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LAST UPDATED: May 24th, 2022 is a leading rental listing website dedicated to giving renters a free and convenient way to find the perfect place to live. We build innovative tools that bring renters and property owners together. Users can search the site’s detailed property listings, which include contact information, pricing, photos, floor plans and virtual tours. Their mobile apps provide 24-7 access to millions of rentals nationwide. 

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The Good

  • International
  • States
  • Agents
  • Offices
  • Real Estate Options
  • Filtering Options
  • License
  • Commission/selling cost
  • Specialties
  • Experience

International has an ultimate goal of being all over the world, but currently they are only available in the United States.

States offers listings in 51/51 States. These include Hawaii and Alaska. This covers every State, allowing renters to search everywhere in the U.S. Some rental sites only cover certain States or regions.


As a website connecting renters directly with available rental apartments, homes, Condos or Townhomes for rent, the company does not have a need for agents. For renters seeking apartments, this works well since they don't have to pay any kind of commission.


Currently has one office located in Atlanta, Georgia. As an online business, one office is typical. Some online businesses have no physical location.

Real Estate Options offers services to help renters rent and property owners rent out their property. For renters, this is through the website's free access to apartment listings. Renters can also check out reviews they collect from actual residents so you can get an honest opinion of what an apartment is really like. This lets you figure out if an apartment or house truly fits what you like with their HD photos, virtual property tours, and detailed floor plans.

Filtering Options connects renters with rental properties that meet their search criteria through a clean interface and a multi-faceted search algorithm. The site offers 5 filtering options: City (Popular City), State, Rental Type, College/University, and Military Base. They also have 11 advanced filters which include: Apartment Guide Apartments for Rent, Houses for Rent, Townhomes for Rent, Condos for Rent, Cheap Apartments for Rent, Pet-Friendly Apartments, Studio Apartment, 1 Bedroom Apartment, 2 Bedroom Apartment, and 3 Bedroom Apartment. This saves time for renters to narrow down their search with national options across the country.

License operates as a platform where property owners can list apartment rentals directly to renters, so there are no agents or brokers involved. In a sense, does act a quasi-broker. They are one of the largest networks of trusted listing sources, which undergo a strict verification process to help ensure that the properties they share are real and trustworthy. This is good for renters, since there is no charge to them to have access to apartment rentals. Only property owners have a selling cost. Renter also benefit from the "vetting" of property owners on their behalf. Renters can choose to bypass and contact the property owner or manager directly by emailing the property manager directly through's site by clicking "Check Availability" on the property's details page. In addition to that, most properties on the website have phone numbers that you can call to talk directly with the property manager. Each property's detail page, if applicable, also has the address and the leasing office hours of that property.

Commission/Selling Cost offers rental property owners a variety of paid subscription options that allow them to advertise their property, even if it's just one rental property or unit. Upon signing up with a account, the selling cost is a $49 per month subscription for houses, condos, or small complexes (1-10 units). For this cost, promises 15 leads in 30 days or you get another month free. You also receive unlimited leads, post unlimited photos and detailed descriptions, and gain renter's trust by verifying your listing. For property owners, this works well because it is a fixed cost with no long-term commitment required so they can cancel anytime.


As an online apartment search for renters and an ILS (Internet Listing Site) for property managers and owners, offers no specialty services outside of apartment listings. does have "sister " sites, which include,,, and These sites are all part of the RentPath network that not only serve apartment seekers, but those looking to rent Condos, Townhomes, Houses for rent and . One unique service they offer is moving services. Renters moving either locally or to another State can get a free moving quote on's website. Qualified movers will contact you directly with an estimate and to discuss their services and costs. This process typically takes about two business days. As a renter, there is no pressure. You not only get a free quote but you get to choose the mover that is best for you or not to hire them at all.


Founded in April 2000 as a trademark of RentPath, LLC, has been in business for 16 years.


The Bad

  • Unclear Landlord/Property Manager Tools

Unclear Landlord/Property Manager Tools

While makes listing a property easy for landlords, determining whether the site provides additional property manager resources is unclear. Leading real estate agencies allow landlords to conduct tenant screening, draft rental applications, create a rental lease, collect a security deposit, automate online rent collection, handle maintenance requests, and interact with apartment reviews through a backend portal.


The Bottom Line should be at the top of the list for anyone seeking to rent an apartment, home, condo or townhome. Although the company has been in business for 16 years. This may come from the videos, pictures, and reviews on apartments on their site not being as advertised at best and falsified at worst. If any of those are falsified and you make a decision off of those then you could end up with something completely different than imagined.
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JLAnderson Englewood, CO

Why have an apartment finding site with options to put in your maximum rent, when ZERO of then apartments post the rent ranges? Every single one is "Call for price" or "Price unavailable". Useless. Just wasting my time and the time of the apartments I had to spend all day calling to find out what the rent range was and if they had availability.

