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LAST UPDATED: March 4th, 2021

Reverie was founded in 2003 by 23-year-olds Tony Chang and Martin Rawls-Meehan with the goal to “design the bed of the future.” The company relies on science and innovation to design the most supportive and customizable beds possible. 

Reverie beds have over 200 foam springs, allowing you to customize your bed from super soft to super firm. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of customizing your own bed, you can work with Reverie’s customer service to find the right one for you, and choose from a selection of preselected firmness options.

Reverie offers its Dream Supreme mattress as either a hybrid of memory foam and latex, or just latex. You can also choose from a number of adjustable bases that have different levels of padding and customizability. Mattress pricing starts around $2,799 but can get more expensive quickly, and base pricing ranges from $599 to $1,799.

Reverie has been featured in Innovation and Tech Today, Fox Business, Forbes, DigitalTrends, and a number of other technology and sleep-related blogs. The company remains at the forefront of sleep technology and is constantly innovating to ensure your sleep experience is the best it can possibly be.

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The Good

  • 365 Promise
  • Sleep Science Experts
  • Accessories

365 Promise

Reverie doesn’t offer a free trial like some of its competitors, because the company is confident in its mattresses and customer service. Specifically, Reverie offers a 365 Promise, which offers full access to Reverie’s Sleep Concierge and service department the first year after your mattress is installed in your home. 

You can make as many adjustments as needed to your bed within that first year, and Reverie is confident that you will find a firmness setting that works for you, and you won’t need to return your mattress.

However, if you are still worried about making that commitment, you can choose to purchase a Mattress Return Option for $99 when you buy your mattress. This allows you to return your mattress within that first year, but you will pay a 25 percent removal fee to do so.

Sleep Science Experts

The science of sleep is at the core of what Reverie does. The company employs in-house engineers and designers, as well as an advisory board of practicing scientists and doctors. At its two U.S. locations, Reverie conducts research to continually improve its mattresses, foundations, and sleep systems.

Reverie’s sleep experts go through a rigorous, science-based training course and have many years of experience helping people sleep better. They truly can be considered sleep specialists and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best sleep you’ve ever had.


Reverie sells more than just smart mattresses and bases. It also sells pillows, linens, and other accessories with unique features. For example, the company offers pillows with adjustable height options, and linens that are hypoallergenic and specifically designed to stay better on beds that move.

In addition to pillows and linens specifically designed for Reverie beds, Reverie also offers quite a few different remote controls, headboard kits, bed legs, and even face masks — all designed with your comfort in mind.


The Bad

  • No Free Returns
  • Significant Customization Required

No Free Returns

Reverie is set up to help you make its mattresses work for you, and the company is so confident that it can do so, that it doesn’t offer free returns. However, if you are worried about committing to paying for a mattress you may not end up keeping, then this structure might not be a good option for you.

You can choose to purchase the option to return your mattress within the first year of having it for a fee of $99. However, even if you choose to return your mattress, you will pay a 25 percent removal fee

Significant Customization Required

If you are looking for a bed that is just ready to go without any effort on your part, then Reverie might not be right for you. Reverie beds are meant to conform to your own preferences and as such, it might take some time to adjust the bed to your needs. Each foam spring comes in different firmness settings and has to be placed in the right place for customized support. If you just want a simple mattress, you might want to look somewhere else.


The Bottom Line

Reverie is committed to using science and technology to improve the quality of your sleep. If you are someone looking for a bed that is just how you like it, and are willing to put in the time to adjust your bed to your preferences, then Reverie beds could be a great option for you.
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