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LAST UPDATED: November 29th, 2023

EarthLink was first established in 1994, back when the internet screeched upon startup and disrupted telephone calls. As time went on and the internet began evolving into what it is today, EarthLink failed to keep up. As more internet companies popped up, EarthLink quickly faded into the background.

However, all that changed in 2019 when EarthLink launched its Reconnect Campaign. After 25 years, Earthlink decided it was time to revamp and reinvent itself. 

The Reconnect Campaign is all about refocusing the company’s priorities and setting EarthLink on a new (and improved) path. The company's first goal was to redefine its relationship with customers. This was the main priority as the company recognizes that a business only stays in business if it has happy customers.

The next goal was to reduce complexity. EarthLink set a goal to make its services clear and concise. The final goal was to reinforce privacy, as EarthLink believes customers should be able to use the internet when and how they want to. 

EarthLink offers its internet service by piggybacking off of already established DSL and fiber-optic networks. Because these networks are already up and running, EarthLink is available to residents throughout the United States for home internet, business internet, and Live TV. 


The Good

  • Simple Straightforward Internet Plans
  • High Speed Internet
  • No Data Caps or Throttling

Simple Straightforward Internet Plans

One of EarthLink’s campaign goals is to help you declutter. EarthLink believes in giving customers straightforward internet packages that aren’t stuffed with unnecessary add-ons. Neither does EarthLink believe in attractive (but temporary) teaser rates. EarthLink is keeping it simple with its internet packages and you only pay for what you need. 

EarthLink’s HyperLink™ provides users with speeds up to 5 Gigs (1,000 Mbps) — but if you don’t need that much you can sign up for EarthLink’s 100 Mbps or 300 Mbps plans. 

All three plans include the following capabilities: 

  • Movie streaming
  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Large file downloading 
  • Streaming 4K or Ultra High Definition

High-Speed Internet 

As mentioned, Earthlink offers fiber internet with speeds up to 5 Gigs. Actual speeds may vary depending on a number of factors including geographic area, phone service provider, and number of other devices being used. 

No Data Caps or Throttling

Few internet companies advertise their data caps. Why? Because it limits what you can do on the internet and when you can do it. With EarthLink, you never have to worry about data caps — because there are none. EarthLink gives you the freedom to steam, watch, play, and download what you want and when you want. 

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The Bad

  • Early Cancellation Fees
  • Price Hike

Early Cancellation Fees

EarthLink’s internet packages all require users to sign up for a 12-month contract. If you stick with EarthLink for the entire year, you are rewarded with no price hike. But if you end up needing to cancel within those 12 months, it will cost you. 

If you want to cancel you have to call and speak with a customer service agent; you cannot cancel through email. If you want to find out how much it will cost you to cancel, again you’ll have to call and speak to a customer service representative. 

Price Hike

EarthLink offers introductory pricing that lasts for 12 months, and after that customers can expect an increase in cost for their internet. 


The Bottom Line

EarthLink is a top internet service provider that consumers rely on for fast, secure, and reliable internet. 

With straightforward internet package options, high-speed capabilities, and no data caps or throttling, Earthlink is a reliable choice to consider for internet needs. 

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Amanda George IL

The satellite phone service is awesome! No snags or hurdles to jump over. Easy install process, great customer service, and professional and kind the whole way through it and anytime you call them.

10 months ago