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LAST UPDATED: July 21st, 2021

Founded in 1879, Navy Mutual Aid Association specializes in helping current and former military members and their families. It offers three life insurance policy options designed to meet military needs. You'll benefit from policies that do not restrict coverage for war or military service. The insurer also offers faster processing for applicants getting ready to deploy.

Although Navy Mutual offers many beneficial features with its policies, does not have much customer insight. Additional reviews would offer a better understanding of the quality Navy Mutual offers

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The Good

  • High Financial Strength Rating
  • Policies Geared for Military Needs
  • Expedited Processing Available
  • Helpful Term Life Insurance Options
  • Whole Life Insurance Available

High Financial Strength Rating

Navy Mutual has consistently received a high financial strength rating from Fitch. Although most life insurers have ratings from A.M. Best, Navy Mutual's rating from Fitch still inspires confidence that Navy Mutual is financially stable and able to meet its claims obligations.

Policies Geared for Military Needs

Since Navy Mutual serves military members, its life insurance policies have no restrictions for military service or war clauses.

In addition to these features, Navy Mutual offers its members and their families beneficiary services that include benefits counseling and veteran services recognized by the VA. Members can also find discounts on dental insurance, vision insurance, and PODS Moving and Storage.

Expedited Processing Available

Another advantage of working with Navy Mutual is that the company offers expedited processing if you're getting ready to deploy. This extra service makes it easier to get a life insurance policy in place before you deploy.

Helpful Term Life Insurance Options

Navy Mutual offers two term life insurance policy options. Flex Term is geared for people ages 18 to 45 and designed to supplement your SGLI coverage.

The Level II Plus Term is geared for people ages 45 to 75 and includes additional features like the option to extend the guaranteed convertibility feature that allows you to convert the policy to Navy Mutual's whole life insurance.

With both of these term life insurance policies, you'll find the following:

  • Accelerated death benefit included (eligible after maintaining policy for five years)
  • Guaranteed convertibility feature (must meet terms and conditions)

You can also add a child benefit rider for children under age 26.

Whole Life Insurance Available

Navy Mutual's Flagship whole life insurance policy offers the ability to accumulate cash value over time that can be used as an asset. You can choose between a chronic and terminal illness settlement option for your policy. This option comes at no additional cost.

You can add the following riders to offer additional protection:

  • Paid-up additions (use funds to increase death benefit or cash value without more medical underwriting)
  • Participating dividends (receive dividends from your policy's cash value)
  • Generations coverage (add children or grandchildren)

In many cases, you'll need to complete a medical exam for underwriting this policy. However, Navy Mutual offers up to $400,000 in guaranteed issue coverage under certain circumstances. For example, if you or your family were covered by SGLI or Family SGLI and recently separated from the military, a medical exam may be waived. Reach out to Navy Mutual for more details.


The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Insight
  • Limited Policy Options
  • No Disability Waiver Riders Listed
  • Eligibility Requirements

Insufficient Customer Insight

Best Company does not have many Navy Mutual reviews, so our understanding of the customer experience is limited. Although life insurance companies generally tend to have lower review counts on compared to other industries, more customer insight would be beneficial in assessing Navy Mutual life insurance.

Limited Policy Options

Navy Mutual only offers term and whole life insurance. If you want another type of life insurance such as universal life insurance, you'll need to find another provider.

No Disability Waiver Riders Listed

Navy Mutual does not include disability waiver riders on its website. These riders waive premiums if the policyholder becomes disabled, which allows you to keep your policy in place and worry about one less bill. These riders are more commonly offered with permanent life insurance policies.

If you're looking for this kind of rider, you'll need to find another carrier.

Eligibility Requirements

Navy Mutual only serves current and former members of the U.S. military or uniformed services. If you are no longer part of the military, you must have been honorably discharged or retired.

You'll need to find another company if you do not meet Navy Mutual's eligibility requirements.


The Bottom Line

Although additional policy and rider options would be nice, Navy Mutual's life insurance offerings have many features that benefit military service members and their families. If you're looking for a financially stable insurer with policies designed around military member needs, Navy Mutual is a good option.

Additional customer insight would offer a better understanding of the quality of Navy Mutual's services and products. However, few competitors offer policies geared for military service as Navy Mutual does.

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Andrea Fredericks Edmond, OK

If you are eligible for coverage from Navy Mutual sign up as soon as possible. It is a great company and offers military families life insurance policies at the lowest rate on the market. I have gotten quotes from the top 5 insurance companies on the market and no one even came close to Navy Mutual. I have yet to find a whole life policy that will return all your premiums if you choose to leave the company but Navy Mutual does. I have signed up my entire family including my grandkids for their whole life policies.

3 years ago

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tommy binford Pointblank, TX

Was contacted 2-12-19 by Bill W of Navy Mutual. We discussed the whole life policy and I decided to move forward. Had to pay them 155.00 and was told at this point i would have to take a medical exam. No where on their web site is this ever mentioned. I took the exam and there were a couple issues and they scheduled 2 follow ups, which I took. It is now 4-2-19 and no decision and out the money. They have communicated very well, however I have lost all faith and belief in what they tell me. I am now wondering if I got scammed.

4 years ago

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Maura Noonan Springfield, MA

Very disappointed with Navy Mutual's response . So many delays and total lack of credibility. The version of events regarding what was happening at their end changed repeatedly depending on whom I was speaking with. Some examples: IT issues, even distribution issues, interested accrued issues, verbal confirmation issues, wire transfer confirmation issues all of which were provided repeatedly. Did I finally receive the distribution that I was waiting for? Yes, but only after many, many phone calls, emails etc none of which should have been necessary. So much stalling and for what reason? Very disheartening at my end. Would never recommend anyone do business with Navy Mutual. My heart goes out to other US serviceman's families who are going through the same process.

2 years ago

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Bob G. Orange Park, FL

I saw the commercials on television and since our term policy was at the end, I was actively looking for insurance. I received an extremely low quote based on other quotes we had received. Only after my exam did it get ugly. by the end of it all, we were quoted very simular pricing to other companies. This really smells like a scam.

4 years ago

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Frankie Peppers Luray, VA

I got my rate quote for my wife and myself.Did the blood and urine tests and received the test results.Paid 3 months of premiums on my wife and myself.Two weeks from the time I submitted our applications and I can't get any answers as to why our applications have not been approved or denied.I have placed several calls to cancel this and have my money returned and I keep getting the run around to speak with a different person.Buyer beware.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Susan Powers Chesapeake, VA

Great value for money, eaxy to reach, quick to respond, have the insurance products I need

5 years ago