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LAST UPDATED: January 29th, 2024

Washington National Insurance Company has been in business since 1911 and is based in Carmel, Indiana. The company has four core values, including integrity, customer focus, excellence, and teamwork. 

Customers of Washington National are assisted by insurance agents. Washington National's main aim is to help middle-income Americans. The insurance company received high financial strength ratings from A.M. Best and has billions in invested assets. Its long history as an insurance carrier and high financial strength ratings mean that policyholders can be confident in Washington National's ability to meet claims obligations.

Washington National carries term, whole, and universal life insurance. It also offers additional kinds of insurance, like health insurance, and helps business owners with their employee benefits packages.

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Washington National works to help families stay financially stable while dealing with the costs of illnesses, deaths, and accidents by offering life insurance coverage.

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The Good

  • Thorough Coverage
  • Universal Life
  • Whole Life
  • Health Insurance and Workplace Benefits

Thorough Coverage

When looking for a Washington National life insurance policy, people can choose between universal life insurance and whole life insurance products. Each kind of insurance policy has its own advantages. With these options customers can find the kind of permanent insurance coverage they need.

Universal Life

One can never predict what is going to happen in life, and this policy is ideal for protecting against unexpected emergencies. Universal life policies provide coverage that lasts a lifetime as long as the monthly insurance premium is paid. With this plan, people can:

  • Modify premium prices to fit with one's circumstances
  • Save money with cash value accumulation, that goes toward a tax-free death benefit
  • Access the accumulated cash through "living benefits"
  • Increase the cash value through the S&P 500 index option

Universal life insurance policies have a little more flexibility in insurance premiums and coverage levels. While this feature is advantageous in some situations, you could risk losing the policy if the premium rates are higher than you can pay. Be sure to understand how premium rates change over time with this insurance plan before making a final purchase.

If you decide to access you cash value early, keep in mind that the death benefit will be reduced until you pay the loan back.

Whole Life

Whole Life insurance is an option that offers lifetime protection as long as the policyholder pays the premiums. People like this policy because it helps with the costs of one's final expenses and coverage lasts a lifetime. 

Like a universal life insurance policy, whole life policies accrue cash value over time. The cash value accrual is not affected by fluctuations in the stock market. This stability is a major benefit of choosing a whole life policy. The cash value accrues at a guaranteed minimum rate by the insurance provider.

The policyholder can access the cash value while living for loans or use their policy as an asset. However, if you have an outstanding loan from your cash value, when the insured passes away, the death benefit is reduced by the outstanding balance.

The premiums for whole life insurance policies are not as flexible as rates for universal life insurance policies. Instead, they remain consistent.

However, it should be noted that whole life insurance policies are usually the most expensive across the life insurance industry.

Health Insurance and Workplace Benefits

Washington National also offers services and products in addition to life insurance. Consumers can also purchase supplemental health insurance, including: 

  • Cancer insurance
  • Accident insurance 
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Heart and stroke insurance 
  • Hospital insurance

These supplemental insurance plans provide additional coverage for specific situations, which is nice to have for these kinds of expensive needs. For workplace benefits, people can choose to buy accident and disability insurance, cancer and critical illness insurance, and hospitalization and ICU insurance , as well as life insurance.


The Bad

  • No Term Life Insurance
  • No Quotes Online
  • Policy Offerings May Not Be Available Everywhere
  • No Online Chat Option

No Term Life Insurance

Washington National's coverage options do not include term life insurance policies. If you only want to buy coverage for a set period of time, you'll need to consider another insurer.

No Quotes Online

Finding a Washington National quote is extremely inconvenient. The website does not offer any pricing information or quotes online. However, because life insurance premiums depend on demographic information and health history, there is some variability. This variability makes it difficult to offer accurate quotes. Some life insurers and quote agencies do offer online estimates., but working directly with a life insurance agent is the best way to understand both the value offered and cost of an insurance policy.

Those interested in a life policy from Washington National should contact an insurance agent or request to be contacted. Once they have done that, the insurance agent will contact them, and they can ask for more details about coverage and payment.

Policy Offerings May Not Be Available Everywhere

While Washington National offers some great options for life insurance policies, these options may not be available in every state. Some life insurance policies have the option to add a rider that offers additional coverage. Contact a Washington National insurance agent to learn more specific information about what plans and riders are available to you.

