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LAST UPDATED: February 12th, 2024

GradGuard focuses on helping college students with their insurance needs include renters and tuition insurance.

While its tuition insurance policies are underwritten by a financially strong insurer, it's unclear from GradGuard's website which company underwrites its renters insurance policies. If you're considering buying a renters policy from GradGuard be sure to ask for this information.

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The Good

  • Focus on College Students
  • Tuition Insurance Available
  • Benefits for Colleges

Focus on College Students

GradGuard specializes in renters insurance coverage for college students - for on-campus and off-campus housing. Its policies offer personal liability and personal property coverage.

GradGuard also makes purchasing renters insurance online easy. Following the steps online, you'll be able to learn more about coverage and costs.

GradGuard offers monthly payment plans with its policies and does not require a credit score. These factors can make it easier to buy a policy if you're just starting out.

Tuition Insurance Available

GradGuard also offers tuition insurance. With this insurance, you can recoup some tuition costs if you withdraw during a semester for a covered circumstances. Covered circumstances can include serious injury, chronic illness, and mental health.

These policies are underwritten by Jefferson Insurance Company, which has earned high financial strength ratings.

Benefits for Colleges

Colleges working with GradGuard benefit from reduced repayment risk and income from relevant fees. For more details on these benefits, contact GradGuard directly.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • Unclear Renters Insurance Underwriter
  • Insufficient Customer Insight

Limited Availability

GradGuard is available to college students. However, your college may need to have a partnership with GradGuard for you to buy GradGuard renters insurance. If your college isn't partnered with GradGuard, you'll need to find another insurer.

Unclear Renters Insurance Underwriter

GradGuard's tuition insurance policies are underwritten by Jefferson Insurance Company. However, it's unclear from GradGuard's website which insurance carrier underwrites its renters policies.

Before you buy a renters insurance policy, be sure to ask who underwrites it and check the insurer's financial strength.

Insufficient Customer Insight

There are not many GradGuard renters insurance reviews on Due to this limitation, general conclusions about customer satisfaction are not available.


The Bottom Line

If you're a college student looking for a renters insurance policy designed to meet your needs, GradGuard's policies are worth exploring further. However, more GradGuard reviews are necessary for a full recommendation.

Before you buy renters insurance through GradGuard be sure to understand policy terms and ask about financial strength ratings. Doing these things will help ensure that you have the coverage you need from a reliable insurer.

If your college doesn't partner with GradGuard or you're not a college student, you'll need to find another insurance company.

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Alan Jackson Raleigh, NC

This is the worst insurance company in the US, period. If you are considering getting renter's or tuition insurance, you should avoid this company. If you are having policies with them, cancel it. You'll get a delayed response, no claim status updates, and a denial at the end.

3 months ago

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Danita Nagara El Cajon, CA

Had it for my freshman year of college. Thought my property was covered. It was not. My laptop fell out of my dorm room window when it was sitting on my bed. No one threw it out! So I tried to explain what happened and they couldn't help me with the damage. I called again on June 22nd to ask about what exactly was covered in my policy. Had to call a couple times to get it cleared up. Turns out in California you are also not covered for earthquakes unless you pay extra, so an FYI to anyone that that was not clear to. Most other states should have that coverage just not us. :/ Then after my call on June 22nd I did cancel the insurance right away realizing I was getting absolutely no benefit or help from it at this time. I pressed my cancellation reason as not satisfied with coverage and put my move outdate as that date because it would not let me pick an earlier date. I thought I cancelled by on July 4th I was billed for a payment they tried to have go through to renew for another month on June 26th. I was able to call them today on July 11th and explained that I had spoken on the phone with representatives that day and I had cancelled my policy after realizing I was getting no use out of it. At first I was told I couldn't get a refund for it. Then she spoke to someone and again said I couldn't get a refund and said one of the reasons was due to a claim that was still being resolved? I explained that I had made one claim in end of April/beginning of May and that the claim had been cancelled after I spoke with an agent so there should be no current claim. After explaining my situation again she offered to speak with someone else to see if I could get a refund and get it cancelled. She was able to do both for me after speaking to that person. The customer service with the last lady was really good and she did seem to try and help me out. Just had to work to try and get a refund. Usually if I forget to cancel something I'll take the blame, but since I vividly remember cancelling, had the phone calls that day, and had texted people about cancelling it I am certain I did and some error must have happened. I feel like overall the company needs to be more clear with their policies and I wish they were more helpful with the claims.

10 months ago

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OneEyedAkuma Davis, CA

Completely worthless. They make it an absolute pain to get anything done just to turn around and tell you that it isn't covered after all. Much like other American insurance companies, this is an axis of evil or sheer unadulterated incompetence. Most likely both.

6 months ago

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Lequette Manning Conyers, GA

These guys are scamming College kids and Military kids. They call themselves insurance company. But they don't cover accidents complete rip off. Never heard a company called insurance company but don't cover accidents. Please kids beware...... My son is freshman at LSU computers broken and they said they don't cover accidents.

8 months ago