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LAST UPDATED: July 17th, 2019

With over 90 years of experience in the moving industry, United Van Lines has worked with millions of people helping them to relocate around the world. Whether you are making a local move, a long-distance move, or even an international move, United Van Lines moving specialists are there to help you and your family.

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The Good

  • Variety of Services
  • Full-Value Moving Coverage
  • In-home Tech Support

Variety of Services

United Van Lines is not a generic moving service. Though a number of moving companies provide services such as packing personal belongings, moving, truck service, storage, etc., United Van Lines prides itself in providing a number of other services as well:

Local, interstate, long-distance, and international moving services

  • Corporate relocation — United has teams that are trained in moving office items that you may be concerned about moving yourself.
  • Government relocation — A number of protocols are followed for government relocations. With full-value moving coverage, United Van Lines makes an excellent choice to ensure the security of government property.
  • In-home moving estimates — Sign up for an in-home consultation for a moving estimate to discuss a hypothetical cost.
  • Customizable packing and unpacking of belongings — United Van Lines can pack and unpack all of your belongings for you.
  • Loading and unloading — Do you have items in your home/apartment that you can't lift by yourself? A team would be happy to come and help you with the loading and unloading of your belongings including boxes, furniture, etc.
  • Home cleaning — For an extra cost, you can have a cleaning team come and take care of cleaning for you.
  • Trash and debris removal — If you don't have access to a large dumpster or if you have more garbage than can fit in your trash can, you can pay to have your trash and debris hauled away.
  • Home theater and computer network services — When taking down and setting up a home theater or office, you may need some tech support to make sure things get up and running nicely. United Van Lines can send someone to help you speed up the process.
  • Full-value protection for all moves — Your belongings are important and should be treated likewise. If items are damaged or destroyed, they will be replaced by the moving company.
  • Auto transport — If you are not planning to drive or if you have more than one vehicle, you can have your vehicle shipped on a truck to your new location.
  • Storage — It is not uncommon for individuals to have a waiting period from moving out of an old house/apartment until they are able to move into their new place. If that is the case, United Van Lines has a storage service that can be very useful.
  • Shipment tracking — Ensuring that delivery of your belongings takes place on schedule is easy with the shipment tracking provided by United Van Lines.
  • Clearly advertised add-on package pricing — If you would like to know how much these moving and packing services will cost, you can look up the majority of the cost estimates online.
  • Online moving resources — Most of the questions that you might have can be answered on the company website.

Full-Value Moving Coverage

Many movers have common concerns during the moving process. It is important to be efficient and careful to avoid damaging any belongings or household items while in a moving container. Though these are concerns for moving companies, United Van Lines has worked hard to provide excellent customer service and maintain a positive reputation. In order to do so, it has established a full-value coverage policy. If any of your personal belongings or household goods are damaged during the moving process, they will be replaced at full-value by United Van Lines.

In-home Tech Support

Moving TVs, computers, and other electronics can be quite a feat. Not only do you need to ensure that they are not damaged, but setting them back up can be quite frustrating (especially if you do not know much about technology). To make this process easier for you, United Van Lines has employees that can help you take down and set up all of your electronics (for an extra cost) as an added perk of its relocation services.

Transparent Pricing

In order to provide each customer with a reason to use its services, United Van Lines provides online moving quotes based on location, size of home/apartment, and distance that will be involved in the moving and storage process. The pricing is split up in two categories. The first is if you pack everything yourself and the second is if you have United Van Lines pack for you.

Pack Yourself

  • Studio apartment — $2,100
  • Apartment with 2 Bedrooms — $3,500
  • Apartment with 3+ Bedrooms — $4,300
  • House with 1-2 Bedrooms — $4,300
  • House with 3 Bedrooms — $5,400
  • House with 4+ Bedrooms — $7,600

United's Crew Packs

  • Studio apartment — $2,700
  • Apartment with 2 Bedrooms — $4,700
  • Apartment with 3+ Bedrooms — $6,200
  • House with 1-2 Bedrooms — $6,200
  • House with 3 Bedrooms — $8,000
  • House with 4+ Bedrooms — $11,400

The Bad

  • Third-Party Participation
  • Packing Pricing

Third-Party Participation

Some customers have reported that United Van Lines has hired a third party to help with part of the moving process. A paying customer is typically not thrilled with this when they are paying United Van Lines to do the job. In some of these circumstances, furniture, personal belongings, fragile items, and other household items have been damaged during the moving process but the third party companies have refused to accept responsibility. Make sure that a United Van Lines team will be doing the work for your relocation in order to avoid this issue.

Package Pricing

Though United Van Lines is transparent about its pricing, it can be difficult to find out how much it will cost to have them come and pack your home. These numbers are not available online. You will need to speak with an agent in order to get a package price moving quote.


The Bottom Line

If you are needing to move locally, long distance, or even internationally, this moving and storage full-service movers company is a great option for you. You can avoid having to do the heavy lifting to load and unload a truck by yourself and can have the guarantee of full-value coverage if the packing, transport, or final status of your household goods is not the same as when they were loaded onto the truck. We recommend that you take a minute to get a moving quote using the online services provided and see if this might be a good fit to help you with your relocation.

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