Review Guidelines for Consumers

Best Company publishes thousands of reviews each week that help people make better, more informed purchasing decisions. Real customer insight and feedback are vital to ranking companies in each industry on our site. Protecting the integrity of the reviews on our site and of our rankings will always be our priority.

We want to see honest reviews from anyone who has interacted with a company on our site. Great reviews do more than praise or criticize a company. They illustrate an experience and show others what they can expect from a company. We encourage people to resubmit their reviews with their most up-to-date experience.

To ensure we publish honest reviews and display fair rankings, reviews may be rejected or removed if they contain the following:

  • Endorsement or promotion of illegal or harmful activity or violence
  • Vulgar, profane, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or discriminatory language
  • Speech that personally attacks any of the following: race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or religion
  • Content written in languages other than English
  • Content that violates another person's rights, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights (e.g., publishing another person's full name, address, or other identifying information without permission). Best Company redacts the last name of employees mentioned in reviews
  • Promotion of an agent, salesperson, manufacturer or any other organization benefiting from the company will be removed. Reviews left by employees of the organization will also be removed
  • Unnecessary characters (i.e. “soooooooooo” or “..........”) to meet the minimum character requirement of 40 characters
  • Content that does not give an actual review or evaluation of the company
  • A score that does not coincide with its content (Example: A positive review with a score of 1)
  • Reviews left by individuals who haven't interacted with the company or service that the company offers
  • Content that does not relate to the company or company's service being reviewed
  • False information
  • Incentivization from the company if it affects the score and/or tone of the review

Best Company reserves the right to reject or remove reviews that appear fraudulent. Additionally, users who create multiple profiles or continuously submit reviews that violate our guidelines will receive a warning and may be barred from having reviews published on Best Company.

Report Any Review You Feel Violates Our Guidelines

If you believe a review violates our guidelines, please let us know . Our Integrity Team will examine your report inquiry and take the appropriate action.

A company may dispute reviews on their profile if they believe the review contains inaccurate information. However, physical evidence must be provided in order to remove the review. Best Company takes review disputes seriously and will only remove reviews proven to be inaccurate.