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LAST UPDATED: August 26th, 2021

Time Warner Cable started in 1989 and offered television, internet, and phone services to various regions across the country. Time Warner Cable continued to grow after separating from its parent company, Time Warner Inc., in 2009. In 2013 it was rummored that Time Warner Cable was looking to sell and Charter Communications and COMCAST expressed interest. It took a couple of years for these two companies to come to an agreement in conjunction with heavily involved states. With time, Charter announced official plans to acquire the service.  In 2016, Charter Communication's purchase of Time Warner Cable was made official. 

Since the time of its purchase, Time Warner Cable has been phased out and has been replaced by Spectrum. For those seeking the services that were once provided by Time Warner Cable, you will be able to find similar services with Spectrum. 

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The Good

  • Low Monthly Costs
  • On-Demand and Sports Packages
  • Bundle Services

Low Monthly Costs

Time Warner Cable is known as the most affordable cable provider. Time Warner Cable offers the most reasonable monthly prices out of both cable and satellite companies. Customers can bundle internet and phone with their television, but it is not required. For individual TV packages, customers can find a basic package for just $29.99/month for the first 12 months. A complete package, the Preferred TV w/DVR Service is only $69.99/month. Some of the channels and features found in the Preferred TV package would cost someone $84-$119/month with another cable or satellite company.

On-Demand and Sports Packages

Time Warner offers a variety of On Demand and sports package options in addition to the regular TV services. There are thousands of On Demand events to choose from and 20 different sports packages available at additional cost. Customers can pay for single events or movies and can also purchase sports packages on a monthly or yearly basis. There is a DVR service that can also be added. The DVR is HD compatible and users can record television shows or movies from anywhere in their home.

Bundle TV with Internet, Phone, and Home Security

Time Warner gives its customers the opportunity to add internet, phone, and/or home security service to its cable purchase. Its prices and services are competitive for each of these different services. Internet speeds can reach as high as 300Mbps in your home wi-fi service from Time Warner. As for its phone service, because of the included Phone 2 Go app, you are able to have your home phone direct calls to your mobile when needed. Its home security system also adds value, offering 24/7 monitoring with video surveillance all controlled right from your phone.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Service Area
  • Only One TV Package

Undisclosed Service Area

Time Warner does not openly disclose where they provide services. When logging onto their website, potential customers can type in their zip code and Time Warner will let you know if they are able to provide television, internet, or phone service in your area. We would like Timer Warner to be more upfront with which states they are available in.

Only One TV Package

Time Warner Cable does not offer a large variety of television packages. For individual TV packages, Time Warner only has one package. Other companies offer different packages to customize to the customers needs. If a customer wants more options, they will have to look elsewhere.


The Bottom Line

If low monthly prices and bundling are a high priority when it comes to choosing a television provider, then Time Warner Cable (now part of Spectrum, which is owned by Charter Communications) may be your answer. If you are not bundling with Time Warner, the costs can be more expensive, and you may want to consider a different provider. There are not a whole lot of options because Time Warner Cable keeps things pretty simple and straightforward.

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what an amazing company kept local employees anything went wrong they were at your door fixing it even had internet through them. totally worth every penny. channels came in crystal clear wish they were available now where i live out in the sticks.

3 years ago

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Jim Utica, NY

Time Warner actually provides good services...but only at an affordable price if you're a new customer. My monthly bill for their TV and internet service just went up again and is now nearly $150.00. I spoke with them recently concerning their constant price increases vs. their advertised price and basically I was told they only honor advertised (affordable) prices to new customers. If you're a faithful long time customer, be prepared to pay considerably more.

7 years ago


Review Source

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Ann Horst San Antonio, TX

I have had Spectrum for internet for the past year. At the end of the year, I started having intermittent internet where it would cut out all the time and come back on. They sent a technician and he replaced my modem and router. That helped and things seem to work better although I still get weird things happening with my laptop so it could be a bug.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Rosie Hansen Salt Lake City, UT

In all 9 years of being a customer of Time Warner Cable, I have never encountered any issues with service or billing. Customer service was spot on and very helpful! I was very sad to see that Charter Spectrum had taken over.

3 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Faye Herbort Fredericksburg, TX

I don't like that if you have more then one tv you have to have set top box for each one..they are $11.50 a month each...I have a digital converter on my bedroom tv which is around $2 a month...but get about 1/4 of the channels I subscribe to...

7 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

John Doe Richmond, IN

Service is good but the price is ridiculous! It just goes up and up. They need some competition! Unless you want to cancel service after your "New Customer" deal is up and wait 30 days to get it again..... Be prepared to spend about $180 for Cable, Internet and Phone!

7 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

dawn hill Keene, NH

i have time warner cable but my billis too high for me so they need to lower the price because a lot of people on a fixed income and don't alot of money to pay for it.

7 years ago

star star star star star

Eric Sharpe Cleveland, OH

The best company out thery

7 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Howard Charlotte, NC

Not happy long time with Time Warner, will be with new company very soon!

7 years ago