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LAST UPDATED: April 29th, 2021

United Medicare Advisors is a network of licensed insurance agents that specialize in Medicare. Senior Market Quotes recently joined United Medicare Advisors, so those familiar with Senior Market Quotes can now find agents through United Medicare Advisors.

Medicare is complex with multiple enrollment periods and several parts. It is easy to become confused. Connecting with a licensed agent who specializes in Medicare will help you successfully navigate enrollment and get the Medicare coverage you need.

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The Good

  • Work with a Licensed Insurance Agent
  • Consider Plans from Multiple Companies
  • Helpful Online Resources

Work with a Licensed Insurance Agent

Through United Medicare Advisors, clients work with a licensed insurance agent to evaluate Medicare plans and find health insurance that fits their medical and financial needs. It's nice to work with a licensed insurance agent to help you understand how Medicare works and evaluate the pros and cons of your Medicare plan options.

Medicare has four essential parts. Original Medicare is Part A and Part B. It offers hospital and medical insurance. These parts are managed by the federal government.

The remaining parts of Medicare are managed by private companies, though Medicare approves the plans. Part C is more commonly referred to as Medicare Advantage. Part C is the private option that offers the same coverage as Original Medicare under a single plan.

Many of these plans also include qualifying prescription drug coverage, which means you don't have to buy a separate plan for prescriptions.

Part D is prescription drug coverage. This part is for Medicare enrollees with Original Medicare or without qualifying prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans have annual out-of-pocket limits, but Original Medicare does not. To control your out-of-pocket costs, you can purchase a Medicare supplement insurance plan (Medigap). These plans are standardized by federal and state governments.

Consider Plans from Multiple Companies

United Medicare Advisors works with highly rated insurance companies, including Aetna, Humana, and Mutual of Omaha. Comparing plans from multiple companies ensures that clients consider multiple Medicare options and can find the plan that best suits their insurance needs.

Since United Medicare Advisors only works with highly rated insurance companies, clients can be confident when purchasing a Medicare policy.

Working with United Medicare Advisors also saves you the trouble of reaching out to each insurance provider when comparing insurance products from multiple providers.

Whether you're opting for a Medicare Advantage plan or looking for a prescription drug plan and a Medicare supplement plan (Medigap plan) to supplement Original Medicare, comparing plans across insurance companies with the assistance of a licensed agent will help you be confident in your choice.

Helpful Online Resources

United Medicare Advisors's website also offers resources for those learning about Medicare. You can learn more about Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, how Medigap benefits work, and understand prescription drug coverage. These resources can be helpful to those interested in learning more about Medicare before meeting with an agent.


The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Reviews
  • Limited Availability

Insufficient Customer Reviews

Best Company has not received many United Medicare Advisors reviews. Because of this lack of insight, general conclusions about the customer experience are not available. A full recommendation is also not currently available.

Limited Availability

United Medicare Advisors operates in 45 states. While it has a wide availability, it is not available in some states. For more information on whether United Medicare Advisors is available in your area, reach out to the company directly.


The Bottom Line

Enrolling in Medicare is a milestone for many, especially those nearing retirement age. If you're 65 or older, Medicare is likely how you will access and pay for health care for the rest of your life. Understanding how it works and weighing the pros and cons of each coverage option is important, especially if you're enrolling for the first time. 

United Medicare Advisors employs many licensed insurance agents. You can benefit from their assistance as you evaluate Medicare insurance plans and make informed decisions.

Medicare shoppers who work through United Medicare Advisors can compare plans from multiple Medicare carriers. To work with United Medicare Advisors, each insurer must be financially strong.

Although a full recommendation is not available, United Medicare Advisors is worth considering further.

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