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LAST UPDATED: November 5th, 2020

Eight Sleep specializes in making products that improve your sleep. The company proudly boasts that it is the first sleep fitness company as it uses innovative technology and personal biometrics to help individuals wake up feeling refreshed and energized. 

Eight Sleep currently sells three mattresses: The Pod, The Pod Pro, and The Pod Pro Max

The Pod is the most basic of all the mattresses but still comes with three premium foam layers, 11 inches in total. You can cool and heat each side of the bed using the Eight Sleep app and set your temperature preference schedule on and off whenever you like. The Pod also comes with individual sleep tracking on each side of the bed. Metrics include sleep stages, total sleep time, toss and turns, heart rate, and more. 

The Pod Pro is Eight Sleep's most popular mattress, featuring a contouring foam topper integrated with Active Grid (used for enhanced comfort and pressure-point relief), Room Climate and Weather Response, Daily Health Check and HRV Monitoring, GentleRise™ Wake Up Technology, Dual-Zone Cooling and Heating, and Advanced Sleep Tracking. 

The Pod Pro Max has everything the Pod Pro has plus a new MaxChill™ layer. This layer is infused with silver, graphite, and copper to give you maximum heat dissipation and antimicrobial properties.

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The Good

  • Innovative Technology
  • Financing Through Splitit or Affirm
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial
  • Discounts

Innovative Technology

Impressively, Eight Sleep packs a lot of innovative technology into its mattresses. For example, the Pod Pro comes with the following technology-based features:

  • Comfort Blend™ Integrated Topper — Contouring foam topper integrated with the Active Grid for enhanced comfort and pressure point relief
  • Room Climate and Weather Response — Ambient sensors that measure your rooms temperature, humidity, and local weather and react intelligently
  • Daily Health Check and HRV Monitoring — Analyzes your respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability
  • GentleRise Wake Up Technology — A gentle vibration at chest level to wake you up without sound while gradually cooling or warming each side of the before your set wake-up time
  • Dual-Zone Cooling and Heating — Cool and heat each side of the bed from the Eight Sleep app. You can also set your temperature preference and schedule on and off times
  • Advanced Sleep Tracking — Measures each individual on the bed, including their sleep stages, sleep time, toss and turns, and more. 

All of these combined features make Eight Sleep a genuinely unique experience. Not only can you customize your mattress to your individual sleeping preferences, but the sleep monitoring capabilities can help you keep track of your overall health. 

Financing Through Splitit or Affirm

If you want, you can finance your new mattress with either Splitit or Affirm. If you choose Splitit, you can break up the payments with 0 percent interest with your existing credit card. If you choose Affirm, you get a credit line that lets you pay off the mattress over time. 

With Splitit, you can choose from a 2-month to a 12-month payment plan and earn credit card reward points for each payment. Affirm lets you choose from 3-month to 36-month payment plans and starts at 0 percent APR. 

You'll have bigger payments with Splitit because of the shorter payment plan, but you don't have to open a new line of credit; you simply use an existing credit card. However, if you want smaller monthly payments and don't mind a new credit line, then Affirm might be the better option.

100-Night Sleep Trial

Eight Sleep offers a 100-night sleep trial. This means you can try out the smart mattress and determine if it's right for you. If you're not happy with the product, you can return the mattress within 100 days of the delivery date without shipping charges. 

Remember that Eight Sleep does not re-use or offer refurbished beds, meaning the company doesn't take the bed back. Instead, you will work with the Eight Sleep mattress team to donate or dispose of the bed. 

Eight Sleep has a 30-day return policy on its accessories. So if you need to return a bed cover, sheet set, gravity blanket, pillows, sleep spray, or anything else, you will need to return these items within 30 days of the delivery date. 


Eight Sleep offers several discounts. Currently, there is a Military, Responder, Medical, and Student discount. 

Be aware that discount codes cannot be combined, and the codes are unique for one purchase only. If you plan on making future purchases, you'll need a new code from VerifyPass. There is also a limit of one per customer per 24 hours.

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The Bad

  • Higher Initial Price

Higher Initial Price

When compared to regular mattresses, Eight Sleep's smart mattresses are quite a bit more expensive. However, when compared to other smart mattresses, the company offers fairly competitive prices. 

That being said, some people may be shocked at the $2,595 price tag on the company's Queen-sized Pod mattress (especially since it only has a few basic features). Although if you're willing to pay an extra $500, it might be worth it to get the Pod Pro. You will get every feature that Eight Sleep offers except the MaxChill™ layer, which only comes with the Pod Pro Max. 


The Bottom Line

If you're curious about how well you sleep or simply want to get better sleep, then an Eight Sleep mattress might be right for you. The company's Pod Pro and Pod Pro Max come with an impressive number of sleep features that not only help you get better sleep but monitor how you're sleeping. 

When compared to non-smart mattresses, you might be a little shocked at how pricey the Eight Sleep mattress seems. However, you have to remember that you're getting those extra features and if you're not happy with the product, you can return it within the 100-night trial period for a full refund.

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