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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Kelly Boyer founded PALETA in the year 2005. How was she inspired and what is PALETA about? It started in Boyer's own kitchen, after having survived a late stage of terminal cancer. Upon reflection, her goal became to change the way in which people eat and live. Originally, she offered clients meals with ingredients sourced from reputable fisheries, farms, and ranches that were against animal abuse. The company has grown, currently offering organic cold-pressed juices, meal services, and snacks throughout California as well as throughout some areas in Arizona and Nevada. Nationally, they ship their popular Mind & Body Cleanse, pressed juice detoxes and snacks. Aside from trying to make our lives easier and healthier, PALETA tries to keep its equipment, kitchen and products eco-friendly. The environment should be a concern to us all, and this company's goals align with the well-rounded people we should all strive to be. Healthy never felt so fulfilling.

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The Good

  • Detox
  • Fit To Be Wed program
  • New implementations
Let's start with their cleanse. Many customers claim that it leaves them feeling satisfied, not ravenous and tense. Their website seems consistent with that, claiming that the detox provides customers with:
  • Weight loss results
  • Improved moods and energy levels
  • Improved skin and hair conditions
  • Sharper cognition
  • Reduced sensitivity to allergens
So why should you detox? If you need motivation, there are a few reasons why. Generally, detoxes are designed to rid your body of toxins, which you are endlessly exposed to wherever you go. This detox system allows your bodily functions to revive themselves, giving you the ability to live a more relaxed life. It will also improve your immune system-so say goodbye to randomly feeling under the weather and say hello to a better you. Aside from the effects that the juices have on your body, packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, which means you're helping the environment as well. If you need convincing, there is a long list of celebrities using PALETA products, including faces like Jessica Biel, Jennie Garth, Tamera Mowry, Candace Cameron Bure, and Shay Mitchell. People often wonder, why cold pressed juices? PALETA claims that cold pressed juices don't strip fruits and vegetables of their nutrients, which many smoothie methods do, due primarily to chopping and blending fruits, as well as additional heating. And get this: by doing PALETA's Fit To Be Wed program, which is a program geared toward those waiting for their wedding vows, PALETA plants five trees in your honor. This is definitely something that will make you consider the program, and you get to shape up before your wedding day, so it is a win-win situation in the end. You can do this program with your fiancé; women receive three meals along with a snack daily, while men receive three meals and two snacks. It lasts thirty days, but comes at a hefty price of $1,900 per person. New implementations include POWER UP energy bars and nuts. These are already causing a revolution within the world of PALETA products, but they keep coming up with new innovations, so the variety will never leave you feeling bored.

The Bad

  • Cleanses
Although, for the most part, clients do not claim to be dizzy, cleanses are not for everybody. Some people need more nutrients than others, so it is not good to rely on any weight loss solution without first consulting a physician. It is also not recommended to perform vigorous exercises, as this can certainly cause damage. For those who smoke cigarettes, this may not be the most pleasant news to hear, but a cleanse requires you to rid your body of as many toxins as possible. Smoking is, of course, prohibited during such a process, but this could be the opportunity you've been hoping for to encourage you to stop. There are many cleanses that you could consider. The Master Cleanse, made famous originally by celebrities like Beyonce, is slightly more exaggerated; it lasts for as long as it is needed, but generally requires people to drink a combination of hot water, lemon or lime, cayenne pepper, and organic maple syrup. Many people drink this lemonade all through the day, beginning their days with plain water and ending their days with laxatives. This cleanse can be made at home, proving to be incredibly economical in comparison to other cleanses. However, cleanses like those seen by the PALETA brand don't deprive you of solid food, which makes it easier and allows you to exercise moderately. These companies are everywhere, but you might have to compare them in order to make an informed decision based on personal preference and allocation of money. But more than anything, be careful that you are not working out intensely while on any type of cleanse, because this can cause you to faint. This cleanse is meant to be temporary, as it is not healthy to be on a juice cleanse over a longer period of time. Since everybody is different, make sure that you are paying for your needs-make sure that if you have allergies or certain dietary meets, they are met. Otherwise, find a different program.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, whether you like eating healthily or not, these products are for everyone. Whether you stick the PALETA cleanse, or simply buy the occasional cold pressed juice on days where you hop onto the health-crazed bandwagon, these products are specifically designed for enjoyment and geared toward a healthy lifestyle. Of course they are on the pricey side-this is true of most similar brands-but the woman who created this company, the story behind it and the steps they have taken to ensure that the environment benefits, is truly what makes the difference moving forward. It is what makes the difference in a world that is constantly trying to create something new. Innovation and biodegradable packaging is part of what unites with the endlessly delicious juices, marketing and effective programming. We recommend that if you cannot afford to buy these juices daily, you try them out for yourself at least once and see what all the hype is essentially about.
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