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LAST UPDATED: March 4th, 2021

ReST Bed makes use of patented, smart fabric sensor technology that provides real-time, automatic adjustments to the bed while you sleep. The ReST Bed can sense your body movements and adjust accordingly to provide you with maximum support while sleeping. In fact, NBC News sleep experts ranked ReST Bed as the #1 smart bed for support in 2020.

Whether you are an athlete trying to find a supportive bed to help you perform your best during your sport, or someone prone to back and spinal pain, or just someone looking for a bed customized to your sleeping preferences, ReST Bed could be just what you need.

The ReST Bed can be controlled through the ReST Bed app, which you can get on any iOS or Android device that can connect to Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can control the bed and its adjustable features from your device. You can also get ReST Bed’s Night Vision app, which uses the sensors already in every ReST mattress to track and monitor the quality of your sleep and provide you with real-time analytics using industry-leading sleep technology.

ReST Bed offers three different mattresses: ReST Essential, ReST Original, and ReST Original with Gel Grid. The Essential (with three adjustable air chambers) ranges in price from $2,999 for a Twin XL to $5,998 for a Split King. The Original (with five adjustable air chambers) ranges from $3,999 for a Twin Xl to $7,998 for a Split California King. And the Original with Gel Grid ranges from $4,299 for a Twin XL to $8,598 for a Split King.

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The Good

  • Customization
  • Free Delivery and Installation
  • Warranty
  • 90-Day Trial
  • Modular Design


Like most smart mattresses, ReST Bed is all about customizing and personalizing your sleep experience. The company’s Original beds come with five adjustable zones (head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, and legs) that can either be preset, or left to automatically adjust to your body position as it shifts throughout the night. The Essential beds come with only three adjustable areas (hips, lumbar, and shoulders).

ReST Bed also includes a common feature of smart beds — individual control of each side of the bed. If you and your partner have different sleep preferences, you don’t have to compromise; instead, you can both control your half of the bed to meet your body’s needs.

Free Delivery and Installation

ReST Bed offers free, white-glove delivery and installation of its smart beds, directly to the room where you want the bed. Free installation in your room of choice is not always a feature offered by other mattress companies we’ve reviewed.


ReST Bed offers a 10-year full warranty. We’ve seen some companies with longer warranties, but this is unique in that it is a full warranty, rather than a limited one. The company promises that you won’t have to pay for any replacement parts needed for the first 10 years you own the ReST mattress.

90-Day Trial

ReST Bed offers a 90-day trial in which you can enjoy your mattress risk-free and decide if it's really the option for you. This trial is slightly shorter than others we’ve seen, but still gives you plenty of time to decide if your ReST mattress is something you want to keep for the long term.

Modular Design

ReST Bed has a modular design, which means that the components of the mattress are individually replaceable. If one stops functioning properly, you can have it replaced without having to replace the whole mattress. Because of this, ReST Bed advertises that once you buy one of its mattresses, you never have to buy another one again.


The Bad

  • Cost
  • Limited Options


ReST Beds are definitely for luxury shoppers. The higher prices match the quality and customizability of the company’s beds, but still might be out of budget for some shoppers.

Limited Options

ReST Bed offers just a couple of bed designs: the Essential and the Original. The Original does come in two different variations (with or without the Gel Grid), but otherwise, your main choice with ReST is between three air chambers with the Essential, or five air chambers with the Original. The company offers fewer options than we’ve seen with some other brands.


The Bottom Line

ReST Bed is a leader in the luxury smart mattress space, and its beds are definitely a great option if you can afford the company’s higher price tag and want plenty of customizability for your sleep experience.
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