3 days ago


Review Source

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Shirley Duff Charlotte, NC

I have trying to find a place to move into from Florida to NC,, for almost two months, every property I have enquired about I have yet to have a return message to. Maybe it's because I'm not rich enough for their price range or whatever the problem is,no matter, I think I decide as much concern as the next person I'm am not a fan of them at all

1 week ago

star star star star star

Tanya Burns Metairie, LA

I just wanted to let you know that I am currently renting, thanks to you, a place at Lakeside V via Tonti New Orleans! I am loving the community, it's clean, quiet, spacious, and if there is ever an issue, their crew is instantly on a mission to resolve it! Not to mention the their ambition for our safety, there is Security 24 hours to aid us in case there is a need for it! I love love love!

2 years ago

star star star star star_border

Guglielmotto Salt Lake City, UT

At first due to several factors it was impossible to receive back any communication from this company. With the help from my church communication was establish with this company and since then the response has been very favorable. Since then questions, requirements and needs have been met in a reasonable time frame. The management and associates that I have had contact with have been courteous and professional. They have presented several properties to me till I found one within my price range and needs. They have fixed in a timely manor discrepancies I have found and indicated to me that they will work with me to resolve any issues as they happen and to help me make my rental a true home for myself. I definitely recommend this Company to be utilized by those that a have a need to obtain reasonably priced rentals. Allen Guglielmotto

3 years ago

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Karo H. Moreno Valley, CA

Was pretty bad and no I won't referring this company to friends or family, first they lie to you by saying the houses are for rent and they are not , second they approve you for the house and they take your money so the lie is for some one else not to rent this property that you . Shirt story I don't trust this company and please you people don't trust eather ok . Is better for you to get an agent and go in person to talk to a real person who can help you find a house or apartment for rent , Don't Trust This Company At All period before they still your money and no house to go or apartment 😠👎👎👎👎

8 months ago

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Stephen Bastic Chicago, IL

Most useless site ever. I'm trying to leave a review of the nightmare I'm living in. It has two 5 star ratings and no way to leave ratings. Obvious scam!

2 months ago

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Garrett Shepard Edmond, OK

Search function is absolutely horrible. I typed in the city I want to live in, and when I zoomed in to see the individual properties they all vanished. Completely unable to view any properties, despite the website telling me there are 10,000+ listings in my area. Either extremely dishonest or the website needs a lot of work to become usable.

4 months ago

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Joel Strance Westland, MI

I’ve replied to several homes that I’m interested in on and never received any response from the landlord or management company, the only response I received was a canned email response stating that I would be contacted shortly. I drove by one home that was listed on only to find out that it’s for sale not for rent. Another home on has a price of $755 per month and on Zillow it’s listed for $995 per month. I think this website is a scam. I would AVOID this website.

7 months ago

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Sharon B Wesley Chapel, FL

My home was added to the website without my approval. My house is not for rent. Do not trust what you see. Check and make sure you are dealing with a legitimate home owner or person authorized on the home owners behalf.

6 months ago

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Jan Morris Novato, CA

I sent a message about 4 homes listed for Rent. Learned that 3 of the 4 were not for Rent, but For Sale. The remaining one, the rent (according to the neighbor) was $500 more than their listing. How could they be so wrong about ALL the homes we were interested in?? This is NOT a reliable source. Oh btw..Never did hear from them.

7 months ago

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Geraldine Stephens Kansas City, MO

My review is for the other agencies that handles. I need to rent a house immediately as of Feb 2019. Here we are in May, still in desperate situation. Have tried several of your agencies. Applications denied because my son has a eviction on record. I explained the circumstances we are facing. A landlord who refuses to repair septic tank that is no good. tried to break our new 2019 lease we signed. We are still desperately searching for a house. My grandson Isaiah is bedridden and now is on hospice. He suffers with MPS III Type A It is an terminal storage disorder that is very rare. I live in the home to care for Isaiah whenever the RN's that care for him are not in the home. We have been in this house for over a year. Have never missed a rent payment. My credit is good. I would not fill out an application if I felt I could not make the payment. After four application failures, I was finally told to quit applying, that will never be accepted because of my son's eviction. My son works hard ever day as a private contractor. He brings in plenty of money to pay the bills. Isaiah had a brother, Christian, who suffered with the same disorder. He passed away two years ago. I have a problem understanding why an agency will not take all maters into consideration from families. Ron owned a beautiful home, before the terrible diagnoses was given to him about his sons. After that it was tragic, the bills the having to move to KC for the boys treatment at Children's Mercy. Ron not being able to hold down a normal 8-4 job because of missing work when his boys are in and out of the hospital. He lost his beautiful home and one of his sons. The eviction was served when Christian was on his death bed because his landlord wanted him to move so that he could sell the house. Ron stuck it out never leaving his son's side. When he went to court, the landlords lawyer dropped the case as he was feeling like a jerk at what had happened, but it sticks on my sons record for 7 years? Any here are, taking cloths to the laundromat, pouring dishwater outside, not flushing paper down the stool. taking short showers. me cleaning up sewer that is coming up in the basement. Searching on the internet for house that don't go through agencies or a landowner renting a house. The child services coming to the house because of the sewer smell. So I have to rant because Reality services have no sympathy or care about certain situations. They will keep taking your money, hanging up on you, sending you to houses already rented. I have been through it all. So you all get a big "F" rating from me and my grandson.

