Redfin is a customer-first real estate brokerage that represents people buying and selling homes. Their team of experienced, full-service real estate agents are advocates, not salespeople who earn customer-satisfaction bonuses, not commissions. The company’s website,, features all the broker-listed homes for sale, as well as for-sale-by-owner properties that don't pay brokers a commission. To date, Redfin has helped more than 30,000 families buy and sell homes. 

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The Good

  • States
  • Agents
  • Offices
  • Real estate options
  • License
  • Commission/selling cost
  • Experience

RedFin operates in 43/51 States. This is on the higher end in the real estate market. They even serve Hawaii.


Currently, RedFin has approximately 240 agents. Their local agents can guide you through the entire home-buying (and closing) process. You can see as many homes as you like with no sales pressure and, during negotiations, RedFin agents promise to get you the best possible price. Once the transaction is completed, RedFin refunds portion of our commission back to you so you save thousands without compromising on service. Buyers should be aware that if they live in some States, a refund is not possible because that particular State law prevents us from offering a refund to homebuyers.


There are at least 70 offices nationwide. They have many locations clustered in metropolitan areas, specifically on the East Coast, Florida and the Northeast region. This widespread coverage is great for home-seekers and sellers.

Real Estate Options

RedFin offers both home-buying and home-selling services.

RedFin uses technology to help buyers find agents and homes for sale. The RedFin app lets you peruse thousands of homes for sale, get detailed information on each and even schedule a home tour directly from the app. Directly from the app you can search for home for sale in a specific city, ZIP code, neighborhood or school attendance zone. You can narrow your search by property type (e.g., house or condo), price, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage and other key features. Since Redfin is a real estate brokerage, they get information directly from local multiple listing services, which means the app has 20 percent more homes for sale than other non-brokerage real estate applications, and it is updated more frequently. Once you've created a search, you can save that search and sign up to receive mobile or email notifications any time a home comes on the market that meets the search criteria.

When you find a home you like, you can add it to your favorites by selecting the heart button. The home will be saved to your profile so you can easily find it again, and you'll receive notifications any time something changes, like when it goes under contract or drops in price.

For home sellers, Redfin real estate agents are out touring homes every day, and their insights about those homes are shared on and the Redfin app. These "tour insights" are information that you can't find anywhere else: if the home is on a busy street, when it appears to have been remodeled last or if it has a great view, for example. RedFin agents specialize in local markets. They help you properly price your home as well as guide you through the selling process (i.e. marketing your home through targeted email campaigns and professionally designed print brochures and open houses). They also create a RedFin 3D Walkthrough of your home so potential buyers can tour it right from


All RedFin agents are required to have a license. The company has a stricter than average selection process for who they hire. They're also one of the few real estate companies that offer customers a choice of real estate agents, realtor AND real estate brokers.

Redfin Agents are customer advocates that are held accountable for helping clients buy and sell their homes at a price in their best interest. Each agent has full disclosure with each agent's buying and selling experience displayed on their website, along with reviews from every client.

Commission/Selling Cost

Redfin Agents charge only a 1.5% listing fee. It is rare for real estate companies to offer commission costs up-front. It, however, is not a true commission. The way in which their agents are paid is different than most companies; they are not based on commission. RedFin surveys every client, deal or no deal, after they work with RedFin. The surveys are then posted online for possible users to read. In an industry paid purely on commissions, Redfin Agents earn a salary and benefits, plus additional pay based on customer satisfaction. This alleviates pressure from the buyer and agent, who feels pressure to sell in order to pay their bills and pressure on the buyer to buy from the agent. (Sellers should beware that in addition to the 1.5% listing fee, they have to pay the agent's commission).


Launched in 2006 by technologists, RedFin has been in business for ten years. Over the past decade it has been in existence, the company has expanded throughout the United States and released a real estate app.

The Bad

  • International
  • Specialties
  • Filtering options

RedFin is only available in the United States. For anyone in another country, this is not a good option. They will have to seek elsewhere.


RedFin's focus is offering services to help you buy and sell residential home properties. Many companies offer various specialties, such as investment, commercial, or industrial real estate sales.

Filtering Options

RedFin offers people seeking homes or agents a total of 10 filtering options: City, Address, School, Agent, or Zip Code. Although using a city or zip code may work perfectly fine for finding what you need, when compared to many sites, this is pretty broad. There are, however, more search filters through the app, which lets you search by property type (e.g., house or condo), price, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and square footage. If you don't use the app, you don't get those features.

The Bottom Line

RedFin offers services that make it possible to do open houses from your mobile device. The app makes searching much less of a headache. For those in the United States, this company should be at the top of the list. It may be right for you if you're searching for a home far away since you can do virtual open houses. It is also a good try for those for whom commission fees are a concern. RedFin's system is not traditionally commission-based, which takes a lot of the pressure off the buyer (and agent). Due to the technology based services, millennials will love it.

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August 6th, 2019 Charleston, SC

Mike D was my agent, and we stopped using RedFin all together because of our experience with him. He simply refused to return our calls/texts/emails. RedFin asked us to fill out a survey, which I did, and the reply we received from him was: "I regret that there was a communication breakdown leading to this buyer being unhappy with the service I provided." The communication breakdown was simply that Mike REFUSED to reply, via call, email, or text. I’d say that it definitely a communication breakdown. Great way to blame the buyer. Oh, and I am living in said house now that I went through another agency.

Stephanie T
July 29th, 2019 Murfreesboro, TN DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Redfin is a horrible option. Our agent in Nashville could not sell our house then we got a buyer who she didn’t even check out to see if they could afford the house.....less than a month before the closing date the bank come back saying he can buy the house. Our agent didn’t do anything to market our house and took four months to get one offer. After all of this we decided to let go of this agent and go with another company and agent, who was able to get THREE offers in TWO DAYS during a snow storm in the middle of January. To say that Redfin was a waste of time is a complete understatement. DO NOT USE THEM!

March 12th, 2019 Citrus Heights, CA

Redfin has some very good agents and some very poor agents. Read reviews before you choose an agent. My beef with Redfin is their online computer generated value for my home I have for sale is over 10% lower than comparable sales around my home. I have called in to customer support and they say "nothing we can do because the computer algorithm determines home prices" When I tried to do an 'Owner's Evaluation' of value the comparable sales prices are all adjusted downward by about 10%. I called in about that and was told the sale prices are adjusted for different locations and square footages. I then told them my home had the EXACT same square footage, more upgrades, and in a BETTER location - their response "Huh, interesting". Nothing has been done to rectify the situation or research the problem. A person came to my open house and said my home price is too high and when I asked why they said that their reply was 'I looked up your home on Redfin and it says your almost $80,000 too high!" The whole point of this is 1) there is no way to contact upper management or corporate, 2) the front line people have no knowledge or control over how the computer evaluates home values, 3) if you DO list your home with Redfin, I have read that they block your house from showing on Zillow, Trulia, etc., 4) they say they care but the person I talked to in customer support got very snippy and when I reminded her that all calls are recorded she hung up on me! This really has been a sore subject for me as I do like the Redfin agents I have met and have several rental properties I will be selling in addition to the one I currently am now selling myself. Because of the technical issues with their website, I will not be taking my business to Redfin. In addition, everyone that comes in contact with us has something negative to say about Redfin. Oddly enough it is with the management rather than particular agents. Go Figure. Anyway, they have a great sales idea but they lack follow through with real customer service. I do NOT recommend Redfin.

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