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LAST UPDATED: June 13th, 2023

Liberty Reverse Mortgage, formerly known as Liberty Home Equity Solutions, is a reverse mortgage lender that was founded in 2004. The company has helped over 60,000 borrowers and has funded over $7.5 billion in loans. Liberty Reverse Mortgage is one of the biggest players in the reverse mortgage industry, offering a majority of its services in all 50 states.

It offers the traditional HECM and HECM for purchase loan as well as its specialty EquityIQ Jumbo Reverse Mortgage. If you are not sure which loan you are interested in, Liberty Reverse Mortgage has countless online resources to ensure that you are finding the best fit.

To see what others have said about their experience, check out the Liberty Reverse Mortgage reviews below.

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The Good

  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Closing Commitment
  • Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Option
  • Loan Process
  • Educational Materials

Price Match Guarantee

Liberty Reverse Mortgage maintains an "Iron Clad Guarantee" that promises to match or beat another lenders offer. However, if the company can't match or beat a competitor's program offering, it will issue you a $100 Visa gift card. You do not need to purchase a reverse mortgage from Liberty to benefit from this guarantee.

It is rare for a reverse mortgage lender to offer this kind of promise to borrowers, not to mention a cash guarantee if it cannot match other offers. Consider looking into Liberty Reverse Mortgage if you are at all interested in a reverse mortgage.

Closing Commitment

The company claims the loan process, starting from the date it receives your loan application and HUD counseling certificate, takes between 30-45 days from start to finish. However, if it takes longer than 60 days to close, Liberty will issue you a $500 credit towards your closing costs.

Closing on your home in a timely manner is a huge perk. Having a company that is actively trying to ensure that you get your money fast is beneficial and rare. You can have peace of mind that Liberty Reverse Mortgage has customer satisfaction in the forefront of its mind every step of the way.

Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Option

Liberty Reverse Mortgage offers a specialty mortgage loan called the EquityIQ. The Equity IQ loan is comparable to a jumbo loan in terms of purpose and loan amount. For example, with a traditional HECM and HECM for purchase loan there are limitations on how much can be borrowed. The limit is around $765,600, but for the Equity IQ loan you can borrow up to $4,000,000.

In addition to huge loan amounts, Liberty Reverse Mortgage also eliminates a number of common fees and costs with its specialty loan, such as:

  • No origination fee
  • No mortgage insurance premium
  • No limit on proceeds in the first 12 months

If borrowing a large amount of money for your home is important, Liberty Reverse Mortgage is one the few lenders that will be able to meet your needs.

Loan Process

Liberty gives customers weekly updates throughout the loan process, such as:

  1. Initial application
  2. Reverse mortgage counseling
  3. Appraisal
  4. Underwriting
  5. Closing

With these weekly loan updates you will never be lost wondering where you stand in the loan process. A reverse mortgage is a large commitment and Liberty Reverse Mortgage tries to be as transparent as possible to help you have peace of mind from start to finish. Not every reverse mortgage lender offers this great digital tool, making Liberty Reverse Mortgage a great option if this kind of communication is important to you.

Educational Materials

Liberty provides a reverse mortgage calculator to help prospective clients determine their eligible loan amount based on a property search, age, home value, and home equity percentage.

The company also offers a free informational e-book about the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage and details about how it works, the Federal Trade Commission's recommendations for reverse mortgage rates and costs, and Mortgage Insurance Premiums.


The Bad

  • Not Available in All States

Not Available in All States

Liberty Reverse Mortgage currently does not offer consumer direct lending in Hawaii, New York, South Dakota, and Utah. If direct lending is an important factor to you and you live in one of the states listed, then Liberty reverse Mortgage may not be for you.


The Bottom Line

Liberty's price match guarantee and closing commitment are attractive features that set it apart from other reverse mortgage companies. It's worth pursuing Liberty Reverse Mortgage to take advantage of these features. You can change your mind or stop the process at any time before your loan is funded.

Thousands of customers have trusted Liberty Reverse Mortgage with their homes. We recommend considering Liberty Reverse Mortgage for your reverse mortgage needs.

To see what others have said about their experience, check out the Liberty Reverse Mortgage reviews below.

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Joseph Tempe, AZ

I helped my grandparents with their reverse mortgage with Liberty. We all agree that this is a great service as it provided them with money they needed to live comfortably. Plus getting approved was not overly difficult and the support was helpful

1 year ago