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LAST UPDATED: November 2nd, 2021

The Exclusive Hawaii is an eight-bed addiction treatment center located on The Big Island of Hawaii, resting on a spacious and secluded 52-acre ocean view property. The treatment center implements a holistic, non-12 step addiction treatment approach that is customized to each client. 

The Exclusive Hawaii is worth looking into if you find yourself struggling to resolve an addiction, attempting to overcome trauma and triggers, get rid of anxiety, rebuild relationships, and find a new passion and path in life. 

The non-12-step program treats alcohol addiction, drug addiction, eating disorders, and co-occurring disorders.

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The Good

  • Accreditations and Licensing
  • Accepts Insurance
  • Access to Personal Belongings

Accreditations and Licensing

The Exclusive Hawaii is licensed and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF is known for its strict requirements, and The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center has been awarded a three-year accreditation — which is the highest level of certification CARF has. 

The Exclusive Hawaii is also a licensed special treatment facility by the State of Hawaii, Department of Health. 

Lastly, the treatment facility is accredited by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD). According to The Exclusive Hawaii's website, the center "provides leadership for the development and delivery of quality substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment services in the state of Hawaii."  

Accepts Insurance

The Exclusive Hawaii accepts out-of-network benefits and private insurance from major medical insurance companies such as Aetna, HMSA, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Consumers in need of assistance can speak to the treatment center's insurance specialist. The specialist can help answer questions, verify coverage and benefits, and handle claims for you. 

If you are using private pay insurance, be aware that the treatment center requires payment upfront. Once the program is over, your insurance company will reimburse you (of course, your total cost will depend on your insurance eligibility and processed and approved claims). 

Access to Personal Belongings

The Exclusive Hawaii isn't one of those treatment centers that cuts off access to the outside world. Clients may access the internet, their cell phones, laptops, and any other electronic device they bring. The treatment center even encourages its clients to maintain relationships with family and friends throughout their stay. 

There shouldn't be a problem as long as your personal belongings aren't disrupting your treatment/therapy.


The Bad

  • Price
  • 30-Day Minimum


Narrowing down an exact price for The Exclusive Hawaii is near impossible as the program's cost depends on several different factors. If you plan on using insurance to help cover the costs, it may be worth reviewing your coverage beforehand. 

However, you will also need to consider how long you'll be staying and whether you want a private or shared room, etc. You'll also need to decide if you would like to add extra amenities such as massage therapy, structural integration, craniosacral therapy, and Reiki. These are completely optional but could drastically increase the cost of your stay. 

30-Day Minimum

The Exclusive Hawaii requires that all clients stay for at least thirty days. Having been in the industry for quite some time, The Exclusive Hawaii knows that successful treatment programs take time. While the treatment center requires all guests to stay for at least 30 days, it encourages them to extend their stay if desired (pending room availability).


The Bottom Line

The Exclusive Hawaii offers those struggling with addiction and disorders a chance to start anew through its holistic therapy and customized client programs. The treatment center is located on the Big Island of Hawaii on a 52-acre property. The treatment center is highly accredited and fully licensed. 

You will have to contact the treatment center for pricing information, as it greatly varies case-by-case. But if you have any questions about your coverage or benefits, you can talk to the company's insurance supervisor.

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