Trulia is an online real estate listing website that started in 2005. Recently, they were bought out by Zillow. The website provides pricing information for homes, which combines listing and public data, showing how the price has changed over time. The home price is also compared with other homes in the same city. On July of 2014, Zillow acquired Trulia for $3.5 billion. The site will remain independent from Zillow, with users and real estate agents having access to the same resources as they did before.

The company's web site provides crime maps, also. The maps are taken from websites such as The maps then generate a map of criminal activity in different urban areas. User can see the crime report information so that they can determine whether or not they might want to purchase a home in a neighborhood.

One of the things about Trulia that is neat is how schools and other local conveniences are listed and are used to generate a transit score and walking score for the home. The information includes critical information on schools near a home, including contact information, grades taught, and whether the school is private or public. Site users can also comment on the neighborhood's safety, pet hospitality, and other demographical information.

Trulia also has several resources on its website for customers to get in contact with a realtor who is connected with a home listing. Real estate agents can submit their listings to Trulia and most listings with Trulia are generated through real estate listings and public listings.

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The Good

  • Listing features
  • Realtors
  • Apps

We liked the listing features that Trulia has for its site users. Users can search via home address, city, state, or neighborhood. They then can see the homes listed in a map, photo listing, or list format. Information about the home includes the following:

  • Multiple photos of the home's exterior or interior.
  • Demographics about the urban area where the home is located.
  • Natural hazards, including floods, earthquakes, and wildfires.
  • Crime density for the urban area.
  • Pricing information on the home, based upon past and current public listings.

Trulia's information is much more detailed than the information available on Zillow.

We particularly liked that each listing had a realtor attached to it. With each listing, there is information about who holds the listing and the name of the realtor agent. The site user can then use the "Request More Information" button to send a personal note to the realtor.

Trulia's transit listing is also a useful tool. The transit score is taken from If a home has a score of 50 or higher, the area is pretty well served by public transit. The listing on Trulia's website also provides sources of public transportation hubs that are located nearby.

Overall, we felt that Trulia gives site users the best "picture" of the neighborhood where a home is located. Trulia's information about crime stats helps a user get a picture of the crime in a neighborhood. Also, the ratings about schools are compiled from the GreatSchools ratings. Overall, the website does a good job of giving a prospective homeowner facts about making an informed decision about a new home.

We also liked the Trulia apps. The apps offer the same features as the web site, in terms of search listings, photos, and information, such as the transit score and walking score.

The Bad

  • Complaints
  • Lack of support for site users

There were many red flags about We were particularly concerned about the complaints from real estates who had been "deceived" by Trulia representatives on the phones. The complaints mentioned that Trulia didn't provide them with the leads that had been promised during the real estate agent's purchase of services. Realtors had been promised high levels of leads from zip codes where the housing market was "hot," but many realtors complained about not getting the number of leads that they had been promised. Also, most of the complaints for Trulia came directly from realtors. Overall, Trulia seems to not get prospective buyers set up with a realtor as their website promises.

We were also concerned about the lack of support for site users from Trulia. Trulia doesn't have a live chat support feature, nor is a toll free number listed in the help section of the web site. Customers only have access to a knowledge base and email support form. This is a detriment to customers that might have questions regarding a particular listing on the website. Also, there is not direct contact information provided for how to get in touch with the realtor who is in charge of showing a property. Users have to fill out a form on the listing in order to be contacted by the realtor. We feel that providing direct contact information for the realtor for a provider might help both the realtor and the prospective homeowner get the ball rolling when it comes to purchasing a new property.

The Bottom Line

We would recommend Trulia as a website for customers who might want to get in touch with a realtor for a listed property. Here are the things that we liked about Trulia overall.

  • Detailed crime information for a listed property.
  • Photos and pricing information about a particular property, as well as maintenance prices listed for condominiums, townhouses, and other rental properties.
  • Transportation and amenities for a listed property, providing information on public transit hubs and businesses listed in proximity to a property.

The best information available in the online real estate sector for schools that are located near a home, including the school's GreatSchools rating.For realtors, however, we'd pass on some caution before paying for listing properties with Trulia. Many realtors complained about not getting leads from the website as promised. Before subscribing to Trulia, realtors may want to fully investigate the "promises" that Trulia does not always keep. Also, our review of Trulia's website reveals that they may not provide the best connection between realtors and prospective homeowners that is promised on the website.

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Betty vargas
October 22nd, 2018 Nashua, NH

I will never use Trulia again,they are so unprofessional. I was texting back-and-forth with Alex confirmed a 5:30 pm appointment, went to see the house and nobody was there called the number and I was redirected to somebody else and that person told me there was nobody available to show the house, they have no professionalism. I do not recommend this site.

August 20th, 2018 Quincy, MA


Sarah Ahmad
August 10th, 2018 Memphis, TN

This is an edit of my previous review. I found out that the listings can be copied from online as they are public so truila didn’t steal the info but they are still misrepresented it and it’s misleading on their website which is hurting the sale but they wouldn’t fix it or respond to messages to fix anything.

