The Best of the Best New Window Options

Chad Zollinger

Last Updated: June 26th, 2019

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If you have just recently begun looking for new windows, you have probably already noticed the massive amount of different styles and choices for your home window replacement. Many new window companies attempt to impress customers by showing the sheer number of window options. It’s important that customers try to familiarize themselves with the most important qualities of modern-day windows. Here are the best of the best window options. 


The most important quality in windows nowadays is energy efficiency. Most of us simply take a manufacturer’s word for it when they tell us that a window is energy efficient. But what makes a window energy efficient? It is important that you know the difference between energy-efficient windows and those that aren’t. 

Common manufacturing practices of making windows energy efficient include low-E layering or coating and argon glazing. Energy-efficient windows that have been manufactured correctly will be verified. You can know if a window is energy-efficient if it carries the Energy Star label somewhere on the window. Be sure you ask your new window provider how high their windows rate in terms of energy efficiency. 

Vinyl Framing

Framing choices usually depend on the tastes of the person buying them, but vinyl framing is by far the most popular. This is because it is the best quality for the lowest price. Additionally, vinyl framing is extremely energy efficient compared to other framing options. Because it is so durable and tough, it doesn’t rot, takes no insect damage, and virtually stops moisture in its tracks.

Professional Installation

The glass and the framing of a window are important, but neither will work properly if they aren’t installed correctly by trained professionals. The trick is how to spot contractors who skip corners. Make sure you interrogate your contractors before they begin installation about pre installation waterproofing. Ask them if they rely heavily on sealants to get windows to fit right. If they do, you know they aren’t giving your windows the attention they deserve. Show your contractor that you know what shoddy workmanship looks like and they will be more wary of doing a bad job.


In the end, a good window installation depends on your attention to detail. Be meticulous in your research and you won’t be disappointed in the results. 

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