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LAST UPDATED: February 14th, 2024

Zander Insurance Group was founded in 1927 and has been providing service to customers for more than 80 years. The life insurance agency specializes in term life insurance, disability insurance, identity theft protection, health insurance, long-term care insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, and business insurance. It also offers similar products and employee benefit plans to businesses. These additional offerings can be helpful for people who are interested in purchasing more than just life insurance coverage.

Zander Insurance is one of America's largest insurance brokerages. Zander is heavily endorsed by Dave Ramsey , a financial advice expert.

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The Good

  • Instant Quote
  • Thorough Website
  • Application Process
  • High Financial Strength Ratings

Instant Quote

Zander's website has instant quotes available. All you have to do is fill out a simple form that includes questions like your date of birth, coverage amount, length of term, and your health class. The coverage amount is the death benefit amount that will be paid to your beneficiary. It can be used to cover final expenses, pay of debt, and offer income to your dependents.

After filling out the short form, you receive an instant life insurance quote on a term policy that allows you to get an idea of what your insurance policy would cost and the benefits offered with the insurance coverage and peace of mind.

Thorough Website

Zander has an extensive website that provides a lot of information for its customers. The company has a blog that is separated into different insurance categories, and each of them include blog posts written based upon commonly asked questions.

Application Process

Once you view the life insurance quote for premium payments online, you can choose to apply and buy life insurance through Zander Insurance.

Most life insurers complete an underwriting process before an applicant is approved. Some life insurance companies require a medical exam for their policies in their underwriting guidelines. Others offer life plans that do not require a medical exam and base the underwriting on a health questionnaire. Life insurance rates for these policies tend to be higher, and there's limited opportunity to qualify to pay a lower monthly premium rate.

Keep this underwriting information in mind as you consider term life plans from multiple insurers through Zander Insurance.

High Financial Strength Ratings

Zander Insurance only represents life insurers with the highest A.M. Best financial strength ratings, which means that Zander clients can be confident when purchasing a life policy. Financial strength ratings indicate a life insurance company's ability to meet its claims obligations. The higher the rating, the more stable the insurance provider. Policyholders can trust that their claims will be met because Zander Insurance works with financially strong insurance companies.


The Bad

  • Limited Options
  • Contact Information Required

Limited Options

Life insurance shoppers can only purchase a term life insurance policy through Zander. Those seeking permanent life insurance, will need to consider another insurance company with a wider range of insurance plans to find the kind of policy they want.

Contact Information Required

Zander Insurance requires contact information before you can see life insurance quotes and start applying for life insurance through Zander. This can be inconvenient for shoppers who are still in the research stage, and there are other sites that do not require contact information before showing term life insurance products and quotes on insurance premiums.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Zander Insurance seems to be a good option for individuals seeking a term life insurance product. It only works with life insurance companies with high financial strength ratings, which means that buyers can confidently purchase one of Zander Insurance's term life insurance products.

The company also has a thorough website that makes it simple to find answers to common questions and offers instant quotes. However, site users must provide contact information before viewing quotes. Other sites do not require contact information before showing quotes.

With Zander Insurance, you can easily request an application online. However, Zander only provides term life insurance, which is a drawback if you are interested in a permanent policy. Before choosing to work with Zander, read customer reviews and compare it to similar companies.

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Amy R. Toronto, OH

I used Zander's website( after my husband's term life insurance rate increased) because they were endorsed by Dave Ramsey. I was a little hesitant to leave my contact information (but unfortunately, it was the only way to get the quotes to show up), and now I'm very sorry that I did! They need to have something on their website that gives prospective customers the ability to give permission to use that contact information because not every customer wants to be pestered. Some of us are just gathering information. According to my caller ID, they have called me every single business day for nearly 2 weeks! Hopefully, they'll eventually stop trying!

