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LAST UPDATED: September 25th, 2023

American National Movers is a national moving company that specializes in long-distance and state-to-state moves while catering to clients with small loads. 

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The Good

  • Small Load Expertise
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Nationwide Availability 
  • Packing Services 
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Small Load Expertise

American National Movers shines when it comes to handling small loads for long-distance moves. Many moving companies prefer not to bother with shipping a few items across state lines, making American National Movers a valuable option for those with limited belongings who are on the fence about hiring out their move.

Affordable Pricing

The company offers cost-effective moving options, lowering the average cost of long-distance moves by approximately 35 percent. This affordability is a significant advantage for clients seeking budget-friendly moving services.

Nationwide Availability

With a presence in California, Florida, Washington, Georgia, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee, New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, and New York, American National Movers provides nationwide moving services. This extensive coverage ensures accessibility for clients relocating to various states.

Packing Services 

American National Movers offers packing services, simplifying the moving process by providing both transportation and packing solutions. This convenience can reduce the stress and time associated with preparing for a move.

Licensed and Insured

The company is fully licensed and insured, ensuring protection for clients' belongings during interstate moves. This compliance with DOT regulations is essential for peace of mind during long-distance relocations.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

American National Movers is committed to customer satisfaction. The company promises to refund deposits if it does not meet expectations, demonstrating a dedication to customer satisfaction. 


The Bad

  • Limited Information
  • Shared Load Approach
  • Service Area Restrictions  

Limited Information

The company's description lacks specific details about its offered services, such as the scope of packing assistance and the types of storage solutions offered. Pricing information is not provided, either, beyond the claim that prices are well below industry averages. Potential customers will need to inquire for more comprehensive information.

Shared Load Approach

While shared load-moving services can reduce costs, they may also result in longer transit times for clients. It's essential for customers to consider whether this trade-off aligns with their needs and timelines.

Service Area Restrictions

While the company operates in multiple states, it may not cover all potential departure and destination locations for clients, limiting its accessibility for some customers.


The Bottom Line

Compared to other moving companies, American National Movers stands out for its specialization in handling small loads and its commitment to affordability. The company's nationwide availability, licensed and insured status, and customer satisfaction guarantee are additional positive aspects. 

American National Movers primarily targets clients with small loads. While this is advantageous for some, it may not be suitable for individuals or businesses with substantial belongings. All things considered, pending verified customer reviews, we recommend American National Movers for small moves. 

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Josh Brizendine Greenville, SC

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY: **Christopher will make false claims about this post to protect himself which he did throughout the move but all the below are facts and can be documented through my attorney.*** On 4/14/2023, I signed a contract with Christopher H for a moving date of 5/15 - 6/7. The move actually took place from 6/1 - 6/4. All email correspondence regarding the move was from Christopher H. In the initial contract, it was stated that the estimated volume of my belongings was 2156, based on the inventory list that I provided to Christopher. This specific inventory list was detailed in the contract, item by item, with a total cost of $11,092.62. The contract on 4/14 also stated, "Christopher K, your project manager, is responsible for ensuring your inventory list is accurate." It further mentioned that the price includes tax, tolls, fuel, labor, disassembly, loading, unloading, reassembly, and car tow. Additionally, it mentioned that there is up to 60 days storage in transit coverage at no additional cost, but the coverage must be submitted at least 3 days prior to the pick-up date." All the items on the contract were specifically accounted for in detail, with a full list of items in each room. No additional furniture was added, but some items were sold prior to the move to avoid any overage. However, on 6/2, I received an email from Christopher H stating that the cost of their services had been revised. The new cost, after deducting my initial non-refundable deposit of $3,882.00, amounted to $25,264.00. This revised cost covered two 20-foot trucks and one 26-foot truck, transportation fuel, labor, and a courtesy discount. Christopher also mentioned that I would need to pay the movers $7,000.00 in cash upon delivery. Additionally, he removed the verbiage stating his responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the inventory and the inclusion of the tow of my vehicle, despite my distance from the location. I signed this altered contract under duress, as my truck full of belongings was held hostage in a parking lot 5 miles from my house. The new contract amounted to $17,000 more than the initial contract, even though there were no changes to the listed inventory. On 6/4, the movers arrived late and immediately demanded payment of $7,000 in cash before they would start unloading the trucks. They only had three movers for the delivery, and they informed me that their instructions were to quickly unload the items into the garage and then return to NYC. To have them reassemble my beds and bring some furniture into the home, I had to pay an additional $300 in cash. Despite the contract stating that all items would be unloaded and reassembled, over 75% of my belongings were left in the garage. I had to involve the police to locate my personal truck, as Christopher informed them that he would release its coordinates once the total amount due was paid and the movers had left. I was forced to pay an additional $1200 to have one of the movers drive to Pennsylvania, pick up my truck from a parking lot 5 miles from my old home, and bring it back to me, as I needed it for work the next day. The movers were unable to load all of my inventory onto the trucks and left about 40 items in my driveway, including valuable personal belongings such as barstools, a painting from my wife's grandmother, and decorations. I only discovered this weeks later, as the movers had piled items on top of each other in the garage. During the move, there was a physical altercation between one of the movers and the new owners of my old home, which required police intervention. The new owners have provided photographic evidence of holes in the wall and damage to the floors. Unfortunately, we also discovered similar damage in our new home. According to the NY Secretary of State website, American National Movers LLC was not formed until 7/10/2023, which was over a month after our move. Despite my requests, Christopher never provided a copy of his license, insurance, or bill of lading, as he had promised to do upon delivery. On the first day, the foreman Kyle reviewed the inventory to ensure its accuracy and that the quoted price was correct. He gave my wife and me the assurance that everything was in order before allowing the movers into the home. We had a good relationship with the new owners of our old home, who were monitoring the move and pointing out damage as it occurred. I communicated these concerns to Christopher, but he refused to address them for the new owners. Our family had to endure a 12+ hour drive to our new home with two young children and two dogs, all crammed into one car, as we had relied on the agreement to tow my truck with the move.

3 days ago Edited September 26, 2023