No Online Chat Option

The contact options on the website are basic. Washington National does not offer an email address for general information, and they do not offer an online chat option.

An online chat option would be especially helpful with this company since they only offer specific policy information through contacting a representative. This factor would be a lot more convenient if customers could simply online chat a representative their question.


The Bottom Line

While it would be nice to have more information about its life insurance products and their cost online, Washington National has some good policies available. Interested individuals should consider customer reviews and reach out to the life insurance company to learn more information about available options.

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Priscilla Dwight Fort Lauderdale, FL

I recently discovered that Washington Nation Health Insurance has been deducting $50 from my paycheck per pay period, and I am appalled. It feels like complete robbery. When I tried to cancel my membership, I was met with unnecessary hassle. They require me to mail in a cancellation request or fax it with my name, policy number, and signature. This is completely outdated and inconvenient in this day and age. To make matters worse, the representative I spoke with was incredibly rude and unhelpful. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, he immediately dismissed my request and implied that the supervisor would not be able to assist me either. When I explained his rudeness, he put me on hold for 10 minutes and then hung up on me. It is clear that Washington Nation Health Insurance is more interested in taking people's money than providing decent customer service. I strongly advise against spending your hard-earned money with them, as they clearly do not care about their customers.

1 month ago

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B Brew Scott Depot, WV

Do not sign up with this company. They are terrible. Made false statements to me to get me to sign up. Now, several years later, after never using the policy, I canceled it but they refuse to stop deductions from my paycheck or refund money they’ve been taking from me for several weeks. The representative I spoke with said that is not their responsibility and to contact my company’s payroll department! My employer doesn’t have the money. They didn’t take it. It’s Washington National’s responsibility.

3 months ago Edited November 27, 2023

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Deb Zurenda Spring Grove, PA

YOU WILL REGRET DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! My dad had a cancer insurance policy and paid it annually for 37 years. After his death, my mom cancelled the policy and requested a refund for the 6 months that were prepaid. They issued a check to his "estate". The bank refused to cash it because there was no "estate". I called and was instructed to return the check with proof that they had a joint bank account. I obtained such documentation, returned the check and mailed it to the address as instructed. After hearing nothing from the company for over a month, I called to inquire. They said they had not received the check, nor was it their policy to reissue a check with proof of a joint account. Now, I was told that I needed an affidavit from a probate office in order for the check to be reissued. Thank the good Lord, that dad never had cancer because I can't imagine how difficult it would have been to get this company to pay for those expenses! The point is, this company cashed checks as payment for the premium annually for 37 years, taking thousands from an account with BOTH of their names and now this craziness required to get a refund check properly issued is RIDICULOUS!!!! BEWARE!!!!!

7 months ago

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rick oldham Shawnee, KS

Worst insurance company I've ever dealt with. Horrible customer service, extremely difficult to file a claim and collect a death benefit. I hope the company goes out of business as no one should ever have to deal with a company this bad! Please do not ever buy a policy from this company!!

6 months ago

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Jann Chesterland, OH

I was sold a policy through the school system where I was employed for Cancer insurance. I explained my age at the time (54 years old) and that I intended to work another 10-15 years. The agent explained that although the policy was more expensive than I could purchase elsewhere (I paid 100 dollars to Washington National versus 60 dollars through my insurance agent), I would receive my premiums back when I left the schools unlike through my home insurance broker. A Washington National agent contacted me almost two years ago and I explained that I was looking at retiring. I explained that I was looking forward to having the return of funds because I had never used the policy. She said that she would call in a year which she did not do. I phoned today to advise that I have retired and wanted my premiums returned and was advised for the first time that I had to pay for twenty years to request a return of funds or forfeit my money. This was NEVER explained. I am sure it is in the book they sent me about my policy, but would have been a deal breaker at the beginning. I do not intend to pay 40 dollars more per month for the next nine years to have the money returned to me. STAY AWAY FROM WASHINGTON NATIONAL. I feel like a scam victim. Disgusted. READ YOUR POLICY even if it is a book.

