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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

RaDoTech is a new health monitoring provider offering more in-depth solutions than what most competitors within the same space are offering. In 2017, RaDoTech was officially launched as the company’s leadership made a breakthrough in the personal health testing and monitoring industry. 

The RaDoTech technology is derived from Japan, where science-backed monitoring practices that have been researched for over 70 years are utilized. By combining these Japanese techniques and technologies with modern and easy-to-use electronics, the RaDoTech device has perfectly integrated these practices to provide cloud-based analytic solutions. Users can receive accurate and easy to read results that can be used to make more informed personal and health related decisions. These results can be accessed and viewed on any iOS or Android device. 

RaDoTech devices are sold on a global scale, making health metrics more accessible for people worldwide. From the comfort of your own home, users can pinpoint potential issues or eliminate concerns in just a few short minutes. 

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The Good

  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Capabilities
  • Backed Results
  • Warranty Coverage

Flat Rate Pricing

When most people purchase a medical alert system, there are a number of associated or on-going costs. Initially, users will have to purchase the equipment. Then there is often an activation fee just to turn that piece of equipment on. Finally, there is a subscription or monthly monitoring fee to continue to function as designed. 

Since RaDoTech is providing an alternative health device, a number of these on-going costs are eliminated. Instead, users will purchase the RaDoTech device for $349 and then will never incur other costs. There is no charge for activation and the business plan is not subscription based so no monthly monitoring costs are charged. 


With a RaDoTech device, users will be able to track and see in real time a number of valuable health metrics. Instead of responding when a medical disaster strikes, RaDoTech is designed to identify small discrepancies before they turn into full-fledged medical concerns, problems, or diagnoses. RaDoTech provides users with the following:

  • Real-time and accurate results
  • Easy to digest, actionable analysis
  • Customized medical suggestions
  • Continuous and long-term health tracking

The RaDoTech is designed for users of any age and health status to track and measure key components of bodily performance. Not many medical devices offer this level of in-depth insight.

Backed Results

The RaDoTech device has gone through rigorous testing to ensure that it meets intended standards. Without proven results, a health device like RaDoTech would not be valuable. However, RaDoTech has found a way of measuring through acupuncture points to identify potential concerns.

There are 24 of these pressure points that are directly connected to organs and bodily function systems that can be checked. These pressure points lay on what is called a meridian. The meridians are linked to specific organs. By scanning these 24 acupuncture points, users can get a full reading in just three minutes providing a detailed snapshot of your body’s operating performance. 

These results are proven to be accurate and can help people avoid unnecessary and expensive medical testing. The company claims that there are no other medical alert systems providing this amount of analysis, saving people from unnecessary medical expenses. The RaDoTech system can help users avoid extra blood tests, CAT scans, and long appointments. 

Warranty Coverage

Each purchased RaDoTech device is backed by a comprehensive warranty. This warranty lasts a full 12 months. If there are any issues with the device at all, RaDoTech will either repair the malfunction or send a new device, depending on the root issue. Not all medical and health devices are backed by this type of warranty or for this long. 


The Bad

  • Not a Traditional Medical Device
  • Refund Limitations

Not a Traditional Medical Device

Medical alert systems are designed to ensure safety in the event of some sort of accident or health emergency.

RaDoTech does not offer this traditional medical alert device. Instead, the RaDoTech device is designed to be a proactive health screening tool, rather than a reactive device that provides emergency services. 

Refund Limitations

If a user is not satisfied with the RaDoTech device they have purchased, it is important to take into consideration the limitations for obtaining a full 100 percent refund. First, the refund window is only 60 days in length. After that, obtaining a full refund is not likely. Each device has to be returned in mint condition or the refund amount will decrease. Users may be responsible for covering return shipping costs as well. This is a rather restrictive refund policy, especially in comparison to other devices on the market. 


The Bottom Line

RaDoTech has created an in-home tool that tracks, measures, and identifies key health components to provide accurate readings of more in-depth concerns. As opposed to traditional medical alert systems, RaDoTech simply charges a flat rate equipment price. There are no subsequent monthly or activation fees. The RaDoTech monitor is able to test health points that look below the surface. Rather than testing basic health elements like heart rate, RaDoTech can pinpoint potential issues well before they turn into major concerns. The equipment device made by RaDoTech is backed and proven to work according to a number of scientific studies, meaning users can rest assured that RaDoTech is built to perform the way it was intended. If there are any issues with the RaDoTech device, the company offers a comprehensive warranty to ensure that standards are met.

While there are a number of reasons to consider purchasing a RaDoTech device, there are limitations for its use. It is not the traditional medical device that many people look to purchase as they get older. It is not an alert system; it is a health check-in device.

There are also limitations to the refund policy, so potential buyers should be confident that the RaDoTech device is what they are looking for prior to making that final purchasing decision.

Those looking for a more in-depth health monitoring and analysis than what is provided by many health trackers or smart watches will likely benefit from what the RaDoTech device offers. However, those looking for the traditional medical monitoring device that provides an alert in the event of an emergency will need to find another alternative. 

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