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LAST UPDATED: July 22nd, 2022

Suddenlink is a home service provider available in 16 states nationwide. The company offers home phone, internet, and TV services. It was acquired by Altice in 2016, making it the fourth largest cable provider in the United States.

Suddenlink offers a TV, phone, and internet service under the brand name Altice One. This service includes 4K streaming, cloud-based DVR, and a voice-activated remote control. These services are made possible by the Altice One Pak, a modem, router, and streaming device rolled into one item.

Suddenlink promises a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who aren't completely satisfied with its service.

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The Good

  • Package Choices
  • Contract Buyout
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Premium Channels and Add-Ons
  • Cloud-Based DVR

Package Options

You have a few choices when it comes to Suddenlink TV packages:

  • Suddenlink Core — 200+ channels
  • Suddenlink Select — 290+ channels
  • Suddenlink Premier — 340+ channels

The Altice One Pak is a modem, router, and streaming box, so naturally Suddenlink wants you to use it as all three. Because of this, all TV packages are bundled with internet service. The plans have decent upload and download speeds:

  • Core — up to 50 Mbps download; 5 Mbps upload
  • Select — up to 100 Mbps download; 7.5 Mbps upload
  • Premier — up to 400 Mbps download; 40 Mbps upload

Contract Buyout

Suddenlink will offer to buy your current contract with a value up to $500. For an internet only plan, Suddenlink will pay up to $100. To take advantage of this, you must provide a bill from your previous provider showing your early termination fee to [email protected].

However, the refund can take six to eight weeks, so don’t expect a payout immediately.

Money-Back Guarantee

Suddenlink offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the service. However, this is only for the monthly fee and not for installation or equipment costs. 

Premium Channels and Add-Ons

Altice One offers a host of add-on packages and premium channels. For an added fee, you can add HBO, Starz, Showtime, and other channels.

Add-on packages come in a few varieties:

  • Family Package  — HGTV, Nat Geo, FXX, BBC America, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nick Toons and more
  • Movie Package — Starz Encore, MGM, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, TCM, Lifetime Movie Network, FX Movie Channel, Sundance, IFC and more
  • Sports and Info Package — NFL Network, FS1, FS2, The Golf Channel, NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, Big Ten Network, ACC Network, Pac-12 Networks, SEC Networks, Longhorn Network and more
  • Sports Plus Package — NFL Red Zone HD, plus networks like Eleven Sports HD, GAME+ HD, Fight Network HD, MavTVHD, Outside TV HD and World Fishing Network HD
  • Conexion Unica — Unimas, Galavision, Starz Encore Espanol, Discovery en Espanol, Fox Deportes, ESPN Deportes, and TUDN 

Cloud-Based DVR

Altice One’s DVR lets you record up to 15 shows at a time and watch them at home or on the go with the Altice One mobile app.

This cloud-based system also allows you to rewind live TV up to 30 minutes on your current channel or 30 minutes on your previous channel. TV users have often complained about the lack of this feature with live TV, and Altice One has solved this problem.


The Bad

  • Fees
  • No Standalone TV Option


Altice One may start at an affordable $54.99 per month, but the fees can stack up. In Suddenlink’s terms and conditions, the company mentions a $20 Altice One Pak monthly fee. These terms also mention an install fee and regular taxes and government fees. If you’d like to purchase A1 Mini boxes which extend the range of your Wi-Fi, these cost $10 per month. Sports TV is $6.65, Broadcast TV is $15.00, and a Network Enhancement fee is $3.50. 

If you’d like to add phone service to your plan, this will be another $5 per month.

As you can see, the fees could add up. Keep a running total of your add-ons and see if you’re really getting a good deal within your budget.

No Standalone TV Option

If you’re looking for a TV plan with no internet, you’ll have to work with another provider. It might be inconvenient to switch to one TV and internet plan if you currently work with one provider for each, because you may renew at different times and be subject to hefty cancellation fees from both.

However, you may find it convenient to have a TV and internet plan bundled, because bundling services typically reduces the cost.


The Bottom Line

Suddenlink’s Altice One promises many features from a singular hub under one monthly bill. The channel range and internet speeds are decent for the price tag, but if you don’t want to bundle, Suddenlink is not for you.

We also had some concerns about Suddenlink’s fees. The price tag isn’t as affordable as it initially seems, so be sure to review your contract and your bill for any hidden fees.

Overall, Suddenlink seems to have drastically improved its offerings with Altice One, but it’s worth looking into other providers to see if it’s truly the best deal.

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Rob Hurricane, WV

I'd give them a zero if I could. I've had 8 technicians out. I have explained to them it is not the equipment but they continue to want to send a tech out. Guess what? They charge a service fee for every service call. They also want to charge an extra few dollars a month so you don't have to pay for the service calls. If it is their fault my service is not working why should I have to pay them to ensure I get service I should already be receiving because I'm already paying for it? 8 service technicians, multiple phone calls, and now I'm going to have to call again because my DVR is not working, again. By the way, the tech was just at my home today. I'd have another provider if there was another one in my area. They are horrible.

