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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

AlphaESS provides global energy storage solutions and also operates as a service provider in areas where its manufactured products are sold. Since its founding in 2012, AlphaESS has grown into a global entity, with operations or sales in over 83 countries.

The AlphaESS specialty lies in both residential and commercial renewable energy products and services. Regardless of whether or not a customer is looking for a pre-eminent product or one that will seamlessly connect with current equipment, AlphaESS likely has a solution. 

There are over 10 subsidiaries under the AlphaESS umbrella with locations in Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Singapore and more. For local clients where AlphaESS currently exists, the company will operate as a service provider and is actively maintaining over 75,000 systems spanning across the company’s vast service area. These services allow millions of clients to access reliable, clean energy. 

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The Good

  • Varying Residential Models
  • All-in-One Battery System
  • Green Power Solutions
  • Coupling Systems

Varying Residential Models

The residential products manufactured by AlphaESS make up the manufacturer’s “SMILE” series. This series has seven varying solutions for residential property owners looking for a sustainable way to store and utilize solar energy. The varying capacity limits and integrations are what separate the AlphaESS models. Power and usable capacity models break down as follows:

  • 3 kW system with 2.9-17.2 kWh of usable capacity
  • 3 kW system with 5.04-30.24 kWh of usable capacity
  • 3.6-5 kW system with 10.1-60.5 kWh of usable capacity
  • 5 kW system with 2.9-8.0 kWh of usable capacity
  • 6 kW system with 5-49.2 kWh of usable capacity
  • 7.6-9.6 kW system with 8.2-49.2 kWh of usable capacity (only available in North America)
  • 10 kW system with 8.2-49.2 kWh of usable capacity

With multiple power and capacity models to choose from, homeowners are likely to find a solution that best works for their home. Most solar battery manufacturers generally require clients to purchase multiple units to bolster capacity and power ratings whereas AlphaESS has created numerous models to limit the number of units required to be installed. 

All-in-One Battery System

AlphaESS offers all-in-one battery solutions that many homeowners are looking for in a solar battery. With the AlphaESS SMILE and STORION series, clients can take advantage of a system that offers a hybrid inverter, a complete battery management system, and even a storage unit where individual modules of battery capacity can be increased. This reduces the amount of equipment needed to provide complete functionality. Other solar batteries may require additional components to provide these same solutions. 

Green Power Solutions

Through the AlphaESS storage system, homeowners will still be able to access its solar power even during blackouts and outages. While that does not sound proprietary as that is the purpose of a solar battery, the unique advantage AlphaESS offers in comparison to its competition is that no other equipment is needed to make this possible. All of the required technology is integrated so no additional components will be necessary to meet output needed. This can save homeowners money and installation space in the long run. 

Coupling Systems

Typically, solar battery manufacturers will produce either an AC or DC coupled system. The manufacturers that also sell solar panels and systems typically sell AC coupled systems as those can pair up with the PV system to store and provide energy during outages and peak hours. Few competitors offer both AC and DC coupled solutions, but AlphaESS does. 

Homeowners who have a solar system installed can utilize an AC coupled AlphaESS system as these batteries can seamlessly integrate with the system. For those starting at the beginning of the renewable energy journey, the DC coupled battery makes logical sense as there will be no need to purchase an additional grid-connected inverter. The battery can do it all making it a more efficient solution. 


The Bad

  • Warranty Details
  • SMILE Series Cost

Warranty Details

The solar battery industry average for covered warranty years is 10 years. This generally covers the equipment itself and its ability to produce. On the surface, AlphaESS also offers a 10-year warranty for its solar batteries

However, the reality is the system itself is only covered under a product warranty for five years and performance of said battery is covered for 10 years. Quality performance is defined as functioning at 80 percent of the original capacity for a solid decade. There are further stipulations to mention as well. The performance warranty is only guaranteed if the unit has internet connection and is solely used for self-consumption purposes. These limitations drastically reduce the level of protection particularly compared to its counterparts. 

SMILE Series Cost

Initially, the cost for the AlphaESS SMILE batteries looks reasonable. Afterall, a $999 starting price point is drastically lower than thousands of dollars other batteries cost.

However, the pricing model for the AlphaESS SMILE series is different from competitors. Instead of providing an estimate including installation costs for the entire storage system, AlphaESS charges per kWh of usable capacity. The initial $999 looks good, but for systems with increased usable capacity, this number skyrockets. Depending on what model/system a homeowners chooses to go with under the AlphaESS umbrella, the finances for the system may not make sense in terms of savings in the long run. 


The Bottom Line

AlphaESS provides residential, commercial, industrial, and portable battery solutions to clients looking for an alternative power storage source. For residential clients, there are seven different models to choose from ranging in usable capacity limits and continuous power ratings. Through AlphaESS, homeowners can have an all-in-one battery solution depending on current solar panel installs and integrated options.

With an AlphaESS home energy storage system, clients can access green power during black outs without any additional technology needed. Lastly, there are both AC and DC coupled solutions available through the AlphaESS SMILE series depending on the homeowner’s needs.

There are a number of reasons to consider an AlphaESS product for home energy storage, but there are limitations to the series as well. When diving into the warranty details of AlphaESS products, it turns out the protection is more restricted than previously believed. The cost per kWh of usable capacity also does not always make financial sense for homeowners. 

Homeowners looking for an all-in-one inclusive solution without the need for supplemental solar storage equipment will likely benefit from what AlphaESS offers to its clients. However, those looking for comprehensive coverage of the storage system may be hesitant to purchase a battery from AlphaESS. 

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A Flores Deming, NM

Overall worked get but just watch for over charging

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