John Stephens
April 19th, 2018 Panama City Beach, FL

Kept sending me the same rentals day after day, saying they were new today. Filters don't let you choose zip codes or distances, so you get lots from areas you aren't interested in. Also, if you give them your email, they sell it. Now getting dozens of marketing emails that I have to unsubscribe. Besides, all their listings you can find on other websites. All in all, I won't bother again.

March 6th, 2018 Rego Park, NY

Trulia is aiding and abetting fraud by allowing unknown, unverified "agents" to post false listings and collect information on users for scamming purposes. I was recently a victim of a sophisticated scam operation from through a direct email from someone I believed to be a home owner on Trulia. I request info on the listing and the person contacted me with a very sophisticated scam. I was stupid enough to trust this person but it was mainly because it was listed on Trulia and Trulia provided no warnings of such behavior, not even in their terms of use. In addition, I was "requesting info" on the property. This does not equate to sharing information with an unidentifiable scammer in another country. This is extremely misleading and dangerous. This is a complete breach of privacy as I did not give Trulia to send my info to someone who they cannot vouch for or even provide information on after the fact. Trulia refuses to provide the information on person who received my contact information (name, email phone number). This policy is extremely one-sided and dangerous. They are allowing scammers by the troves to hide behind their service. They have no reason not to share the information of both parties exchanging information, especially in the case of fraud. This is a warning to everyone - there is no reason to trust Trulia in any way, especially with their Request Info feature. Do NOT USE THIS. If anything, call the agent directly before providing your information through this feature. I am considering legal action against Trulia since they gave my information to a scammer without my permission and are refusing to help me in any way.

December 11th, 2017 American Fork, UT

I think Trulia is a great real estate search engine. I've never actually gotten something from that site, but I think it's pretty average compared to the other ones out there.

Michael Graf
August 15th, 2017

I asked a simple question: how much his HOA fees..? In response I got about 15 "qualifying question" including what is my income what type of employment I have ? etc. 30 seconds later (!!!) I Had an Agent calling me offering finance...!!!!!!???!!!!!!!..I did not ask for this call... Needless to mention that he did not even know what my question [email protected]#$%?????..sooo annoying...

May 17th, 2017 Newport Beach, CA

Trulia has incorrect information and no access to report that or correct it. It is detrimental to the property. It constitutes actionable damages.

c d b
April 20th, 2017 Harrisburg, PA

Do not get sucked into entering any of your information.. the email notifications are relentless.. day and night.. "houses I might like" "new listings" etc. I try to unsubscribe and guess what.. error that service is not found.. page not found.. unable to process at this time. I tried to leave a comment on their website to stop the harassment... service not available at this time, try again later. Never again... Also a home listed in my neighborhood has been sold for three weeks.. people moved in and fenced off the back yard.. still listed for sale on your site.

Joyce Arling
March 23rd, 2016 Hinsdale, IL

They say the third time is a charm and I could not have asked for the most amazing charm in Karen of the Oak Brook office of Coldwell Bankers. Karen showed a talent and imagination in promoting my property. She listened to my suggestions, returned call and texts promptly and was present every time there was a showing. She learned every detail of what my property had to offer and made sure that prospective buyers knew them. She never became complacent in her pursuit to sell my home. I have recommended Karen to three of my friends who all have had nothing but good things to say. I highly recommend if you are going to sell or buy a home to use Karen because you will be very happy customer. Mrs. Joyce Arling of Oak Brook, Illinois

Jason H
November 3rd, 2015 Westminster, CO

Purchased Real Estate Agent Ads from Trulia through a phone sales rep. Zillow misrepresented the Ad service and failed to disclose planned changes. I purchased Real Estate Agent Ads from Trulia on May 4, 2015 based upon statistics the sales representative shared with be for the advertising area. I received leads (16-20 leads per month) for the are for the first 3 months of the 6 month term as the rep indicated. After the second month using the Ad service, Zillow Group sent a notification that they were "integrating" the advertising platforms of Trulia and Zillow and that Advertisers would benefits from the changes. Once the change was complete, I was beginning my 4th month of the service and from months 4-6 received ZERO leads. Zillow Group/Trulia blatantly misrepresented the advertising service they sold me over the phone. I repeatedly contacted the "newly assigned" sales rep who was very nice but told me that they don't have a means to cancel the term. When I expressed my dissatisfaction, he agreed to look up the number of "impressions" that were delivered in September and told me that the minimum threshold according to my agreement was not met, therefore they would refund that month of service. He informed me that he would contact the billing department and have a refund issued. After 15 days of no communication, I sent an email to the rep and his supervisor to ask about the status of the refund. The supervisor replied that they will not issue refunds and they I can only stop payments when the end of the 6 month term is reached. The Terms and Conditions were not reviewed with me at the sale. When purchasing the Ads the rep made no mention of the planned changes to the advertising platform, or what they called the "integration" which directly resulted in the LOSE of ALL LEADS being sent to me for the last 3 months of the 6 month term. I didn't not physically or electronically sign a contract. The contract made was a verbal contract which the salesperson misrepresented in my opinion by not disclosing the upcoming changes. If these changes were disclosed I would have never made a verbal agreement to do business with an unknown advertising systems change.