2 years ago

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Chris Bardsley Smelterville, ID

Ill try to keep this as short as possible. I work from home and run a business from a home office. Suddenlink was the only option offering decent speeds. The cost for business internet was pretty high for what you get, but i decided to go for it anyway. The service is spotty at best and outages happen daily. That's not the worst of it though. There have been at least 3 occasions where the internet was out for more then 24 hours in the last month. I have tried to call them to address this on the phone, but they will do everything they can to pacify you with no real resolution. They will promise to that you will get credited for the outages and that they are doing everything they can but in reality, absolutely nothing comes out of it. I have not received one single credit from Suddenlink. When I tried to talk to a manager, they will either hang up on me or tell me that the manager is unavailable every time. On top of this, they are charging me for a modem that I already returned to them. Again, i called on this and all they did was pacify me with no real resolution. I have lost thousands of dollars due to the outages. I have a database where i was recording all the outages for 2 weeks and it happens pretty much daily. On top of all this, they double charged me one month and they couldn't even get the initial order correct. I paid for a static IP and they did not add it to my account until i complained about it. This is the worst ISP that i have ever had hands down. I now need to purchase a second internet service so i don't loss any more money and pay double because this internet company is completely incompetent.

2 years ago

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Jane Vlahogeorge Dayton, OH

Went in to Suddenlink office to get m5 cable service. The salesperson explained a plan that would not increase over time. I reiterated the plan a number of times just to verify exactly what was included in the plan and that the monthly rate would never go up. I explained I did not want a promotional plan that would increase later. Continued to verify that I was not getting a promotional plan that would increase. I received my bill a few months ago with an increase. Notified them and was told that it was a charge added to the plan and there was nothing I could do about. So know I am paying for cloud dvr plus and the services that it provides are not even working on my tv. Suddenlink has always screwed people so that's why I made sure that I kept all my paperwork from the initial purchase. I was blatantly lied to and now being charged for a service I do not have on my tv. They are doing nothing about it except continuously to charge me. I wish there were other digital cable providers in our city. If there were Suddenlink would go bankrupt here. No one would continue to be lied to, have horrible service and screwed by Suddenlink. We have had this company, which has changed names over time, for over 40 years. All Suddenlink does is take advantage of everyone in our community. Shame on Suddenlink/Altice. The worst business ever!!!!! I had to rate one star to send this review

2 years ago

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Johnny Moore Big Spring, TX

Our cable remote quit working so I called their support. Suddenlink support is now off shore, India I think. Their support personnel have not a clue among them all. I got hung up twice, told I would have to pay for a new remote, told I could get free then told they did not have that remote and then told I would get one in three days. The day before the remote was supposed to be delivered they kept calling and wanting to trouble shoot the problem so the tech would not have to deliver. They are the only cable company locally so I am looking at Dish. There used to be a local office and service was good. They have closed all local offices and outsourced support. It is apparent that profit, not good service is their goal. So don’t deal with them if you have a choice.

2 years ago

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KH Pearland, TX

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH CRAPPY, OVERPRICED CABLE, INTERNET & PHONE! This company must pay their customer service representatives to lie to customers and NEVER let them talk to supervisors. Each employee tells you something different, so you never know what the truth is. You get pissed and ask for a supervisor and one is NEVER available, HTF is that possible? Then they lie and say one will call you in 1-2 hours—which is a lie. One even told me to keep my phone close because a supervisor named Darrell would call in 20 minutes—LIES! The best thing we can do is avoid ALL of Kingwood’s CRAPPY companies, starting with this one, until they go bankrupt and all of their lying a employees find jobs that they are actually good at— whatever that is! Their service deserves NEGATIVE REVIEWS! CROOKED A COMPANY!!!!!!

3 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Jade Leesville, LA

Suddenlink seemed like a good fit for the first couple of months that we had them now our internet service is crap. The cable is okay, the internet is the worst. There are no known outages in our area and we cannot connect to the internet. We have constant intermittent service. Their dates to recieve a technician are so far out in advance it is ridiculous. We need the internet the most because my husband and I go to college full-time and work. We went to suddenlink today just to get our cable adjusted and its taken over an hour and 30 minutes so far AT THE STORE! Nobody knows what they're doing. We can't call customer service because it just leads you to an automated person. Even the virtual chat online is automated until it finally says "speak to a real representative" when they can't fix your issue. Even the tech support online cant fix your issues, its like talking to a robot again! They dont listen when you tell them "I've already tried what you're telling me to do". NOBODY at this company can help you with anything. Its a rip off.

