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LAST UPDATED: October 8th, 2020

Health Net is a health insurer that offers Medicare Advantage plans in California, Oregon, and Washington. Its Medigap and Medicare Special Needs plans are available only in California.

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The Good

  • Good Plan Offerings
  • Easy-to-Navigate Website

Good Plan Offerings

Health Net offers Medicare Advantage plans in California, Oregon, and Washington. To learn more about prescription drug coverage and costs, interested individuals should work with Health Net directly.

Health Net offers combined Medicare and Medicaid plans in California for those who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. Not every Medicare insurance carrier offers these plans, so it is nice that Health Net does.

Health Net offers Medigap plans in California. Medigap, or Medicare supplemental insurance, helps people with Original Medicare cover their out-of-pocket expenses.

Easy-to-Navigate Website

Health Net’s website is easy to navigate. Once you select the kind of Medicare plan you’re interested in and input your zip code, it’s easy to view a list of plans with the monthly premium, star rating, deductible, and out-of-pocket expenses.


The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Reviews
  • Limited Service Area

Insufficient Customer Reviews

Health Net has not recieved enough customer reviews on Best Company for general conclusions about the company's Medicare offerings. A full recommendation based on the customer experience is not possible currently.

Limited Service Area

Health Net Medicare Advantage plans are only available in California, Oregon, and Washington. Health Net’s Medicare Special Needs Plans and Medigap plans are only available in California. If you do not live in one of these states, you’ll need to consider other options.


The Bottom Line

Health Net is an option for people living in California, Oregon, or Washington who want a Medicare Advantage plan. If you’re interested in Medigap or a Medicare Special Needs Plan and live in California, Health Net also offers these plans. Otherwise, you may need to consider other Medicare carriers.

Be sure to review the star ratings, coverage, and costs of a Medicare plan fully before enrolling to make sure that you have a plan that will meet your needs.

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Karen Shadle Independence, OR

I've had Health net for four years now. At first I really liked it. Last year, odd things started happening with the coverage of my medical claims. My primary care doc wasn't paid for my 1st visit, the EOB stated it went to my deductible: I have NO DEDUCTIBLE for physician's visits. It took me 5 months, many phone calls, and finally a written appeal in order to get Health Net to pay. Three therapy visits were suddenly denied although I had pre-authorization for them; after 2 calls I wrote a formal appeal and then the cost was paid, WITHIN A WEEK! In January 2019, the pattern repeated, plus got worse. Labwork (no copay for me) wasn't paid. Billed for the full amount. No reason given on the EOB. An x-ray ($5 copay) wasn't paid for, I was billed $174 for it. EOB said it went to my deductible - I have NO DEDUCTIBLE FOR THIS OR LABWORK! It took 4 months, 6 or more calls, and finally filing a formal grievance to get H Net to pay the benefits I'm entitled to. I had imaging tests in the next 3 months; not one of those were paid correctly until I called and made a complaint. Currently, I'm appealing charges for physical therapy, which is SUPPOSED to have a co-pay of $35/visit. Instead, HNet shows I owe a co-insurance, owed by me for every single thing done at PT, instead of the$35 copay for the visit. Starting the appeal process tomorrow. In addition, they won't accept my expedited appeal for a medication I need that was prescribed by specialist, even though I'm allergic to the 2 drugs they require I trial before they cover the medication I need. It makes me wonder if Health Net is trying to drive me off so I will seek another plan. I've pretty much memorized the plan benefits and appeals process by now, and have even filed a grievance over how long some of these problems have taken to resolve. I spend about 4 hrs per week on the phone with the representatives, who are very pleasant, but they don't get things fixed. I will be filing a "Quality of Care" concern with the Medicare Oversight unit soon about Health Net's frequent failures to pay Do I pay anything for my Health Net Advantage Plan? No. Do I expect Health Net to cover my services as their Evidence of Coverage Book states I'm entitled to? Yes. I'm shopping for a better company this year.

5 years ago