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LifeFone has been in the personal emergency response system business since 1976. Over the years, the LifeFone medical alert systems have earned the recommendation of hospitals, area agencies on aging, home health care providers, and geriatric care managers as an integral part of a customer's overall care program.

The company offers five different medical alert systems that range from $24.95 per month to $42.95 per month. All systems and plans include a base station, panic button, 24/7 emergency monitoring, easy installation, and optional fall detection. Additional highlights include no activation or equipment costs, a lifetime subscriber price & equipment guarantee, free protection for spouses, and a 30-day money-back guarantee

If you want to learn more about the customer experience, read LifeFone reviews below. 

The Good

  • LifeFone Cost
  • Variety of Medical Alert Packages
  • Equipment
  • No Contract
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Monitoring
  • Customer Service
  • Lifetime Price Guarantee
  • Caregiver Tools
  • Mobile Apps

LifeFone Cost

Depending on the package, LifeFone's monthly fee is between $24.95 and $42.95 for various nonstop monitoring and emergency dispatch services. There is no activation fee or equipment fee associated with setting up the account. Spouses are protected for free with the basic service, but automatic fall detection costs an additional $5 to $10 per month for most systems. LifeFone's pricing is on par with other top-rated medical alert companies.

Variety of Medical Alert Packages

Medical Alert has a variety of packages to appeal to consumers with a multitude of lifestyles. Package details for each Medical Alert plan are as follows:

At-Home Landline - $24.95

This medical alert plan is best for consumers who are looking for precaution and emergency assistance primarily in their own home. This package includes 24/7 service, and the base range signal goes up to 1,300 feet. The base station includes a 32-hour backup battery in the case of a power outage, and batteries for the medical alert pendant is monitored in Medical Alert's call center by the on-staff emergency responders. There is a two-way communication capability between the pendant and the monitoring center, which is especially ideal for anyone who is hard of hearing because the microphone is highly sensitive. You can add fall detection for an additional $5 per month. 

At-Home Cellular - $30.95

The At-Home Cellular package is similar to the At-Home Landline package. The only difference is the At-Home Cellular plan uses a cellular connection instead of a landline connection, so you do not need a landline in order to use this package. This plan has the same 24/7 monitoring service, base range, and equipment available. Fall detection for this emergency button is also available with this plan for an additional 5$ per month.  

At-Home & On-the-Go GPS - $36.95

This at-home service package is different from the two above because it can be used anywhere in the U.S. as long as there is AT&T cellular coverage where you are. It is equipped with a base station for your home and a mobile medical alert device you can take with you wherever you go. For an additional $10 per month, you can add a waterproof fall detection pendant to your plan that automatically sends an alarm signal to the Emergency Response Center if you fall or press the button.

At-Home & On-the-Go GPS, Voice-in-Necklace - $42.95

This medical alert system is a two-way voice pendant with built-in GPS. You can take the pendant anywhere in the U.S. (as long as there is AT&T cellular service where you are). The pendant is a lightweight necklace, and there is no other equipment you need to carry with you. For an extra $5 per month, you can add fall detection to your pendant. 


Lifefone offers a variety of different equipment, including in-home medical alarm systems and on-the-go alarm systems. Every system has a base unit and a medical alert pendant with a panic button of some sort. The basic at-home landline system ($24.95/month) features a standard base unit with an alert button that functions as a wristband or pendant. The On the Go Voice in pendant ($42.95/month) features a two-way voice pendant with GPS service that protects you 24/7 both in your home and anywhere you go in the U.S. An optional additional necklace or wristband to activate Voice in pendant while in the charging cradle is also available. All systems have fall detection capabilities, customized emergency care plans, and a backup battery life up to at least 30-32 hours.

A full side-by-side comparison table can be found on the company's website. Also, Lifefone offers a complete home package that includes the medical alert system and devices for fire detection, smoke detection, and carbon monoxide detection for $42.95 per month with an annual contract.

No Contract

LifeFone offers members the option of a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription service with no long-term contract. If members wish to terminate the service, they can do so at any time at no charge under LifeFone's lifetime warranty. If members have prepaid for their service, they will receive a refund on any unused prepaid service. This will provide peace of mind to any customers worried about buying out of a contract.

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Every LifeFone unit is backed by a lifetime equipment warranty, which includes no-charge equipment replacement for any medical alert service device. This can give customers peace of mind that they won't have to pay for repair or replacements if a piece of equipment breaks or malfunctions.


LifeFone offers 24/7 monitoring and provides optional fall detection with each of its systems. The company's fall detection pendants have built-in sensors that will detect a fall and instantly contact LifeFone's call center for help. Having 24/7 monitoring ensures the medical alert owner has protection 100% of the time in the case of an emergency. 

Customer Service

LifeFone's professional emergency care agents are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So you never have to worry about an emergency going unanswered. LifeFone reviews also attest to exceptional customer service and a caring and attentive staff and monitoring service. Consumers can have peace of mind knowing LifeFone is a quality medical alert company that provides a positive customer experience. You can read LifeFone reviews below to see what past and current customers have to say about the medical alert provider. 

Lifetime Price Guarantee

LifeFone offers a lifetime price guarantee, which means that the price customers pay for alarm systems upon signup will not be changed for the duration of the plan unless they switch to a new plan or product. This means no hidden fees or unsuspected changes on your monthly bill.

Caregiver Tools

LifeFone can help customers with some of the more routine but important aspects of daily living to ensure their wellbeing. The company offers additional care tools such as check-in services, medication reminders, system status alerts, and subscriber location service for those who subscribe to its on-the-go systems.

Mobile Apps

LifeFone offers two smartphone apps, Mobile Alert™ and Family Guard™. The Family Guard app gives families and/or caregivers the ability to configure family monitoring and tracking for the individual, while the Mobile Alert app allows the individual to get help anywhere in the U.S. through their cellular network service.

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The Bad

  • Lack of Certification Information

Lack of Certification Information

Although LifeFone's monitoring team has undergone extensive training, it is difficult to determine whether or not these employees are EMT-certified based on the information provided on the company's website. However, LifeFone reviews below reference quality service and quick and efficient response times.  

The Bottom Line

LifeFone is a well-respected company within the medical alert system industry and has a long history of providing helpful service. The company offers a number of different medical alert systems that should meet the needs of anyone looking for a basic in-home system to a versatile mobile system. LifeFone's medical alert service includes competitive pricing, no contracts, a lifetime equipment warranty, around-the-clock monitoring, two-way communication, and a variety of caregiver tools. Read LifeFone reviews below to get a better sense of how customers feel about the medical alert company. 

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