2 years ago

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Angelia smith Jacksonville, FL

This is not my personal experience with this company thank God!! I am sitting back watching my 73 year old mother go back and forth with these people! May 2019 my mom had an accident where she was attacked my dogs and broke her neck she then file her accident claim with these people and sent in all supporting documents !! Even 700 pages they requested for what reason I dont know IT'S AN ACCIDENT!! THAT REQUEST WAS SENT OVER NIGHT!! OF EVERY DOCUMENT YOU SEND OVER HAS TO TAKE 10 DAYS RIGHT!! NOW REMEMBER SHE'S NOT FILING FOR CRITICAL , OR DISABILITY JUST ACCIDENT!!! NOW THEY WANT THE PROCEDURE S OF THE ACCIDENT??? IT TAKES ALL THIS TO PAY OUT A CLAIM ON A ACCIDENT POLICY??? THEY ARE TRYING TO HOLD THIS CLAIM UP!!! THE ONLY ONE OUT OF THIS BIG COMPANY TRYING HELP MY MOTHER AND EXPRESS ANY KIND OF SYMPATHY WAS LASHABIA I GIVE THANKS TO HER!! I ALSO HAVE POLICES THESE PEOPLE WHICH IM GOING TO CANCEL

4 years ago

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Stressed Kansas City, MO

This company has the worst Customer Service, that I have ever dealt with. I have had a policy through the multiple name changes for nearly 40 years and I received a letter , after a payment was made with a confirmation number. When I called and wanted to make sure the payment was made they said my policy lapsed , communicating to me I had to overnight a check or I was done. No one even wanted to help with this. told me I had no agent unless I wanted to spend more money or upgrade. Unbelievable. They took no responsiblity to let me know they did not accept my payment. to honor the letter they sent saying I had 15 days, and of course you get the letter with 5 days left and some are weekends when they are closed and don't answer their phone. wow horrible i the word to describe the service.

4 years ago

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My husband has had a whole life insurance policy that was bought by Washington national. I am on the policy as well on a rider. We have had this policy for over 30 years. I got a bill saying we owed insurance costs of $230 or the policy would lapse. I called to ask for a printout of insurance costs and could get no information, because it is in my husbands name. So I sent the money and the check cleared before the lapse date. I received a letter yesterday that the policy had lapsed. I called and told them that the check had cleared and could get no information. The premiums are paid via auto deduction from my bank account so no payments have been missed. I am very confused. And am receiving NO help from the company to understand.

5 years ago

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Azline Dodson Bradenton, FL

Mom and Dad had fall insurance for many years. My Mom fell, we gathered all the records and sent them in. They never paid. My Father passed away and we sent them a death certificate to stop the automatic payment from their account. They took out payments for over a year after my Father’s death. We had to pay a fee to the bank to stop washington National from taking out anymore money from my Mom’s account. No one from Washington National will return our calls. If you are looking for an insurance company, please research them very well and Do Not go with Washington National or you will be very disappointed.

5 years ago

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Tammy Mansfield Pipestem, WV

This company is a joke. My mom had a policy for Heart Attack. When she signed up it was supposed to be around $28 per month. When she received paperwork it was almost $70 per month. She and I both called and cancelled the policy. Never thought about it until she passed away. Upon her death my dad put me on his checking account and when I was reviewing their statements I noticed that every month there was a deduction for the approximated $70 per month. I called the company and they stated the policy was still in force. They told me to send death certificate showing she had died from a hearth attack which I did and sent the physician statement. I was then notified that she also had COPD so that made her policy void. Instead of doing her for a policy for just Heart Attack they also did cancer and the COPD was listed under that policy. My mom was elderly and never knew. This company is nothing but crooks!

5 years ago

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J. W. Chattanooga, TN

I signed up for two policies through my employer. When I received the information in the mail, it stated that I was a male. I am, and have always been, female. It says female on my birth certificate and my driver's license. The agent who signed me up made an error. When I called to get this fixed, the customer service representative told me I had to fax a copy of my driver's license to them to get it fixed. I did this four times. It was never fixed. When I called to cancel my policy (I found a cheaper and more responsive company), the representative told me I had to fax or mail a signed statement. The fax number didn't work. The agent on the phone when I called back questioned me to ensure I actually put the number in right. I did, four times. This company is a headache to deal with. There isn't an option from the main menu to speak to a representative directly, and they aren't responsive.

