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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Canadian Solar has established itself as a major global energy enterprise, with operations and products in over 20 countries spanning six continents to date. Within the solar industry, Canadian Solar is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of solar PV modules specifically and continuously works to find energy solutions. The company boasts a robust team of over 14,000 employees worldwide. 

As a manufacturer, Canadian Solar works to make solar equipment more accessible with plants located internationally. Canadian Solar panels have been sold and installed in over 150 countries since its founding. Customer types include residential homeowners, commercial properties, and even large scale utility farms. The goal of Canadian Solar is to bring sustainable and renewable energy to the masses. 

For prospective solar clients, Canadian Solar will be a familiar company. It is one of the most frequently quoted panel solutions when dealing with a third party solar sales or installation provider. The accessibility and adaptability of its products is one of the many reasons thousands of solar users have turned to Canadian Solar. 

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The Good

  • Panel Models
  • Cell Reliability
  • Efficient Technology
  • Panel Makeup

Panel Models

Canadian Solar is widely recognized as a top producer of solar panel and inverter technology used in utility, commercial, and residential projects. For homeowners, there are three specific series to choose from, with a wide range of individual panel options. By providing a wide range of makes and capabilities, homeowners are likely to find a panel solution that best works for their individual needs and property requirements.

Canadian Solar model series include the following:


  • Ku Dual Cell PERC Module
  • HiKu High Power Dual Cell PERC Module
  • BiKu Bifacial Dual Cell PERC Module


  • HiDM High Density Shingle Mono-PERC Module


  • All-Black Black Backsheet & Frame (Mono)

WIth multiple modules to choose from, homeowners are likely to find a solution with the performance metrics needed to power a home efficiently. 

Cell Reliability

One feature commonly associated with Canadian Solar panels is its performance or cell reliability. In modules with dual cell technology, both polycrystalline and monocrystalline properties are infused with PERC technology, meaning there is very little power loss in between cell connections. This connection is typically where a majority of potentially converted captured sunlight is lost prior to becoming usable electricity.

By having low rates of loss in between cell connection, Canadian Solar panels have proven to be more reliable than some of the other options on the solar panel market. 

Efficient Technology

Another note-worthy aspect of Canadian Solar panels is its focus on efficient technology. By improving panels capability, homeowners are able to earn back their return on investment more quickly and become more energy independent.

Recent technology upgrades have allowed Canadian Solar panels to operate at a lower hot spot temperature and provide better shading tolerance than comparable solar panels on the market. Canadian Solar panels are also infused with a technology that boasts an impressive low temperature coefficient, something many manufacturers have yet to address. 

Panel Makeup

Solar panels are typically made from two different materials: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Each has their own benefits and limitations, but the more commonly found solar panel is made up of monocrystalline. 

Recognizing the benefits of both makes, Canadian Solar has created panels that incorporate both properties of monocrystalline and polycrystalline as well as panels that only utilize one or the other. This provides clients with options not traditionally presented by other manufacturers within the same industry. 


The Bad

  • Limited Warranty
  • Low Power Range

Limited Warranty

One of the most commonly touted features of solar products is extended warranties that protect the equipment. Since solar systems and components are expensive, clients are invested in what is covered by the manufacturer and what potential subsequent costs they may encounter. As a result, most solar manufacturers offer comprehensive 25-year solar panel production warranties.

For Canadian Solar clients, warranties are more limited than what its competitors offer on comparable products. In terms of production alone, Canadian Solar will only cover solar panels for 12 years, half of the protection time that other panels on the market receive. Power output can be covered for longer, but the traditional production warranty is only 12 years in length. 

Low Power Range

Depending on what specific panel a consumer decides to go with, the power range capabilities will vary. The industry average hovers around 320-350 Wp. Some manufacturers will produce more high end products that reach 400-500 Wp, while others will create a less efficient alternative. 

The lower end of the spectrum falls around 300 Wp. With Canadian Solar, its most affordable model BiFacial dual cell panel power range drops to 290 Wp with its power range abilities. 


The Bottom Line

Canadian Solar manufacturers solar equipment used on residential properties up to utility-scale solar farms. Homeowners can choose from three different solar series to depending on power and efficiency needs.

The reliability of each solar panel comes directly from the Canadian Solar cell and performance in adverse conditions. The technology infused in each Canadian Solar panel contributes to its overall efficiency, allowing homeowners to retain more electricity.

With a number of panel models to choose from, the makeup of Canadian Solar panels ranges from strictly monocrystalline to solely polycrystalline to a combination of the two. 

There are a number of reasons that homeowners consider Canadian Solar when purchasing solar panels; however, there are drawbacks to what the manufacturer provides. Prospective buyers should be aware that the warranties on Canadian Solar products are limited and do not compare to the industry average. The power range also dips below 300 W, something not commonly found in tier-1 solar panels. 

Homeowners looking for solar panels designed to operate in adverse weather conditions and maintain its production rates will likely benefit from what Canadian Solar has to offer. However, there are likely more affordable and comparable options available in certain areas. 

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