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LAST UPDATED: September 6th, 2023

Axitec Solar is a German manufacturing company responsible for creating multiple sources of alternative energy equipment for residential, commercial, and utility-scale use. For over two decades, Axitec Solar has worked to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable for clients while continuing to advance its manufacturing and technological efforts. Since its founding, Axitec has established itself as a global leader within the ever-growing solar manufacturing industry.

To date, Axitec Solar has installed its modules in over 81 countries worldwide. The manufacturer is also responsible for having installed 3,515 MWp. In addition to installing traditional solar panels, Axitec is also a global leader in installing energy storage systems as well as electric vehicle charging stations for personal and commercial use. It is estimated that the Germany-based manufacturer is responsible for the global production capacities of 1.2 GWp. 

One of the reasons behind the Axitec Solar success is its complete process chain that begins with the development of its technology and equipment and extends through manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, and then service efforts. In the United States, Axitec Solar provides clients with solar modules and service solutions. 

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The Good

  • Variety of Module Types
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • Environmental Performance

Variety of Module Types

For residential clients, there are three different solar panel series to choose from. Depending on the needs of the home and property, Axitech likely has an affordable solution that will meet expectations and energy standards. Series and solar panel options break down as follows:


  • AXIpremium XXL HC: 144 cell monocrystalline, 530-550 Wp
  • AXIpremium XL HC: 144 cell monocrystalline, 430-450 Wp


  • AXIblackpremium XXL HC: 108 half cell monocrystalline, 380-400 Wp
  • AXIblackpremium XL HC: 120 half cell monocrystalline, 350-370 Wp

AXIbipremium HC

  • AXIbipremium XXL HC MW: 144 half cell bifacial-monocrystalline, 530-545 Wp

Depending on power output and size needs, Axitec Solar likely has a solution. Not all manufacturers provide this many modules and ranging makes of solar panels, but Axitec Solar does. 


A major focus of Axitec Solar is providing renewable energy systems for reasonable rates. When it comes to installing a solar system, one of the biggest deterrents for homeowners is the overall cost of putting the equipment in. The technology and production efforts that go into producing a solar panel are costly.

Axitec Solar has worked to make solar panels more affordable by finding alternative production strategies and chemistry. Most competitors within the solar panel space have a starting price that hovers around $15,000–$20,000. This does not include installation or upgrade fees. The starting cost for Axitec Solar panels sits around $13,000, making it one of the more affordable panels on the market. 


Some manufacturers will strictly focus on one continent, or a series of countries, when it comes to sales and installation efforts. That is not the case with Axitec Solar as it is a global entity. There are Axitec Solar panels in 81 countries to date with full-scale sales and service departments in those countries. There are not many manufacturers that have reached this global scale, but Axitec Solar has. 

Environmental Performance

As a global supplier, Axitec Solar has worked to ensure that its panels will operate even under extreme and adverse conditions. Whether the solar panels will spend months in freezing temperatures and have to deal with moisture or if they are installed in desert-like environments, Axitec Solar products are designed to continue to produce.

Many competing solar panels will see a drastic reduction in efficiency and production when facing inclement weather situations. That is not the case with Axitec Solar products as they are designed to withstand a wide variety of environments and weather circumstances. 


The Bad

  • Panel Efficiency
  • Average Specs

Panel Efficiency

The solar panel efficiency metric measures how well a solar panel takes the sunlight it captures and then converts it into usable electricity. In essence, a more efficient solar panel will create more energy than lower-efficiency solar panels despite being similar in size. A higher efficiency rating is viewed as more preferable. 

The efficiency rating of Axitec Solar panels will vary depending on the specific model and series a homeowner goes with. Depending on what solar panel is installed, the best efficiency rating a prospective buyer can expect is 20.45 percent with the lowest being 15.37 percent. These ratings range from average to well-below average in comparison to other solar panels. 

Average Specs

With the focus on manufacturing and product accessibility, the measurable specifications that all solar panels utilize are less than impressive across the board. There are a series of performance indicators that determine how well a solar panel should perform after it is installed and connected. These performance metrics are used to determine the quality of the solar panel and how well a buyer can expect it to function.

Axitec Solar, in an effort to make its solar panels more accessible and affordable, does not include the same module makeup as higher performing solar panels. As a result, Axitec Solar panels across the board have average to below average performance specifications. 


The Bottom Line

Axitec Solar provides international solar panels and cells to residential, commercial, and utility-scale clients. There are three different types of module lines that residential clients can choose from when deciding what equipment they want installed. Considering the overall performance of Axitec Solar, the cost for each panel is more affordable than any other panel on the market.

Additionally, Axitec provides services on a global scale and the company’s solar panels are available all across the world. Since panels are available internationally, they are built to perform under adverse circumstances and provide energy at a reliable rate even in inclement weather conditions. 

Despite being one of the more affordable and accessible solar panel options on the market, there are drawbacks to Axitec Solar panels that prospective buyers should be aware of. Panel efficiency has taken a hit as the technology is not as advanced as its competitors. Overall performance specifications fall within the average to below average range as well, in part due to why the panels are more affordable than its competitors.

Homeowners looking for affordable solar panels that will produce a reasonable amount of energy will likely benefit from what Axitec Solar provides. However, those looking for the most efficient and powerful solar panels will want to look into other options. 

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Robert Horn II Pahrump, NV

We used Axitec Solar to install our on-ground solar system. The installers were great to explain everything to us after the completion of the installation. We have saved a bundle and no longer pay an exorbitant power bill.

5 months ago