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LAST UPDATED: May 12th, 2020

Mediacom was started in 1995 by Rocco B. Commisso and has grown into the twelfth largest cable company in the United States. It serves over one million customers across America. Mediacom offers its customers advanced products and services that include digital cable TV, high-speed internet, and phone services. The company has received many awards over the years including its founder, chairman, and CEO, Rocco B. Commisso being inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame in 2011. These awards were all won because of Mediacom's dedication to its customers, and to the services it provides.

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The Good

  • Bundling Options
  • Large Number of Channels
  • Flexible Service Commitments
  • Additional Features


Mediacom like other cable companies offers its services in packaged bundles. This means customers can get TV, internet, and phone services altogether for a lower price than the original services by themselves. A first-time customer can expect to pay around $80 dollars a month for all three services. However, this price can go up depending on the specific details of the package a customer selects. In addition to the ranging purchasing price, all offers are only available to certain customers in specific areas. To inquire about eligibility, Mediacom's website is easy to use and can quickly determine the best offer for an individual.

Large Number of Channels

The number of channels that Mediacom offers is also very competitive compared to other cable companies. It offers a selection of over 135 channels with cable TV and music channels that come in a standard package or bundle. Once again, however, these channels are restrictive to the area in which a customer resides. These channels also include HD options as well as On-Demand. Customers have the option to select packages with a smaller amount of channels for a lower cost if that is what best fits their needs.

Flexible Service Commitments

Most of the packages offered at Mediacom come with a one-year service agreement. This is a fantastic deal, considering most other companies average agreement is two years or more. Mediacom even offers some bundles with a six-month contract to fit even more customers' needs. Existing customers are eligible for different offers and sales, and must contact the customer service department at Mediacom to discover the best options available. In addition to a time agreement, most contracts for Mediacom services state that an activation fee, installation fee, and equipment rental charges will all be separate from the monthly payment and will be added onto a customer's bill.

Additional Features

In addition to the internet features that Mediacom offers, such as a modem with Mbps speed and tech support. It has many Satellite TV and other media features. Depending on your cable provider or cable service, it has great TV service, which can save you time and money, there is a wide network that covers rural areas, it has a team to help with outages or even with wifi devices.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • DVR System
  • Mobile App

Not Available Everywhere

Cable companies that limit services to specific areas decrease the number of customers they can provide service to. Mediacom is only available in limited locations in 22 states. The majority of those areas are located in small or rural towns in the Midwest and Southern United States. Mediacom makes a point to state that they believe, people in smaller cities and towns in America deserve the same level of digital services as people receive in major metropolitan areas. Mediacom also believes in keeping jobs in the communities they serve and provide a diversified workforce of over four thousand employees throughout the 22 states that they provide business.

DVR System

The DVR system that is offered through Mediacom is less than impressive. The device itself is generally an add-on to any customers selected package and will be an extra cost each month. The system can only record one show at a time and has 350 standard hours of storage plus an addition 75 hours of high definition storage. Instead of a DVR system, Mediacom pushes its customers to purchase the TiVo system. This system is a version of DVR but offers the ability to access and stream more programs.

Mobile App

Like other cable companies, the mobile app through Mediacom is not favored by customer reviews. The Android app received a three out of five stars and the Apple streaming app received two out of five stars. Most customer reviews state that the app is slow for streaming purposes and has a difficult time loading new programs. However, customers do have the ability to access their entire account information from the app including, their billing statements and the payment center. This is a great convenience for customers as all of their Mediacom information is easily accessible in one location on their mobile device.


The Bottom Line

Mediacom is much like many other cable companies with a few benefits that set them apart. It offers its customers reasonable pricing starting at $49.98 a month for first-time customers, short service commitments average around six months. Mediacom has a large number of channels for their customer to choose from, with over 135 cable TV and music channels available. However, Mediacom is only offered in limited areas in 22 states, the majority being small cities and towns in the Midwest and Southern United States. It offers a DVR system, but it is only standard with the ability to record only one show at a time. Mediacom has received many awards for their excellent service, such as the Nation's Top Cable Provider in 2016, and has provided customers who live in small areas access the same digital services that are offered in larger cities.

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Lauri Douglass Queen Creek, AZ

Service is not that good. When we called in they were not very helpful. Will not go with them again.

5 years ago