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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Storz Power is taking a unique approach to whole home battery usage including solar features and smart technology. Storz Power creates systems and products that allow homeowners to take full control by accessing their personal power grid and managing total energy usage throughout the home. Storz Power products are more than just a run-of-the-mill solar battery and instead allow clients energy independence. 

The Storz Power systems allow clients to have greater access to key elements of the home. With other solar batteries, this control is not necessarily guaranteed. Storz Power products allow for complete monitoring and the configuring of energy use all from one platform.

All Storz Power packages are flexible allowing for expansion and customized options. With Storz Power, homeowners can manage energy efficiently from a single point of access utilizing proprietary AI technology. 

The Storz Power solutions are designed to benefit the everyday homeowner looking to maximize produced energy. While solar panels, batteries, and inverters provide the foundation needed to improve energy consumption and savings, Storz Power products take it one step further managing the application and putting control back into the homeowner’s hands.

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The Good

  • Smart Access Whole Home Control
  • Battery Options/Packages
  • Product Design
  • Key Features

Smart Access Whole Home Control

One of the major differences between Storz Power and its competition is its Smart Access Whole Home Control component. This technology allows the client to independently control how all of the energy is used, instead of only in certain capacities like other batteries offer. Smart Access Whole Home Control technology through Storz Power provides homeowners with the following abilities:

  • Control appliances (turn them on an off) manufally or utilizing a scheduling feature
  • Full home access up to 200 AMPS
  • Control of all smart home systems from one access point

The smart and AI technology is truly what sets Storz Power apart from the other solar batteries on the market. 

Battery Options/Packages

With Storz Power, homeowners can choose from a number of “smart” solar battery products, depending on application and power needs. Each Storz Power product comes with its own capabilities and voltage specs.

Products include the following:

  • AI+ 50 A: 0-50 AMPS
  • AI+ 70A *Smart Access: 50-70 AMPS
  • AI+ 200A *Smart Access 12K or 15k: 70-200 AMPS
  • AI+ Custom Whole Home 12K: 100-200 AMPS
  • AI+ Custom Whole Home 15K: 100-400 AMPS

Most solar battery manufacturers solely offer one battery product and expect clients to simply purchase multiple systems and stack them for increased capacity. Storz Power offers a greater inventory with accompanying performance specifications.

Product Design

A number of elements make the Storz Power battery packages unique, which is why it's no surprise that the actual design and makeup differ from its counterparts. Storz Power solutions are created using lithium-iron phosphate making it one of the safest batteries on the market. 

Most ESS systems are large in size and require a great deal of wall or floor space once installed. The Storz Power products are anywhere from 78 to 135 pounds and do not take up the space that other batteries require. Storz Power batteries are also expandable, providing clients with the flexibility needed to meet all home requirements. 

Key Features

In addition to making improvements to the actual solar battery design, Storz Power battery packages also encompass a number of service features that benefit homeowners that have the systems installed. These include the following:

Energy Capacity

  • 5-840 kWh
  • 100% Depth of Discharge
  • 98% Round Trip Efficiency


  • AC and DC coupling
  • 12k-15k integrated inverter

Smart Access

  • Generator and Solar Compatible
  • Smart Technologies for Control

These performance metrics and capabilities are not found in many solar batteries on the market, but Storz Power has found a way to include smart technologies while improving actual quality and performance. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Costs
  • Solar Connection

Undisclosed Costs

A drawback of offering customized solutions is that price points are more variable and therefore harder to disclose upfront. That is the case with Storz Power as the company has opted to keep costs for its solutions private. This makes it difficult for prospective clients to determine whether or not Storz Power solutions are viable financially.

Other solar battery manufacturers will disclose battery costs, or at least estimates, to give interested consumers an idea of what the product will end up costing. Unfortunately for Storz Power customers, this is not the case. 

Solar Connection

A vast majority of solar equipment manufacturers that produce solar batteries are also in the business of producing other critical  pieces of solar systems including panels and inverters. In fact it is relatively common for solar panel manufacturers to also offer a compatible battery solution and system. There are also discounts for homeowners who decide to install the compatible storage solution.

Storz Power strictly offers “smart” battery solutions. While its products are compatible with a wide variety of solar manufacturers and panels, the company itself does not create its own solar panel and inverter equipment.


The Bottom Line

Storz Power provides customizable and unique solar battery solutions that are designed to streamline energy management utilizing AI technology. With Storz Power, homeowners will have access to its Smart Access Whole Home Control system. 

A number of key components make this service noteworthy. There are a number of battery options and packages to choose from, allowing homeowners to cater Storz Power solutions to their specific needs. The design of Storz Power products is also a point of interest as it offers benefits other comparable batteries do not. Lastly, the key features that set Storz Power solutions apart from the rest of the industry are what truly make the company special. 

Despite offering a revolutionary solar product, there are still limitations prospective clients should be aware of when it comes to purchasing solutions through Storz Power. It is unclear what Storz Power packages cost, whereas competitors will often disclose this information. Storz Power also does not manufacture its own panel or inverter products like many solar battery providers do. 

Homeowners looking to take complete control over their home’s energy use while maximizing efficiency will likely benefit from the solutions offered by Storz Power. Those looking to simply add on to a current solar system with its accompanying battery piece may want to consider other providers. 

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