6 years ago

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John Biehunko Porter, TX

There is nothing I like about this company. I have had a policy with this company for over 20 years. I had a life insurance policy that went up horribly and almost depleted my cash value before I caught it. I had 2 other policies and now the ICU policy has expired due to age. I am cancelling a cancer policy before that times out. I have never had a claim with this company and in fact the representative that I initially had left the business and I never knew. The company has changed names so many times I can't even remember all of them.

2 years ago

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Kristin Hale Placentia, CA

I have a 403b annuity with Washington Mutual. I am trying to transfer MY MONEY to a new company. They are being difficult. I have filled out the paperwork to transfer. 4 weeks later, I got a letter saying they received it and want a new one? What? Why? If there is a mistake, what is it? They also want a corporate board of resolution? What is that? I just want my money. I’m not a corporation. I’ve now been on hold with customer service for 20 minutes. There is no email address available. Very very very poor customer service.

2 years ago

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Lorraine Marie Nemecek Flushing, MI

I have been attempting to effect a rollover INTO this company for the past 6 months. The persons I have spoken with don't seem to know the difference between rolling into and rolling out of!!! I've had it. I am rolling my account into another company and when that is done, I will be rolling OUT my account with them to a reputable company with competent employees. I am beyond frustrated with them!!!!

2 years ago

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Margaret Sydney, NSW

For over 5 years I have requested to surrender (close out) my Insured Policy that commenced in May 1983 with an employer that ceased to operate in the 1990s. From 'we have to look into this,' to failing to send the correct form, I have now sent my FIFTH request. This is theft by inaction and if not paid, I need to pursue legal options. March 2020.

3 years ago

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Vic Salt Lake City, UT

I had an injury in my wood shop. I had been paying my premium for over a year. They denied my coverage. I asked to cancel several times but, they kept charging my card. I finally managed to cancel and they billed me one last time. I called and argued it. They said they’d issue me a refund. The check showed up less than the amount that was taken. DO NOT sign up with these thieves.

6 years ago

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Joy Melendez Chino, CA

If I could give a zero star I would, horrible company, they have horrible customer service, never return phone calls, they loose paperwork and the right hand does not know what the left is doing, they take close to a year to pay on anything, steer clear of this company.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Angie Price Bay Springs, MS

Horrible customer service. I have called 4 times on them getting premiums for my 3 policies mixed up. Every time I have been told they will contact home office to get it fixed. They will not even give me the home office number. I'm scared if I have to actually use any of the policies if they can't even get payments straight!!

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

tx240sx Gardner, KS

The customer service of Washington National is nothing more than paid apologizers. The company gives them no authority to actually assist customers. My issue was billing and my experience lead me to cancel my policy and move on. I couldn't imagine going through the claims process.

2 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jennifer Hodges ,

Horrible customer service. This is apparently a very low-tech company, as they do not even have an email address I can send documents to according to the claims representatives I have spoken to, even after telling them their fax number does not work and they never seem to get the documents I've mailed to them. Would not recommend at all.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Brynne MacInnes Venice, CA

TERRIBLE COMPANY - DO NOT SIGN UP. I have had a horrible experience with Washington National Insurance and they have been debiting money out of my account without my knowledge and refuse to cancel my account over the phone. The only way I am able to cancel is via a handwritten letter. Absolutely ridiculous!

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Robin Vettoretti Dallas, TX

My grandmother had a Benefit Now account through Washington National Insurance Company. She passed away and they are totally giving us the run around. Won't tell us anything about what happened to her money even though we provided the death certificate and a letter requesting information on the account. Would not recommend this company.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Kim Bell Memphis, TN

If you have a 15 year term life policy. They go up on the life policy where you cannot afford it, after the 15 years. Payed on a 15 year term life policy, will not get a dime out of it. Sounds like a scam.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Henry DeWitt Conshohocken, PA

Company is intent on retaining assets even to their own detriment. We have a small (<$1000) policy that we want to roll over to an IRA and they make it exceedingly difficult.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

BOBBY Marlow, OK

this place is a joke dont buy anything from them my dad had a heart policy he had a heart attack and died claimed denied BEWARE ITS A MONEY SCAM

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Mark Madison, WI

Horrible. Complete run around. After 6 phone calls still no check.

6 years ago