2 weeks ago

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Jon Ramberg Frenchtown, NJ

I had a bank issue on my end. They called to ask if it was okay to redraft my account, to which I had them confirm the amount. They drafted double what we confirmed on the phone. This wiped my account out since it happened between pay periods and I didn't have extra in my budget this month (I'm in sales and get paychecks that vary) I was bounced around between people. They realized they made a mistake and were wrong. Their one manager called me on her "personal cell" from a restricted phone number. When I confronted her on this about skating their call recording system, but reminding her my state is a single consent state to record calls, the call ended and I got an apology email which she offered I could cancel my policy, I could reapply for a different policy, or I could pay my bank for a stop payment and send them the receipt for reimbursement. I didnt want options to cancel my policy or that cost me money for their mistake. She said they couldn't refund me due to rebating laws which I knew not to be true. Finally someone in management realized there is an issue and contacted me . The AVP said they could refund me and the CSR person was wrong. The AVP offered me a visa gift card that I could use on Google pay or apple pay, allegedly or a check. I chose a check. But then she said it would be 5 days before someone who could sign a check would be in the office and another day before they would mail it which forced me to get a gift card. After several hours I got a virtual gift card for reimbursement but it wasn't as promised it was only able to be used for online transactions. While it wasn't a perfect solution it did at least help. I'm glad someone there had the integrity to do the right thing and correct their mistake.

3 months ago

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Kenneth Stem Arroyo Grande, CA

Bought life insurance a couple of years ago and they were great. Tried to get liability insurance for my business and they simply did not want my business. Left 2 voice mails but they would not return my calls. UPDATE: I spoke with Tammie who was very gracious and apologized. It is clear there was an internal error that caused the problem but is now resolved. They are a good company that I have used in the past.

5 months ago Edited October 11, 2023

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Ed Garvin Springfield, MO

Quoted one price for a policy, when the policy arrived it was twice the quote. Additionally, their customer service is clearly reading from prepared scripts which makes getting credible answers difficult.

1 month ago


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Talmadge Clark Sacramento, CA

Zander really did find me the best deal on term life insurance coverage, just like they advertise. I got several qoutes from several different companies (which meant several exams, blood work, and waiting for doctors offices to send in my medical history records). Zander found me the highest coverage amount, for a 20 year, level term policy, for the lowest cost. The closest competitor was $70 / mo. ($840 / yr.) more and offered only a 15 year term. Zander representatives kept in touch with me and assisted me in keeping the process updated, while waiting for medical history records to be sent in and processed. I was very pleased to find a company who delivered exactly what they claim in their advertisements.

1 year ago

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Ashley Johnson Greenbrier, TN

Zander Insurance is awesome! They make the process of applying for life insurance super easy. I got my quote online within a minute or less, picked a company to apply with, requested an application, and got a call the next day to start my application over the phone. I did have to complete a medical exam, but it wasn't that bad - definitely easier than going to my doctor's office. Someone from Zander called me once a week to keep me posted on the progress of my application and then stayed in touch once it was approved to make sure I had everything I needed. When I got confused with signing the documents electronically, they walked me through it. I couldn't recommend them more. Great company, great people, great policy!

5 years ago

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I am not happy with this company. I was strung along for 6 months, in an attempt to re-establish my lapsed policy. Although I received a letter of acceptance from the third-party agency with which they do business, I was told (months later) by Zander that the underwriters did not accept my application .... which is in direct contradiction to what I've been told via letter of the third-party agency and AND via telephone and email by the representatives from Zander. Total waste of time, not to mention poor communication and conflicting information. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere! I plan to!

6 months ago

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Emily Gregg Nashville, TN

Zander used to be a really good, helpful company but they have gone down hill unfortunately. They used to research better options for you each year and reach out, proactively. Nowadays, they tend to be lazy and you have to continuous call them for help but they do not return calls. Also, if there is any type of claim history or issue, they give up really quickly in trying to help you. Basically, leaving you high and dry after being their customer for many years. I will not be using them again in the future.

