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LAST UPDATED: May 4th, 2021
SkyRange Satellite is an authorized internet provider for HughesNet. SkyRange currently services all 50 states, including rural areas where DSL or cable lines are difficult for other providers to service. HughesNet has been around for more than 10 years, with over 40 years in the satellite telecommunications industry and service millions of accounts nationwide. They currently have 13 satellites in operating in orbit for reliability and giving them a leg up on the competition. 

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The Good

  • Plan options
  • No phone line required
SkyRange offers their customers great internet service with a faster internet connection and takes pride in their excellent customer service ratings.  SkyRange currently offers four different plans that can be customized to fit any customer's internet needs, from residential to commercial use so their customers can enjoy downloads of videos, music and photos at maximum speed available. Their current plans are as follows: Prices start at $39.99 for the first plan, and every plan with more Mbps speeds increases by $20, excluding the SkyRange HughesNet Max package.
  • SkyRange HughesNet Choice package: This plan is the most basic plan they offer and is $39.99 per month. With it, customers will get 5 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload, 55 GB of monthly data (5 GB anytime data and 50 GB bonus bytes).
  • SkyRange HughesNet Prime package: starts at $49.99 per month. With it customers will get a download speed up to 10 Mbps, an upload speed up to 1 Mbps and 60 GB Monthly Data (10 GB anytime data and 50 GB bonus bytes).
  • SkyRange HughesNet Pro package: This plan start at $69.99 and includes 10 Mbps download, 2 Mbps upload, 65 GB monthly data (15 GB anytime data and 50 GB bonus bytes).
  • SkyRange HughesNet Max package: This plan starts at $119.99 and includes 15 Mbps download, 2 Mbps upload, 70 GB monthly data(20 GB anytime data and 50 GB bonus bytes).
In addition to the previous four plans mentioned above, there are two supplementary plans available starting at $39.99 with various upload and download speeds and monthly data usage. In addition, basic installation is always free for new customers. For satellite internet with SkyRange there is no phone line required, this will allow you to talk on your home line and not worry about tying up the phone again, plus you won't have to spend extra to purchase a phone line to accommodate your internet service.  Not to mention that their service is fast, within 24 hours of calling to set up your appointment you can be set up and ready to cruise the internet.

The Bad

  • All pricing is introductory rate only
  • No loyalty programs
  • Basic installation is free only to new customers
  • Slower upload speeds
After researching SkyRange as a business, there was little information to be found on the company as a whole, for instance when SkyRange was started and how is came to be. All we really know is that they are an authorized retailer of HughesNet, they are the company that installs the internet for you. There just seems to be some missing information. So while the internet service that is provided is top notch, it is good to get a better idea of exactly who you are signing a two-year agreement with. All of the pricing is set at an introductory rate only available to new customers and is only discounted for the first 3 months, then the price increases by $10, so the basic package is really $49.99. Also, the only way to guarantee the introductory rate is to sign a 2-year contract and comes with undisclosed early termination fees should you choose to end your contract early. There are no loyalty programs or discounts if you choose to stay with SkyRange after your contract is up. there are no details about what installation fees are for the other plans, or what they would be if an existing customer wanted to upgrade. With an additional monthly fee of "renting" your equipment for $9.99 per month. Internet speeds are not guaranteed for at all times due to many factors, but you might be paying for the Max package and only be getting the basic plan part of the month, and at peak times, for instance how well your own computer performs is a factor in your internet speed, and how many users are logged on as well can disturb your web connection. But these things are not an all the time occurrence, just something to be aware of. SkyRange's upload speeds are slightly slower than competing satellite internet providers so if you plan on uploading many things, you may want to go with another provider. They do offer a military discount which is good in itself, compared to other companies that might not. But the discount they offer isn't really a discount; it is more of a onetime thank you for your service and is a $25 visa gift card, this slightly disappointing, but better than nothing for the sacrifice.

The Bottom Line

There just isn't enough information about SkyRange as a business itself. It is hard to know if a customer will only be getting satellite internet, or if they can expect more from the company they are purchasing it from.  SkyRange seems to only be subcontracted with HughesNet, who has an exceptional rating, but that doesn't speak to the integrity of SkyRange or their ability to really be there for their customers. They do offer fair plans with great data allowances and decent upload and download speeds for the price you pay at the introductory rate, and they are available nationwide with tons of open windows for fast installation. It would be better if the introductory rate was the regular rate instead of customers seeing their price go up $10 after only 3 months and pay $50 for a basic internet plan, and saving $30 hardly makes up for signing a 2-year contract and paying an additional monthly equipment rental fee.  All in all, you may want to consider other satellite internet providers when you are in need of that kind of service.
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