is dangerously hot or impacted by freezing cold temperatures. 

The temperature coefficient should be as close to zero as possible. That indicates the best performance even during temperature fluctuations. The average temperature coefficient of most solar panels is around -0.5 percent. The range for LG solar panels temperature coefficient is -0.4 percent to -0.29 percent meaning it performs better on those dangerously hot days than its counterparts. 


The Bad

  • Discontinued Manufacturing Efforts
  • Latest Release and Technology Advancements

Discontinued Manufacturing Efforts

A concerning point to note prior to purchasing LG solar panels is the fact that the company has announced it has effectively discontinued the manufacturing of its solar panels and equipment. Instead, the company is placing its efforts in other businesses and products. The only LG solar panels that are still available to residential homeowners is what is already in circulation among its partners and dealers. There is no direct purchasing option when it comes to LG because its solar panels are entirely discontinued. 

Latest Release and Technology Advancements

Most solar manufacturers that regularly produce solar panels come out with a new model or upgrade every couple of years. In fact, a majority of the biggest competition has released a new solar panel since 2020. However, LG has stopped putting effort into its solar advancements. In fact, the last time LG released a solar panel was back in 2015. That means there have been no updates or upgrades to the LG solar panels since then, despite improvements in efficiency and performance with other solar panel competitors. 


The Bottom Line

LG is carried by hundreds of dealers throughout the United States installing residential solar systems. There are a number of LG solar panel models still in circulation for homeowners to choose from. There will be a range in performance specifications, so it is important to pick the best technology for the property’s needs.

For what it costs to purchase LG solar panels, the efficiency ratings are dependable. Typically, the more efficient the panel, the more expensive the overall cost but with LG efficiency does not come at the same steep price as its competitors. With LG, clients can rest assured that a comprehensive warranty covers the panel's performance and a number of other specifications. Lastly, the performance metric that stands out the most with LG solar panels is the temperature coefficient range. 

Before making a final purchasing decision, solar panel customers should be aware of the limitations associated with LG solar models. LG has announced that it has shut down its solar panel manufacturing operation, so the only available supply is in circulation. These models will be discontinued. The last time LG launched a new solar panel was back in 2015, meaning its technology and equipment is out of date compared to most other manufacturers in the industry. 

Homeowners looking for solar panels covered by a comprehensive warranty at an affordable rate will likely benefit from what LG offers. However, there will be no technological advancements and improvements to the equipment stopped several years ago. 

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