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LAST UPDATED: July 2nd, 2023

SunPower has worked to provide solar customers with an accessible option to solar power. Unlike other manufacturers, SunPower provides all components and equipment pieces needed to offer a full-fledged solar system. The all-in-one residential solar and storage options are backed by a comprehensive warranty with all parts and repairs coming directly from the same source.

The SunPower SunVault system helps homeowners keep their lights on and basic appliances running during inclement weather or when the utility grid goes down. The SunPower SunVault system provides an additional level of freedom and control previously unattainable by homeowners at the mercy of the power grid. Regardless of what is taking place outside the home, properties powered by SunPower products can maintain a level of functionality and backup resources. 

With SunPower SunVault, homeowners can decide what items to continue to power. Options for SunPower SunVault clients include refrigerator, TV and computers, washer and dryer units, stove, lights, well pump, or the electric car charging station. Control is in the hands of the homeowner. 

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The Good

  • Part of the Equinox System
  • Continuous Power Rating
  • Battery Capacity
  • Equipment Access

Part of the Equinox System

The SunPower Equinox system is one of the more popular and accessible full-scale solar systems available on the market today. With hundreds of dealerships nationwide and a direct sales team, SunPower is able to service more homeowners interested in utilizing solar as a means to power their home than most of its competition. Since the SunPower brand can be found nationwide, more and more homeowners are turning to the tier-1 provider for all solar components.

The SunPower SunVault system is perfectly compatible with the SunPower Equinox system. SunVault will work seamlessly with all counterparts found within the Equinox system. Rather than piece together a solar system from a number of providers, those looking for a complete solar package may find SunPower to be one of the better options. 

Continuous Power Rating

The power rating is an important metric to take note of as it defines just how many appliances a property can have running at one particular time while using the storage system. The average solar battery on today’s market hovers around 5 kW. The SunPower SunVault system boasts a continuous power rating of 6.8 kW meaning that the system will more than likely be able to power more appliances than other competitor’s solutions. 

Battery Capacity

The capacity of the Sunpower SunVault system considering that actual unit’s size is impressive. Typically, systems that are trying to increase usable capacity will have to make the actual unit larger in size or modular so homeowners can purchase multiple units to bolster power and capacity numbers. The most basic form of the SunPower SunVault system comes with 13 kWh of storage. The company itself claims that with its standard SunVault system, clients can receive up to three days of backup on one battery alone. This will vary based on square footage and energy needs, but that is still an impressive metric to note. For the actual size of the unit and the storage it provides, the SunVault system is one of the best options in this regard. 

Equipment Access

There are a number of storage solutions that are simply difficult to get access to. If there are no dealerships or providers within the area that offer installation services or sales directly through the manufacturer, it can be difficult to get a desired system within a certain time period.

That is not the case for SunPower clients. SunPower has done an excellent job ensuring that its products are accessible all across the country. Whether it is through the company’s dealership program or through its direct sales department, homeowners all over the United States can have access to SunPower products faster than a majority of its competitors within the same space. 


The Bad

  • Not Designed for Complete Off-Grid Use
  • Best with SunPower Products

Not Designed for Complete Off-Grid Use

While the SunPower SunVault system has a decent usable capacity, it is not sustainable for complete off-grid use. If that is something a homeowner is looking for, the SunPower SunVault system may not be the best option. There are other products on the market with a higher usable capacity of more modular options that allow for increased capacity specifications.

The SunPower SunVault system allows homeowners to decide what appliances or features within the home will continue to receive power while others will remain powered off until the utility grid is back up and running. So while the SunPower SunVault system does provide a level of independence, freedom, and control, it is not sustainable as a completely off-grid energy system on a more long-term basis. 

Best with SunPower Products

The SunPower SunVault system is designed to work seamlessly as part of the SunPower Equinox system. While the SunVault will work with other brands of panels and inverters, it is specifically and designed to operate within the SunPower spectrum. This is not uncommon within the industry, especially among other battery systems, but it should be noted that independent storage providers are a bit more adaptable in this area than the SunPower SunVault system is.


The Bottom Line

SunPower is one of the most recognizable solar equipment manufacturers in the United States and its storage solutions are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among those interested in an entire SunPower System. The SunPower SunVault can come as part of the newly released Equinox System which incorporates tier-1 panels and inverters. Together, all of these components work together seamlessly to provide a quality renewable energy solution.

The Sunpower SunVault system also boasts a high continuous power rating, beating out the industry average. The actual capacity ranges depending on what system and size a homeowner opts for, but the standard system comes with 13 kWh of storage.

Lastly, access to the SunPower SunVault system is more readily available than its competitors' counterparts. Whether through a dealer or the company itself, homeowners can access the Sunpower SunVault system in a timely manner. 

Despite offering a number of positive benefits as part of its solar and storage systems, there are limitations homeowners considering SunPower should be aware of. The system itself, while it can be used when the utility grid is down, is not necessarily designed for total off-grid use. It operates best when connected to Sunpower components and the utility grid. The system also functions at its best when the property already utilizes SunPower equipment.

The ideal customer for a SunPower SunVault storage system are those that already have a SunPower solar system installed or those who are considering going all in and having the entire SunPower Equinox system fully installed. 

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Vick Irvine, CA

The system shutoff every 3 to 4 weeks and can only be rebooted remotely by their tech support when and if they are available. So no solar power for 3 to 4 days until they are back after 4th of July

1 year ago