Robert Fowler
May 4th, 2015 Myrtle Beach, SC

Makes improper value judgements about properties and posts wrong information about value, condition, size of house. Does not even use current information to make it's estimate on value. Don't believe what you read on listing, check the listing agency.

steven Riddle
April 13th, 2015 Jackson Heights, NY

Professional review of Services paid for, “Throw your money into the garbage, at least it wont attack you!”This is so weird it if laughable.I pay for seller ads. I agreed to a 3 month term. Just to test the waters. I needed a very targeted area in Manhattan. One zip code! The sales agent said, I will give you extra zips as a bonus. The deal was, 8 leads a month @ $700.00 plus the bonus areas. Leads in the zip code i wanted 2, both were for price guidance, neither owned the apartment they were looking to sell.When I called to review this process i was told, Well, we are give you these extra leads at no charge! I am in NYC, the leads are 60 Miles away! They are useless to me! They correct the zip codes and guess what. No Leads at all! Then I am reviewing the list of “leads” and a pop up appears marketing me to spend more money. I type in When you deliver the service that I have already paid for. and im connected to another sales person. She asks if she can call me to review and I say yes. Instead of taking the time to address my concerns and try to deliver good client service she starts lambasting me for my concerns! My take away from this, I am not the only Broker who has the same complaint! STAY AWAY!!! Anne was my rep!

March 30th, 2015 Henderson, NV

Trulia sales staff blatantly lied to me and misrepresented their products and services. Worse, they continue to refuse to respond to my repeated requests over the last 5 months to cancel their services, or to get the assistance of supervisors. I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General's office, and now am seeking legal counsel. I advertise heavily, and invest a great deal in my advertising. Trulia's sales agents lied to me, and there appears to be no internal management or customer service support. Further, I believe that they are potentially violating Federal law by billing agents for supposed 'terms' agreed to, but that were never provided to the Realtors, nor were they signed or verbally authorized. I've repeatedly asked Trulia for copies of any contracts or recordings of any calls with me where I EVER agreed to their terms. They've never produced it, of course, because they don't have it. Yet, they threated collection activities in writing. My thought is, if you've also been wronged, you may want to join one of the class suits forming, but for certain you will need to file complaints with the Attorney Generals office, your credit card provider, the Better Business Bureau, and potentially an attorney. If you're considering using their services, think again. Look at it this way: They tell us we're going to get 20% or more of the 'leads' for certain zip codes. (After you buy their services, they later tell you it's not actually 'leads', it's 'impressions', which is why they don't give you their terms of service in writing until weeks later, when you wise up and call to cancel. Also, you'll find out that the leads you get sent are going out to dozens or hundreds of other agents. Many of the leads are really old (people who bought homes two years ago, being sent to you as 'new', or 'fresh' leads), or they are bogus names and numbers. Out of hundreds sent to me, none were for my own listings, and only ONE turned out to be a real person. So, again, 20% of the leads or impressions--- That means, what? 5 Agents, maximum? Yet, just tell them you're thinking about using their 'marketing' services. They'll start sending you emails about when certain zip codes become 'available.' OK, why are they available if Trulia is providing Realtors with what they are being told they will receive? What agent in their right mind would cancel their Trulia services if they were getting 20% of the leads from 'hot' zip codes? The only reason that agents bail is because Trulia is not delivering what they are 'selling'. Bottom line, just because they are a big name company doesn't mean they are a company with integrity. I'd suggest you save yourself the grief that I'm facing, along with so many other agents who've posted reviews and complaints on Yelp, Better Business Bureau, this site, and many others. We're not talking about a wide variety of complaints, or just a few agents. It's many, many agents, and we're all saying the same kinds of things. Is it all the rest of us who are wrong, or is it the one common denominator---Trulia? Where there is smoke, there's fire. Can't get through to them via email or the phone? No one else can, either. I spoke to multiple employees who told me that they have no idea who handles complaints or cancellations, and no idea how to reach that 'department'. Keep asking, and they just put you on hold and leave you there for an hour, until you give up and hang up. Seems like it's pretty much a boiler room of con artists, and nothing more. I'd hate to imagine what the poor shareholders who bought Trulia stock must be feeling. They were probably told this was a legitimate business, and sold a bill of goods, too. I'm thinking we may be seeing the 'executive management team' from Trulia on an episode of 'American Greed' someday, or maybe a slew of them heading off for a long federal vacation in orange jumpsuits. Stay tuned---this kind of debauchery can't go on forever, as long as we all keep filing formal complaints with the appropriate parties.

Vilma L.
March 23rd, 2015 Fort Lauderdale, FL

I joined the group of real estate agents deceived by Trulia, they use listings from the MLS we pay, and then charge us promising leads that not even have phone or email verification to confirm if they are real. I have got leads from listing agents inquiring on their own listings. This is not the site where real estate listings are populated, agents have our own from NAR national Realtor organization.

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