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LAST UPDATED: February 8th, 2024

Renogy is a global solar panel distributor specializing in unique solar energy kits. The company’s goal is to make solar energy available to everyone by offering affordable products. 
Renogy’s cost-effective systems can be installed on homes, boats, and RVs that cater to various needs from adventures to emergencies. Renogy’s line of products includes solar panels, solar kits, solar components, solar mounting supplies, and LED lighting solutions. 

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The Good

  • DIY Solar Kits
  • Quality Solar Panels
  • 10-Year Warranty 
  • Renogy Power Plus App

DIY Solar Kits

Renogy offers solar kits marketed for the DIY community. Its products are shipped to the consumer and designed for the customer to assemble at home. So if you want to install a solar kit to your conversion van that you will drive from the beach to the mountains, Renogy’s products may be a great solution. 

Quality Solar Panels

Renogy solar panels are well made. They are lightweight, compact, waterproof, and have corrosion-resistant aluminum framing that can hold up in extreme weather.  
Renogy knows its customer base well and provides solar panels options that align with consumer needs. Renogy panels can be rigid, flexible, folding, and portable. 

10-Year Warranty

Renogy offers a 10-year warranty for its products. If you order from Renogy and receive defective panels or aren’t satisfied, you will need to open a replacement or refund claim within 30 days of purchase to access warranty benefits.

Renogy Power Plus App

Renogy has its own mobile platform where you can earn rewards by promoting Renogy products, all while managing the energy production of your solar product.

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The Bad

  • Installation Components Not Included in Kits
  • Returns
  • Poor Customer Service

Installation Components Not Included in Kits

Some of Renogy’s starter and premium kits exclude crucial components and hardware needed for installation. The pieces required are for purchase, but it would be nice if they came with the “kit” considering a kit implies it's all put in a bundle to make it easy for the customer installation.


The language used on Renogy’s website about its 30-day satisfaction warranty is vague. Details about shipping costs and who is responsible for return shipping are not addressed. Some reviewers claim that it was difficult to get reimbursed when they opted for a product return. 

Poor Customer Service

While Renogy offers affordable solar products, the company has a poor customer service reputation.


The Bottom Line

Renogy could be a good option for buying online, do-it-yourself solar installation. Its products have good ratings and can be a viable solution for many solar needs. 

If you’re an adventurer, being able to make your own solar power while traveling in a van is a great advantage, and for some, using these products will be a game-changer. Just know that if you have problems with products, it may be difficult to work with customer service, as seen in customer reviews.

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Mingyan Peng Ontario, CA

Installing a solar panel system was an exceptional experience. The provider’s professionalism and expertise stood out, making the process hassle-free. The panels surpassed expectations, reducing energy bills and generating reliable power. The outstanding customer support further enhanced the experience. I highly recommend embracing solar energy for a sustainable and cost-effective future.

5 months ago