4 years ago

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Travis Harley Clayton, NC

I have requested a cancellation for my service in end of November due to moving out of rocky mount. I have return my internet box and also pay for the last billing cycle for that month. I was bill for the month of December and which customer support told me that they had fixed the problem. The month of January and February which I was billed again, got in contact with customer services again and they have fixed the problem. Now I am getting a Delinquent from this company for a bill of $281 for a service that was supposed to be inactive since November of last years. Please explain to me why I am getting this delinquent report from a mistake that y’all have caused?

4 years ago

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Roselani Robinson Greenville, NC

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ORDER This is by far the WORST cable/internet company I have ever seen..I used to work for a cable company and Having to go through suddenlink was a complete waste of my time. I waited a whole week just to get my internet installed and nobody showed late calls nothing! Not even a callback smh. THEN I call customer service and twice they put me on hold for HOURS. they couldn’t even schedule me a tech to come out the next day. I had to wait ANOTHER week and that’s not even guaranteeing someone will come out this time. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH SUDDENLINK I PROMISE YOU ITS THE WORST MISTAKE YOULL EVER MAKE AND TRUST ME SUDDENLINK IM GOING ON YELP AND EVERY OTHER SITE TO TARNISH YOUR NAME.

5 years ago

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Scott Tingle New Bern, NC

BEWARE OF THE INSTALL CHARGES!!!!! Their "install" includes the tech walking in, hooking the box(es) to AN ALREADY RUN CABLE AND/OR PHONE LINE. That is all!!!!!!!!! It does not even include the techs drive there, that is a separate $25 fee. And the install is $90. If you need a cable run that's another $50 per line plus materials!!!! NOT EVEN THE FIRST LINE IS INCLUDED!!! Thankfully I figured this out before they railroaded me. When I set up the Install I wasn't told ANY of this. I Was told installation was free. I was also suppose to receive 2 HD dvrs but only got sent one on the techs order. MY ADVICE RUN TO ANYBODY ELSE OR NOBODY BUT STAY FAR FROM SUDDENLINK!!!!!!! Also customer service was snooty trying to make me look dumb when I said DVR correcting me with " you mean a TiVo" then later in the call stating that my work order had an hd DVR on it like I had said to begin with, like they aren't the same thing either way.

5 years ago

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Ex Royalty Little Elm, TX

I have been in the Dallas Metro for 4 years now. In that time I have only had SuddenLink. I have called them at least once a month every month. Since I have been here. I have had the worst experience with Suddenlink. My internet has intermitently gone out every 15-30 minutes for the last month. It has been a known issue since June 6th and Suddenlink said "Oh well" We are merging with Optimum so have fun with it. They run a monopoly on Internet in my area. I would do so many unholy things to have AT&T or Verizon Fiber in my area. TLDR: IF YOU HAVE AN OPTION OTHER THAN SUDDENLINK, TAKE IT

1 year ago

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Wm. Burruss Georgetown, TX

I cannot watch anything recorded on my SuddenLink DVR between the approximate hours of 5PM to 10PM every night. I have complained and SuddenLink has sent a tech to my house twice and they replaced the DVR both times and I have the same problem the next night. They charged me $60 each time. I called and complained and they want to send a tech again for another $60. You can’t expedite a trouble and you can't talk to a manager. They don’t care, they just keep sending the monthly bill. I am 78 years old and have never dealt with a more irresponsible company.

3 years ago

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John Ducas Jonesboro, AR

I switched to Suddenlink about a month ago and I'm regretting it. I can't get many of tv stations I'm supposed to, just a black screen a err-200 message. I've called six or seven times, listened to a robot and punched numbers. Same same, each time. they sent a signal to my box to reboot it. Nothing fixed. Now they've screwed up my bill. I can't get to talk to human being. They have insulated themselves from customers with their freaking automated system. Can't even send an email to them. Tried the chat thing and it didn't work. I think I won't be with Suddenlink for long.

4 years ago

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RMS Conroe, TX

Horrible internet service, and customer service. My internet goes down multiple time in a day, with non resolution. Was on the phone with them for more than 1.5 hrs on my second attempt to have the tech spend <10 minutes authorizing my own router, after the third failed Suddenlink modem/router in 2 yrs. First time around, after 20 minutes THEY HUNG UP ON ME!! Don’t use this company if you can help it.

4 years ago

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darren Monterey, LA

Sorry,sorry,sorry company. I paid them off and secretary told me you are charged a month ahead of time so you are all paid up September of 2017. Suddenlink was scheduled to turn service off in October . They sent bill in mail for 170 dollars. I called and talked to them and they said I owed that la st one time amount. I went back to local Bastrop, La. office and turned last genie in and asked, so I'm all paid up, right? Woman told me Yes. Now, they are still sending a bill for 45 dollars! I would not refer anyone to these people, They are a joke!!!

5 years ago

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Rakim Carpenter Tulsa, OK

terrible service cannot connect more than one device at any time

1 year ago


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Larkins ,

Priced high. Tech untrustworthy. Workmanship and ethics low. Customer service unhelpful.

3 years ago

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bubba gump Tyler, TX

No live support. TV service out for 3 wks.

1 year ago