7 months ago

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Nicholas Bullock Tampa, FL

Made an appointment for a questionnaire phone call regarding an insurance application. They never called. Two weeks later they asked when I would be ready for the same call, I scheduled for the next day. They were late calling and I missed the call when they finally called. I called back and was put on hold for 20 minutes, until I gave up. Someone called me back and when I voiced my complaint that they were wasting my time, he became snarky and at the end of the call slipped in that he was sorry I was put on hold and hung up. Leaving out the part where they missed an appointment that I blocked out time for and then were late calling on the next appointment. They like to waste your time and then become rude when you voice your concern about it.

8 months ago

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Charles Mcneill

Dustin c did a great job on car insurance, saved me $$$$ for sure

2 months ago

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Todd R Austin, TX

I should have known there was an issue immediately when I started getting calls from 2 different salesmen who didn’t know the other was calling. Then, when my policy was sent to me from Banner, there was incorrect information that I wanted corrected. Zander, when they actually communicated, was probing for more and more information on behalf of he underwriter for a colonoscopy that never happened. I’ve never had a colonoscopy. I was asked twice “Are you sure you’re not just forgetting?” Who forgets a colonoscopy?! Then they started asking about polyps being removed. That never happened either. The communication with Zander was awful. Given how upset I was that I was being treated like a criminal, I would have thought someone would have picked up the phone and called, instead of waiting on me to answer questions in an email I never saw. God awful customer service and a God awful experience. Now I’m questioning the ID theft protection I signed up for.

4 years ago

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Margaret Valentino Oceanside, NY

I applied for term life insurance through Zander on recommendation from my financial advisor. They were "great" about calling me many times to ask very detailed questions about my medical history over the past 5-10 years for the application, but when I wanted to talk with someone about why I was declined, I couldn't get anyone on the phone. I am a 42 year old nonsmoker and in good health; it really doesn't make sense why I should be declined. I could see the cost going up if there was some sort of red flag I am not aware of, but I would expect some sort of communication about it if there were. I didn't have time for a 40 minute or longer interview telling the name and address of every clinic I had visited in the past 10 years and spent the time listing as much information as I could find in my records on the online survey. When the person came for my medical exam, she asked many of the same questions as if the online survey was never even looked at. I get random text messages asking to confirm or clarify some information in the application (rather than an email or phone call) and then a cryptic text about whether I want a rider for my kids. It just doesn't seem that professional, kind of sloppy and disorganized. Then I get an email stating my whole application was declined: no explanation, nothing. I call on September 16th, but can't get through to someone to explain this to me. I finally get an email on 9/21 with a link stating that the reason for my application being declined was some information on a third party medical records report of some sort. If this were going to prevent approval of my application, WHY NOT LOOK AT THIS FIRST RATHER THAN WASTING MY VERY VERY LIMITED TIME??? It makes me think that, should I were to get insurance through this company, and I were to die, there would be all sorts of hoops and ladders in order for my dependents to actually get the money I had been paying the insurance premiums towards or they would be denied for some sort of technicality. If this company can't even manage the application process, how can I trust them with my loved ones' financial wellbeing when I am not there?????

1 year ago

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Josh Barlow ,

Good people, I've never had a bad encounter with them, but my goodness their internal communication is horrendous. I'm surprised this is Dave Ramsey's golden insurance company. They've reached out to me via email, text, and phone call coming up on 50 times now over the past 3 weeks for the following reasons (multiple times per instance): - to give me the same quotes multiple times - to ask why I haven't yet applied - for my over the phone application - to ask why I hadn't yet set up an over the phone health assessment (it was scheduled for the next day at 10:30am) plus a separate call and email for the same question for my wife - for my over the phone health assessment - to again ask when my wife and I were going to schedule our phone health assessments (they call, text, and email me for everything related to my wife even though we've given them her contact info multiple times) - to ask my wife for 3 dates that would work best for her for an in-person health evaluation - to tell my wife they could come this Thursday or Saturday (no reference to her dates of choice) The icing on the cake was when my wife called today wondering why she needed an in-person health evaluation and I didn't. The response: "We have no records of your husband in our system." Up to this point I've tried to be tolerant, hoping that once I get our life insurance set up I never have to hear from Zander again, but I'm really considering going elsewhere now.

