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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021

Founded in 1978, Home Depot is a leading home improvement retailer, with over 2,000 stores throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It offers a wide variety of services, including services for new windows. As a large corporation, it offers many types of windows from several different providers, making Home Depot an accessible, functionable option for many homeowners. Furthermore, it not only provides a wide selection of windows, but the company also works with local, licensed, and insured professional installation contractors to install the windows.

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The Good

  • Open Pricing
  • Many Window Options

Open Pricing

While many companies fail to disclose their prices for windows, Home Depot’s page is incredibly open. Each type of window from each different company has an exact price or a range price, depending on size and material. This helps buyers make an informed decision to fit individual budgets and household needs.

Many Window Options

Home Depot boasts one of the largest selection of windows, likely because it works with several providers. Even within those companies, there are many options to consider:

  • Vinyl or wood
  • Glass type
  • Single-hung or double-hung
  • Grids
  • Hardware
  • Window size
  • Energy efficiency
  • Double pane or single pane

Additionally, Home Depot offers other similar products, such as doors or interior french doors, that homeowners often look for when purchasing new windows. This makes them a compatible fit for many homeowners because all work done on the home can be arranged in one location.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Warranty Information

Undisclosed Warranty Information

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not provide any information on its site regarding warranties specific to windows. Although this is a negative, it is understandable: Home Depot works with other companies to provide and install windows, so the warranty per window depends on the warranty associated with the specific company providing the windows.


The Bottom Line

Home Depot has many positives, especially when it comes to new windows. The company is accessible in most parts of North America and its services are varied. It provides open pricing (rare in the new window industry), quality window installation, and a large selection. Even though there is no information on the company’s website about warranties, customers could receive this information from the actual company providing the windows. All these points make Home Depot a strong option.

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Alex Keyboards Boca Raton, FL

They lied when directly asked if they would use subcontractors. I was very disappointed with Home Depot Installation Services for windows. We were told directly that the installers would appear in Home Depot shirts with HD badges and were HD employees. Instead some non-english speaking guys came without masks. When they were done, HD insisted upon final payment even before scheduling inspection. They failed to schedule the inspection until after the permit expired and then only in response to a bad review. The Installation Manager, Craig, made excuse after excuse and became rude and insulting, belittling me because of my small company before leaving. I will never trust Home Depot to tell me the truth or provide what is promised again.

5 months ago

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john mendez Seattle, WA

My experience with Home Depot has been horrible. It took about 6 months for job to be completed !! and for 2 windows the installer came to my house 6 times!! meaning that 6 days I had to take a day off, move everything out of rooms and cover everything with plastic !! 6 times !!! I just could not believe it. They got the window size wrong 3 times !!! and 1 time the sent a person who were not skilled enough to do the project. Funny thing was that one time they brought 1 window with a wrong size instead of 2 windows suggesting that they dont even check the number of the windows let alone the size of windows!. Not to mention that every single time they were at least 2 hours late (they always showed up sometime between 12-3 pm!!). The installers EVERY SINGLE TIME had no idea what the job is and would surprised about what was supposed to be done. I had to call several times to see if someone would show up or not ! The project manager was just non-responsive, I NEVER received an email from him nor any of my calls/texts were returned !!! The sales person was a little better (he would answer my texts one in every 3 texts !!!). There was zero communication from home depot even after those 4 times that they got everything wrong and wasted my time. Nobody even bothered to properly apologize. Every time I was promised that next time they would check everything and make sure the job will be done. But they never did. Nobody seemed to care at all. The project manager even lied to me about sending an email to the installers and explaining the situation. The next day again again the installers came and did not have the necessary material to do the job !! (this one was the 5th time!!). Finally after the 6th visit the job was done. To be fair the last installers who came on 5th and 6th visit were very professional, friendly and seemed to care. Something that I never got from other personnel of home depot. that I interacted during this project. I would like to congratulate home depot for doing something extraordinary: This level of ignorance and incompetency can not easily be achieved!! way to go HD!!

2 years ago

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Warrantone Cumming, GA

The day the installers left I was happy but within a few months I noticed defects in workmanship. Caulk shrunk back to allow water to pass the cheap aluminum trim. Trim hides damage to your wood sashes and frames so this is an important issue. Workmanship is supposedly guaranteed for life and I paid Home Depot over $24,000 to replace some windows so felt this should be taken care of and although the service manager said they would take care of it, it has been months since this was reported and still no repairs have been made. They do not honor their warranty.

3 years ago

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Christina Reynolds Rosamond, CA

Just got 3 windows and and 1 slider done because other windows were broken and leaked air. I am sitting next to the window and there is a draft almost as much as the cracked broken windows. Very disappointed not sure if there is anything I can do. Think again before going with Home Depot. The installer was great on the plus side.

1 year ago

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Mimi Laguna Niguel, CA

Almost one year ago Home Depot installed 3 windows for us , anytime rains water pours inside my house. I have complained 39 times to the service department and more than that local Orange County location. Problem still not resolved. Please think twice before dealing with HD Orange County Windoow installer and sales persons

2 years ago

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Stevie American Fork, UT

I ordered a Wizard screen from HP Windows. Professional install and great product.

3 years ago

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Tom Pleasant Grove, UT

Great windows, easy to install and Home Depot helps you every step of the way. Good prices too.

3 years ago

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Cindy Harlan Manteca, CA

Homedepot gets the job done with out worry and so easy to order.

4 years ago

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