Mercury satellite is a satellite internet company that provides service to areas all over the United States. They are able to provide service to areas of the country were internet options are limited or have slower connection speeds.

Mercury Satellite has many extra perks to offer their customers and they strive for excellence in going the extra mile for their customers to obtain excellent customer satisfaction, with customer service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Mercury Satellite offers their standard installation complimentary when you sign up with them. They have trained and certified technicians that are dispatched to your location at home or a business to install and set up the satellite receiver and high-speed internet service and ensure everything is performing with optimal speed.

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The Good

  • Competitive speeds
  • Plan options

Mercury Satellite has competitive speeds that are hard for many other companies to match. They offer speeds as fast as 15 Mbps for downloads and up to 2 Mbps for uploads. Mercury Satellite's technology is exclusive to their company and they have developers working on it constantly to improve the current speed available and quality of the service.

Mercury Satellite's goal is to help rural customers with residential and business satellite internet connections. Mercury Satellite currently offers four different plans for their customers to choose the perfect plan to meet their needs. Mercury Satellite does not require a phone line and their systems are secure and responsive.  The plan options are as follows:

  • Mercury Choice for $49.99 monthly with a three-month promotional price of $39.99 available to new customers. With the Mercury choice plan customers will get 5 Mbps download, 1 Mbps Upload, 5 GB Anytime Data with 50 GB Bonus Bytes to use.
  • Mercury Prime for $59.99 monthly with a three-month promotional price of $49.99 available to new customers. With the mercury, Prime option customers will get 10 Mbps download, 1 Mbps Upload, 10 GB Anytime Data, and 50 GB Bonus Bytes.
  • Mercury PRO for $79.99 monthly with a three-month promotional price of $69.99 available to new customers. Customers will get 10 Mbps Download, 2 Mbps Upload, 15 GB Anytime Data, and 50 GB Bonus Bytes.
  • Mercury MAX for $129.99 monthly with a three-month promotional price of $119.99 available to new customers. Customers will get 15 Mbps download, 2 Mbps Upload, and 20 GB Anytime Data with an additional 50 Bonus Bytes.

In addition, to those 4 plans the offer 2 other plans that are great for lighter internet use. The Mercury Connect plan and the Mercury Power plan and are smaller compared to the other plans.  Mercury connect is ideal for homes with one computer and customers who use the internet occasionally. The Mercury Connect plan has a download speed of 5 Mbps and an upload speed of 1 Mbps with a data allowance of 5 GB, and an additional 5 GB bonus.

Mercury Power is the next step up from the Mercury Connect. It is ideal for light use as well but has double the speed and double the data with download speed up to 10 Mbps, and upload up to 1 Mbps. The Mercury Power allows customers to have 10GB of anytime data and 10 GB of bonus data.

In addition to the two smaller plans, they also offer two additional plans to choose from with a little more data use but still great for customers who might still use the internet on a smaller scale. The PRO Power is bigger and better than their light user plans, it is ideal for a home with multiple users or anyone who uses the internet on a regular basis. It includes 15 GB of anytime downloads with 15 GB bonus and speeds as fast as 10 Mbps for downloading and 2 Mbps for uploading. Second they offer the MAX Power. The MAX Power is the biggest additional data plan that Mercury Satellite offers. It is ideal for Small businesses and homes with heavy internet users. The plan features 20 GB of anytime data and additional 20 GB of bonus. It also has speeds up to 15 Mbps for downloading and up to 2 Mbps for upload.

The Bad

  • Slower upload speeds
  • Not all of their rates are listed
  • Lacking transparency with minimum contract length

In regards to Mercury Satellite as its own business information is hard to find. There isn't any additional information about who Mercury Satellite really is, where they are based out of. There isn't even an address listed for official headquarters, only a single 800 number is provided where someone will eventually dispatch customers to a local Mercury Satellite office.

Some competing companies offer upload speeds up to 3 Mbps whereas Mercury Satellite only has an upload speed available up to 2 Mbps. While that might not be that big of a difference for smaller files, it can be for large files.

Only their 4 basic rates are listed, but the rates for the additional data or speed plans are not listed. Not only are they not listed, but the ones that are listed are listed directly at their 3-month promotional offer. Prospective customers should be aware that there will be a $10 price increase on their bill after three months of service. This is normal however compared to many other companies. Few companies offer a price lock for the duration of the contract but often start at a higher rate.

They do not mention how long their minimum service contract is. That is left up to the customer to find out by calling in and asking or discussing it with the technician when they arrive at the location.

The Bottom Line

They do offer download speeds that are faster than some competing companies that only offer 12 Mbps whereas Mercury Satellite offers download speeds up to 15 Mbps

Overall, Mercury Satellite has normal to competitive pricing for their services; they have service plans available in even the smallest of towns. Since they are a reseller of HughesNet, you may want to consider going directly with HughesNet as your satellite internet provider.

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