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LAST UPDATED: February 22nd, 2024

West Shore Home provides efficient, functional, and quality home improvement services to homeowners throughout the country. The West Shore Home operation comes from humble beginnings, originally starting in a small Pennsylvania suburb solely offering local window and door replacement services. Since then, the company has transformed into a reputable home improvement provider that helps its clients find the ideal solutions for home remodel and upgrade needs. Today, West Shore Home still installs high quality and custom window solutions. 

To date, West Shore Home has over 2,000 trained employees that span twenty states and counting. The company also has plans to continue its service expansion while maintaining the same level of service and customer satisfaction as it grows. 

With ties to the military community, West Shore Home started its own community support project known as West Shore for Warriors. This effort helps military members and families as well as veterans in need. A portion of each project goes directly to the West Shore for Warriors initiative and proudly assists those who have served all across the country.

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The Good

  • Window Solutions
  • Project Length
  • Free Installation and Financing
  • Advanced Window Technology

Window Solutions

Finding the ideal window solution that will meet both aesthetic standards and functionality needs is oftentimes the hardest part for many homeowners. Also finding a company that can provide customized solutions to ensure that the window performs as desired can be complicated. West Shore Home works to solve both of those issues by providing a number of window solutions which include the following upgrades:

  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Bay/Bow Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Hopper Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Specialty Windows

Not all window replacement companies offer the number of styles or solutions available through West Shore Home. Additionally, West Shore Home has the ability to customize or special order essentially any window need which is also not necessarily a standard offering within the window upgrade industry.

Project Length

A major drawback when it comes to home upgrade projects is the disruption it causes the homeowner in their day to day lives. In some cases, home upgrade providers drag out projects and seem to encounter a great deal of setbacks even in the most basic of replacement efforts. The prolonged home improvement project is something that West Shore Home has worked to eliminate by streamlining its process and working efficiently.

A vast majority of all window projects that West Shore Home takes on are completed in one day. That includes any clean up that is required after the installation is complete. Gone are the days of technicians in and out of the home for days on end. This one day installation initiative is due in part to the West Shore Home work flow and its trained professionals having the knowledge and expertise required to handle virtually any project quickly and efficiently. 

Free Installation and Financing 

Home upgrade projects can be expensive. The cost for a home upgrade project is oftentimes the reason many homeowners shy away from having much needed work done on their home. Having new windows installed can be a pricey venture, which is why West Shore Home has worked to provide some wiggle room in this area.

For starters, West Shore Home offers its widow clients free installation services. Very few window replacement providers wave the installation fee and even "up-charge" for workmanship. That is not the case with West Shore Home.

Additionally, West Shore Home clients can utilize flexible financing solutions available directly through the company. This allows homeowners a more budget-friendly option while also being able to access necessary home upgrade products.

Advanced Window Technology

All windows installed by West Shore Home utilize an advanced technology that improves the efficiency and functionality of the windows themselves. Each window is formulated using the latest advancements in both UV protection and heat gain reduction. All West Shore Home windows have 11 microscopic layers of "spectrally selective metal coatings." These coatings are designed to let in natural light while simultaneously filtering out the harmful UV rays and the accompanying heat.

Not all windows are made the same and not all window replacement providers have access to the latest window technology. Clients that work with West Shore Home can rest assured that windows installed by the company are fortified with the best technology available. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Warranty Information
  • Unknown Generalized Costs

Undisclosed Warranty Information

When homeowners have an upgrade made, they generally want some reassurance that the project they just financed will be worth it in the long run. The same is the case when homeowners have new windows installed. As a result, most companies that install new windows as a service offer some sort of guarantee on the products themselves or the labor. In some cases, window replacement companies will offer warranties on both the product and the workmanship.

That being said, West Shore Home does not disclose whether or not these protections are in place for its customers. There is no public mention of a warranty, despite most window replacement providers offering up the terms of warranties in a public fashion. This does not necessarily mean there is no warranty on the West Shore Home upgrade projects, it is simply unknown.

Unknown Generalized Costs

In addition to not publicly disclosing window warranty information, West Shore Home also does not offer any sort of generalized costs for its products or services. It should be noted that every project and product varies in cost depending on a number of circumstances which makes providing an accurate assessment of pricing difficult. 

However, some window replacement services have opted to provide prospective clients with generalized costs or "averages" so that homeowners at least have a starting point in determining how much a project like installing new windows can cost. 


The Bottom Line

West Shore Home provides quality home upgrade solutions with new window installations being one of the company's specialities. There are a number of window solutions homeowners can choose from including: awning, bay/bow windows, casement widows, double hung, garden, hopper, picture, sliding, and even specialty customized options. Most West Shore Home window projects are completed in as little as one day. There are free installation services as well as flexible financing options for those that want to take a budget-friendly approach to their home upgrade projects. All West Shore Home windows utilize an advanced technology that improves the efficiency and functionality of the window itself.

While there are a number of reasons to consider West Shore Home for window replacement services, there are key pieces of information that prospective clients may want to address before working with the company. There is no warranty information on the West Shore Home window installation service and no generalized costs for its services. Interested customers will have to receive answers to those specific questions in the initial consultation.

Taking into consideration all that West Shore Home offers its clients, those interested in having new windows replaced and installed should consider the company for any window related needs. 

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