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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

All of your basic needs, in one place: convenience. This is essentially what Peach Dish offers. Don't have time to go grocery shopping? Don't worry because they have got you covered. They offer you a hearty dinner, so you don't have to worry about not feeling satisfied. They basically do all the hard work for you, such as buying the ingredients and figuring out the recipes. As for you, you'll receive the ingredients along with a recipe card. You're in the right hands! Each week, they'll send you two meals, with two servings within each meal-two will be vegetarian and two will be based on animal protein, the price being $12.50 per serving. If you want to add four servings to each meal, though, the price goes from $50 a week to $90, saving you $10. The catch? Each week, final decisions must be made before midnight on Sunday.

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The Good

  • Cancellations
  • Food options
  • Media and publications
There are four steps, which were partially explained above. You order online before midnight on Sunday, Peach Dish packs your box, delivers it to you, and after you have enjoyed your meals, you get the opportunity to look at the following week's menu items. These are different each week, but you do get a say in which foods are delivered each time. In addition, if you'll be out of town, you can cancel an upcoming order. This is convenient, plus you won't be charged unless your delivery is sent. If you don't like an order, there is a policy that allows you to get a refund for the money spent on that delivery. Personalized meals? You can mix and match the menu options, as you get two weekly servings consisting of animal protein and two consisting of vegetarian options. If you have Celiac disease, however, there might be a slight issue, although they give you ingredients, so you can determine if a food item is adequately safe. If a health issue is very serious, it is better to speak to a professional. We recommend that, in that case, you didn't try the program at all. There are many food options:
  • Pizza made out of fig and blue cheese, with salad
  • Cheeseburgers with onions and zucchini sticks
  • Butternut squash risotto
  • Salmon with rice
  • Chicken with chilies
  • Mixed vegetables.
These options offer adequate variety, providing customers with the opportunity to try new things and possibly offering something they are familiar with. Because these recipes are so complex, you don't get bored of the meals easily, but they are constantly changing regardless. They make sure to add spices and sauces to keep your taste buds interested, and they're constantly switching up ingredients within a single recipe, as there is always room for improvement. Peach Dish has been advertised in many different media outlets and publications, including...
  • Inc.
  • Fast Company
  • Trace
  • Men's Fitness
  • Business Insider
  • Bloomberg
  • Today
  • Atlanta Magazine.
Aside from this, Amazon advertised, too; they offer the services in which you place your delivery.

The Bad

  • Health and customization
  • Exercise tips
  • Expensive
Because this service isn't as recognized as others, they don't have as many options in terms of health and customization. They don't even guarantee gluten-free options, nor do they truly offer anything low in sugar, sodium or fat. This is an important factor in terms of a long-term meal delivery system, because to be healthy, you must follow a flexible plan that also suits your personal needs and desires. They don't offer exercise tips, as it is a food delivery system, for those looking to lose weight. However, since the meals only come twice a week, it is hard for anyone to lose weight on this program. It is simply incorporating healthy meals into your lifestyle, twice a week-and if you eat both servings, you're definitely not helping yourself if the goal is to lose weight. Following states' laws, they have stopped shipping citrus to certain homes across the United States, including to the states of California and Arizona. This is simply an odd policy-over a citrus, however, we wouldn't suggest asking for money back, but it is something for customers to be aware of in case they expect certain fruits to be delivered along with their meals. If you want to cancel a delivery, it cannot be past midnight of the Sunday prior to the expected delivery date. This is also when you're supposed to have made your order in the first place, which means that once the week has started, there is no taking the order back. Unfortunate, but it makes sense, as meals are supposed to arrive at your house by Wednesday, if you live in Atlanta, or Thursday, if you live in any other place. In terms of refunds, they normally give you back your money, but sometimes they may simply replace the item or give you service credit in return. You have to get into contact with Peach Dish and explain, asking them what to do next. This company's meal plans are more expensive than the usual, because they are only giving you two meals per week, rather than every weekday or every single day. However, it is worth it if you believe that the meals are appetizing.

The Bottom Line

There are many services that offer the same things. It is a matter of bargaining, comparing and luck, but if you feel as though the recipes are worth it, and the prices are within your range, it is definitely worth giving it a try. Aside from Peach Dish, there are many companies that do the same service, such as Cooksmarts, which is more frequent and healthier, offering more variety. As Peach Dish continues to grow and develop, it will become more competitive, having an advantageous edge over similar companies that perform the same functions, but for now, stick to the competitors. It is important to do sufficient research, to fully understand which companies we like best and why, sticking to more efficient ones, especially to those offering services more than twice a week and perhaps are more economic than this program. Overall, Peach Dish's standings could be worse, but they could be better, and it hasn't done anything to make it particularly stand out.
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