2 years ago

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Theresa P Orlando, FL

Run run as fast as you can. I have three life insurance. I called Zander up to ask about replacing and consolidating. They had me do a medical exam. afterwards they gave me a quote for a $400,000 policy. I had requested a $900,000 policy. They had the nerve to tell me I could not have a higher policy than my husband. After I did the medical exam. Because he had a higher income than me. He is uninsurable due to health reasons. He had a group policy through work so that became my cap, as far as Zander is concerned. Way to act like it's 1920 Zander.

4 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Doug White House, TN

If you are looking to work with the best in the business, Zander is the way to go. Competitive pricing and wonderful customer service. Check them out!

5 years ago Edited September 14, 2021


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Anh t Le Clearwater, FL

Don’t waste your time got a very good quote only to wait almost 4 months for them to send a policy that was 4 times higher than they quoted .Claming there was a medical issue which is totally bogus!!! There are no healthy issues on no prescription medicine, non-smoker, non-drinker. 5’2 115 lbs What a total time waist

10 months ago

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Aaron Degnan North Pole, AK

I reached out to Zander to find life insurance because they are recommended by Dave Ramsey. The first provider they put me in for put me in the heathy class but dubbed my offered rate because I deployed to Iraq 12 years ago. The second just straight denied me. Now they won’t get back with me on why I can’t take the first offer. I have no health issues but they can’t find me coverage. Not a good outfit to look for your life insurance! No happy with the last year of lost time going through these guys. Maybe look somewhere else if you’ve ever served in the military.

2 years ago

Zander Insurance Logo

Reply from Zander Insurance

We have contacted Mr. Degnan to provide clarification regarding the reason(s) for his insurance denial (the details of which cannot be discussed in a public forum), as it is not related to his military service. However, we have not heard back from him. When facilitating an application for insurance and providing quotes, we rely solely on the full disclosure of our clients in regard to their health and lifestyle questions in order to provide an accurate estimation of eligibility. Unfortunately, the underwriting process revealed several concerns that were not disclosed at the start of the process, making the denial unavoidable. We would be happy to discuss this information, as well as next steps, if Mr. Degnan will contact us.

Apr. 9th, 2021

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Larry Oberbroeckling Safety Harbor, FL

Very difficult process. Have to send information over and over....I've had 8 or 9 contacts with them still no insurance. Who has that much time to waste....

6 months ago

Zander Insurance Logo

Reply from Zander Insurance

We are sorry to hear that this process has been difficult. The bulk of the delays have been caused by waiting on medical records ordered initially (June). After the records were reviewed, the insurance company ordered supplemental records. There was back-and-forth medical questioning in between this to ensure records were ordered from the correct facility. The records recently ordered have been received and no additional requirements are outstanding at this time. A member of our management team reached out to the client to apologize and provide more details. We also requested that the insurance company make a decision on the application as quickly as possible, and the client's file has been assigned to our VIP case manager for handling.

Aug. 28th, 2023

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Brandon Humphries Rock Island, TN

Nothing less then a joke say they can save you money but then call you with a company saying they want 3000 dollars at once doe the whole policy upfront but yet they were the cheapest at first cone on

9 months ago

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Joe Guerra San Antonio, TX

I've never had such a hard time getting insured. They directed me to assurity ins. And it's just back n forth. I'm a healthy 61 year old. I pretty much gave up. I mean $50 a month for $50,000. It's not free.

1 year ago

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warm 1 Selden, NY

5 hours to get insurance cards and a binder. 5 agents, no one professional enough to get the job done. Highly unrecommended

1 year ago