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LAST UPDATED: June 26th, 2023

Thompson Creek is an experienced company that has been offering siding products and services in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. since 1980. Qualified Remodeler ranked Thompson Creek #11 on their list of the Top 500 contractors in the United States. Located in Landover, Maryland, they are a family-owned and operated company.

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The Good

  • 50-Year Warranty
  • Experience

50-Year Warranty

Many companies offer lifetime or limited lifetime warranties. Fifty-year warranties are almost as good as lifetime warranty because most clients remove or replace siding that is 50 years old. For a siding company, their warranty is actually pretty generous in comparison to other companies in the industry.


Though they cater to only a small portion of the United States, they have over 30 years home remodelling experience. If you are lucky enough to live within the boundaries of their service coverage, their industry expertise is sure to be a benefit to you.


The Bad

  • Emphasis in a Small Region
  • Undisclosed Contract Lengths
  • Undisclosed APR Rates

Emphasis in a Small Region

Thompson Creek only operates in one state and do not provide service to those living outside of state boundaries.

Undisclosed APR Rates

Thompson Creek does not provide any information about APR rates. 

Undisclosed Contract Length

Similar to their lack of information regarding APR financing, they do not provide information regarding contract lengths and terms. 


The Bottom Line

Thompson Creek’s 50-year warranty makes it a fantastic possible option for those living within their service boundaries, but those who live in the other 49 states are out of luck. Additionally, Thompson Creek does not provide information about APR rates or contract limits. Because of their lack of availability to most U.S. residents and the fact that they withhold information online, we cannot recommend clients use this service.

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Charles D

My experience with Thompson Creek started off very good with the sales and project manager that came out to confirm the estimate for siding and gutters. After that it has not gone anywhere as well. They didn't have enough product in stock to complete the project and assured me that all would work out. After the receipt of the initial partial shipment, a crew came to install what was already on site. They finished installing the available siding, but have not started to install any gutters at all. The crew worked for a week and piled all the old siding and gutters removed from the house in the yard. The dumpster still had not arrived to put all the old materials into. The dumpster arrived the day after the crew finished that work and remains along our driveway and impedes passage of the driveway. Finally we have received the delivery of the remaining product about a week after the crew finished the previous work. Now we have had rain on a daily basis for a week and will into next week as well that impedes the safety of the crew to finish the project. I don't take issue with the issue of safety. I take issue with that the notification that the crew will or will not come out to work occurs the morning of their scheduled arrival. I have solar panels that are too close to one outside wall that requires someone to come remove them to allow the crew to work safely. I have scheduled another contractor to do that work and cannot provide adequate notice to allow that crew to perform other work. I also took the day off from work for their arrival. I got a call after 8:30 on the first morning and 9:00 on the rescheduled day that the crew cancelled. I specifically requested a confirmation call on the afternoon before the rescheduled day. I didn't receive any call and called myself just before their published close of business for the day. The agent finally confirmed that they had dispatched the crew and opened at 7:00 the next morning to provide an update. I got that update after 9:00 as stated. This morning, the agent then wanted to place the responsibility on me that I could have cancelled knowing the forecast for rain. If I knew that forecast, why didn't or couldn't they have also known the forecast to have properly scheduled the crew? Remember that the crew removed all the gutters and we have had several inches of rain so far and will likely get an additional inch or more until the crew can finally finish the project. We have had the dumpster impeding the driveway for 2 weeks now without any work occurring and likely another week until the weather will subside for the crew to return to complete the project. I also requested that the crew pick up nails before wrapping up the first week of work. Nails that were on the ground while they were still working still exist on the ground. I suspect that nails exist in the yard where they piled up the old siding and gutters. I chose to stay home from work to better observe the work given all these issues. Not going to work impacts the ability of a customer to afford and pay for the work offered by Thompson Creek. I DO NOT RECOMMEND using Thompson Creek. Anyone that does should do so with great trepidation.

5 months ago