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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

CSUN is a solar manufacturing company based in China. Since 2004, CSUN has mass produced a number of polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels. Currently, CSUN only manufactures half-cell solar modules but the company has also produced full-cell solar modules and bifacial modules. In addition to producing solar panels, CSUN also manufactures solar storage and battery products. 

As a leader in solar product manufacturing, CSUN is also known for being closely affiliated with the China Electrical Equipment Group (CEEG). This affiliation has allowed CSUN to create lasting and strategic partnerships with major operations like DuPont, Rio Tinto, ABB, Schneider Electric, and the KME Group. 

CSUN has invested heavily in its research and development efforts. These efforts have led to CSUN supplying over 15 GW of solar panels on a global level. The CSUN team is made up of 1,200 experienced professionals with seven manufacturing plants located in China, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, and the United States. 

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The Good

  • Panel Products
  • Performance Specifications
  • Half Cell Design

Panel Products

There are currently eight different residential solar panel modules available through CSUN. The company manufactures these different products as a way to meet a number of varying needs among its customers. 

The different solar panels come with different efficiency ratings, power ratings, and capacity. Depending on the priorities of the buyer, CSUN likely has a product that matches those needs. Not all manufacturers produce this many residential panels, but CSUN has a large inventory for customers to choose from. 

Performance Specifications

Many solar clients are particularly interested in the performance specifications of particular solar products. These specifications determine how well a certain solar panel works. CSUN solar panel performance specifications are on par with some of the highest ranked solar panels in the industry. 

The panel efficiency of all CSUN solar panels is over 20 percent which is above the industry average. The power range capabilities of CSUN solar panels range from 390 to  670 W. Lastly, the performance degradation hovers around 0.6 percent which is also on par with some of the more proficient solar panels on the market. 

Half Cell Design

The current inventory of CSUN includes all half cut cell modules. This is important to note as there are a number of advantages associated with solar panels that utilize this design. Not all manufacturers have the ability to mass produce half cell solar modules, but CSUN does. 

Half-cell modules are solar panels that include solar cells that are essentially cut in half. By cutting the solar cell in half, the module’s performance and durability is greatly improved. Solar panels with a half cut cell design will produce more energy than traditional solar panels. 


The Bad

  • Independent Testing
  • Tier-1 Status
  • Undisclosed Pricing

Independent Testing

Many solar panel manufacturers voluntarily submit solar panels for third-party testing. Most of the highest-ranking solar panels have undergone the DNV GL independent solar panel reliability test conducted by EV Evolution Labs. 

Unfortunately, CSUN has not undergone any of this third-party testing to determine reliability and durability throughout the lifespan of the solar panel. While it is not required that manufacturers submit solar panels for third-party testing, it does go a long way in proving the quality of solar panels. 

Tier-1 Status

Another qualifier that prospective solar buyers are interested in is a solar company’s tier-1 status. Obtaining tier-1 status does not have anything to do with the solar panel’s performance, but rather the dependability and overall health of a company or manufacturer. This is important for a number of reasons.

The financial well-being of a company may not seem to be an important factor when deciding which solar panels to choose from. Solar panels are covered by substantial warranties. Since the cost of solar panels requires a hefty investment, these warranties are important as they offer coverage for decades to come. If a manufacturer is not financially stable, there is a chance it will not be able to back the warranty throughout the lifespan of the solar panel. CSUN does not meet tier-1 requirements. 

Undisclosed Pricing

Unlike other solar panel manufacturers, it is unclear how much CSUN solar panels cost. There is pricing information for solar panels that are no longer in production, but the current inventory does publicly disclose pricing information.


The Bottom Line

CSUN is known globally for its production of solar panels and solar storage systems. Currently, CSUN produces eight different solar panel products with older products available for sale in some secondary markets. 

The performance specifications of CSUN’s current solar panels is on par with some of the highest performing panels on the market. All of CSUN’s current solar panel efforts are designed using the half cell design format. 

Despite offering a number of caliber solar panels, there are drawbacks associated with the company and its manufacturing efforts. CSUN has not submitted its panels to any independent testing organization like many of its competitors have.

CSUN solar panels also do not qualify for the tier-1 status many competitor products have obtained. Lastly, it is unclear what CSUN solar panels cost as that information has not been disclosed. 

While CSUN solar panels are designed to function at a high level, there are too many questions considering the reliability of CSUN products. As a result, prospective buyers should conduct additional thorough research if considering purchasing CSUN solar panels.

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