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LAST UPDATED: January 19th, 2024

Corcoran Group Real Estate is a full service real estate firm. In 1995, they launched their website, Later the company merged Corcoran Group Marketing with The Sunshine Group, creating Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group. Under CEO Pamela Leibman, they created the slogan "Live Who You Are", aiming to promote buying or renting as a more holistic experience. To date, their sales have reached more than $18 billion annually. Corcoran and their associates exist under an umbrella group, Reology, which also owns various popular real estate brands.

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Corcoran is affiliated with over 1,900 independent agents. This is definitely on the lower end for most real estate companies, but plenty for the demographic area they serve. The Corcoran Group is a member of the Cartus Broker Network in all the markets they serve. The network has over 1,000 member firms and 54,000 agents.


The agency currently has 25 offices. The majority of their offices are in the New York City metro area. Their executive office is on Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

Real Estate Options

Corcoran offers services to help you rent, buy, sell, and lease properties. Although the company is not an international brand, their site lets you search homes for sale internationally. Their agents handle all aspects of your property sale, from pricing, marketing and showings to the intricate steps involved in closing the deal. They discuss your unique needs and goals then to present a customized marketing plan outlining how best to market your property. Your agent will also guide the entire process; seek pre-qualified buyer prospects and provide personal representation at every showing. Once offers come in, your agent will negotiate on your behalf with full knowledge of all activity associated with your property to secure the best price and the quickest closing and will work to bring the sale to a successful conclusion, helping you navigate building rules and all the details of transfer of ownership (especially for commercial clients). Concoran also has a thorough detailed seller's checklist on their website that when reviewed, was found to be extremely helpful to those overwhelmed with the process. One unique service they offer is relocation services. This is done by their "A-Team"-a designated group of Corcoran agents trained in relocation services. If you're moving to one of the areas they serve, they can help by recommending neighborhoods to consider based on your lifestyle. If you fill out the form on their website, they will contact you with a customized plan to help make your move as smooth as possible. Corcoran's digital map will show you what impact different areas could have on your budget. Selecting a neighborhood will display the average prices of Corcoran's currently available apartments to buy, sell, or lease in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Other corporate services they offer include: International "Settling-In" Services- a fee-based all inclusive service catering specifically to expats. Corcoran offers what they call the "Corcoran reports" the company's industry-wide, industry-wide, quarterly in-depth Market Data reports.

Filtering Options

Corcoran has 9 filtering options, including location, price, beds, baths, regions, neighborhoods, type (residential or commercial) and features (central air, dishwasher, doorman, etc.) They allow for an advanced search called Views-very pertinent to luxury clients, such as park views, river views or skyline views.


Corcoran requires all of their agents to have a license. Most agents are real estate agents, meaning they passed a test. Unlike many of their industry competitors who have real estate affiliates in their databases that vary between agents, realtors or brokers, Corcoran services limited areas (2 States to be exact) so they have no database with these choices. However, with their affiliations and mergings with other companies under their parent company, Reology, Realtors and brokers are also available.

Commission/Selling Cost

Commission terms vary by agreement, but generally is 6% and includes things like duties of the realtor, length of the exclusive, asking price and other selling terms. 6% Commission is standard in real estate.


Under their specialty division Corcoran Group Marketing, Corcoran develops and markets new construction properties. This includes commercial properties. They also provide luxury residential properties with planning, design and marketing services. Another specialty is healthcare properties, serviced through Corcoran's other division, Wexler.


Corcoran was started in 1973. They've been in business for over forty years. They opened their first office on Manhattan's upper east side and expanded to downtown Manhattan and then the upper west side of Manhattan before expanding to Long Island and Florida.


The Bad

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The agency is not available internationally. They are only available in the United States. Note: Corcoran's latest division, Corcoran Sunshine, is a brand under the Reology company, which operates in 104 countries.


In 2003, the company expanded into the Hamptons (Long Island) and South Florida (South Beach and Delray Beach), making Corcoran present in only 2/51 states. Most real estate companies are in over 40 states. If you are not in New York City or South Florida, and are looking for luxury homes, they cannot help you.


The Bottom Line

Corcoran Group Real Estate is a great option for residential clients looking to buy or sell homes, rent apartments or for commercial clients trying to buy, sell, rent, or lease commercial properties-especially healthcare properties. Their real estate agents are only located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and South Florida (i.e. Delray Beach) so you're limited to buying, selling, renting or leasing in those few places. They are a luxury brand dealing in million dollar properties, so lower income customers need not apply.
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Tyra Baker

The corocan group discrimates against people who have vouchers.l answered a ad on renthop for a apartment listing for a 1bedroom apartment. The so-called agent and I briefly communicated about the listing on renthop. I filled out the online rental form they send.I informed him of the areas I was interested in and the voucher amount. The apartment I was interested in he claimed was rented so he mentioned another apartment which was way above the voucher limit.l found out the voucher was increased to the amount of the apartment which was only 575 square feet for 2695 dollars I told him by email the voucher had been increased he has since ghosted me. This real estate company has a history of income and racist discrimination. I'm going to report them.

4 months ago

star star star star star

Mia Michelle ,

Ron J from Corcoran was my boyfriend and I realtor agent. He was so patient, communicated with us anytime we had a question. Also was extremely professional and polite. He made getting our new apartment so smooth. I would highly recommend him for an agent. He was honest and down to earth which is hard to find in a realtor these days. He got us a great deal and we love our NEW apartment!! Thank you so much Ron your the best!!

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Valerie Lynne Brooklyn, NY

I was assigned to Siran D fully aware that I was working with a voucher and staying in a Brooklyn shelter for women. Sadly, she didn't deem it necessary to assist me as encouraged during the first call. Initially, I was sent over 250 listings, some commercial and then she begged off meeting and signing for her to assist me claiming she and her husband had bronchitis. When she did respond regarding some of the listings I'd chosen she claimed they'd been rented months ago - going back to some of them last week, they still show available. Then there was no contact and no response(s) to my attempts to reach her for a few weeks and when she finally responded just before Christmas, her gift to me was to let me know that I should seek another agent rather than her contacting her agency and referring me to one. I'm not sure how much more unprofessional one can be than that. I haven't figured out the purpose of the charade however if this isn't an unwillingness to work with someone that has a housing voucher, I don't know what it is. The gall to tell me to find someone else in itself still stuns me! As a member of an agency, wouldn't that be her responsibility, not just to me but her job?!? And why drag it out all those weeks 6-8 weeks and you couldn't beg off sooner? I understand your world is nice and comfortable however that could've been time spent for me seeking the same for myself. I'm 56 years young, raised a beautiful, healthy, intelligent and happy daughter by myself, not on government assistance, a former homeowner, lived all over this country; this is supposed to be my turn. The cruelty of this behavior is beyond my understanding as someone that works in the mental health field. Siran, stick with acting! Your empathy and understanding in the real-world SUCKS!!

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Robert s Hopkins Park, IL

Only work with phil smith if it’s a building Phil can benefit from or he’ll walk on you if you. Forget thinking he will fight for you or actually represent you you. When it’s time for negotiations, unless you don’t agree with his people demands, he is out and says he is sorry but he does not think he can provide the kind of service your looking for. Here is a real story, I was looking for a building, Phil turned me on to one where he knew the other agent but also wanted this building leased to he could sell the center to his investors. Had only his and his investors interest in mind.

3 years ago