3 years ago

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Thomas Ruf Knoxville, TN

Don't list your home for rent here. If you don't like the interface they'll never refund your money. Even if it's within minutes of paying. "There will be no proration of monthly fees or refunds of any kind for failure to use the Services or the maximum number of Listings purchased, including in the event Advertiser takes down any or all Listings before the end of the contract term." I didn't read the fine print. Horrible service. They wouldn't respond to my refund request after setting up a listing and realizing I was on and not They only responded after they approved my initial data input for the listing, saying they wouldn't refund under no circumstances.

4 years ago

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kara brown Homosassa, FL

I also think this site is scam, House ps to rent price wise are almost too good to be true. When I find 1 I google and it’s staying it’s not on market to rent or sell. Humans.ugh.

6 months ago

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Nate Anderson Lake Zurich, IL

Painstaking and terrible process to create my listing, then they want to charge outrageous prices for me to list it. Then, there's no way to save all that your wrote and uploaded, so you're pressured to pay or throw it all away. What an awful company.

9 months ago

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Zaius Eason North Brookfield, MA

I submitted an inquiry for an apt. in Lunenburg, MA and asked to be contacted. I was never contacted, and the listing disappeared the following week when I looked. No one was even courteous enough to tell me one way or the other. The vendor doesn't keep track of anything and the renters are inconsiderate.

9 months ago

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jnezbo Colleyville, TX

This site is a joke This site is a joke! You would think that a company with a name like this would be a much more successful company. I listed my property on this site and had one fake inquiry the whole entire time. I actually paid to list my property on this web site and will NEVER do it again. Zillow is free and has much more name recognition and reach. I have listed on ZILLOW and had huge success. They have everything this site claims it has and more. The responsiveness is horrendous on

2 years ago

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Almost scammed Ignacio, CO

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. If I could give them less than zero, I would. This site hosts scammers and con artists. Found a great rental house w/ much less rent than other sites but later learned the "owner" wasn't even on the deed. I checked the County Tax Assessor's website to find out the owner was a scammer. Why can't do that? When I tried to inform, they did NOTHING.

2 years ago

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Jon Liu Torrance, CA

Didn't know it was changed and bought over 2 years ago by! We used them 4 years ago, and it was efficient enough for us, so we went ahead with the new owner, but only find out it was very hard to use on the leads we were receiving, just very awkward and bad quality tool from them. And of course we tried to complaint, first no response, and then email answered back after our 2nd inquiry, no refund. Totally waster of our money, we found our tenants through which is free.

4 years ago

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Amy Minneapolis, MN

I never received my $100 gift card for finding an apartment through back in late 2014. They told me that they could not verify it so I never received the card and dropped it. I just recently found out that my apartment complex paid over $300 for a finders fee because I signed a lease. How do they get paid but cant "verify" that I moved in? I don't believe it is fair that they would get paid from my apartment complex but fail to send me my $100 Visa card. This is an unfair practice and downright unethical.

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Brandi Wilhoit Fairfax, VA

If I could give less than 1 star I would. I have been trying to find a home for over a month through and have absolutely NO return contact. I've sent out over 30 email request and 26 phone calls. Just very frustrating.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Amanda Hastings, MI was the worst rental websife 8 visited. No matter what filters and criteria I selected it only showed me properties that were nowhere near me and totally out of my price range. What a joke and complete waste of time!

3 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Donna Conaway Columbus, OH

I moved into Colonial Estates in Mount Vernon, OH in July and it is ran by Aspen Management. It is a great place to live. I recommend these apartments if your looking for cheap place with utilities included.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Harley RK South Glens Falls, NY

Just like every other real estate app, you try and search for one thing it shows everything. We tried searching houses for rent, had to sift through apartments, town houses rooms for rent, etc...

1 year ago

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D Lancaster, CA

Alot of the homes are scams. You ask for info and get an email saying they live out of state and managment companies to expensive. Dont trust homes on this site

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Darrell A Padgett Canton, GA

I've inquired about a home on their site 5 times and still have had no response from them

4 years ago