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LAST UPDATED: May 4th, 2021

Sunday Lawn Care was launched in early 2019 by two brothers, Trent and Coulter Lewis. It is based in Boulder, Colorado has set out to disrupt the lawn care business with its subscription-based plans, and more environmentally, human, and pet friendly ingredients. 

Traditional lawn care involves heavy amounts of herbicides and pesticides being applied to lawns around the country. Sunday customizes lawn plans for each home and sends its customers boxes filled with what they will need for a year of lawn care. Each lawn plan is different based on the lawn’s needs. Some lawn plans even come with soil test kits so that it can truly customize lawn care. We appreciate that attention to detail. 

Most of its lawn plans include three shipments of nutrients for your lawn with two to four pouches in each shipment. Shipments are spaced out based on your climate and grass growth. Its fertilizer pouches utilize a connector device that is included to connect to a typical garden hose. Customers then spray the fertilizer on their lawn. 

Sunday Lawn Care has exceptional reviews on its website and has received significant press coverage including from Forbes Magazine and The Old House. 

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The Good

  • Safer Ingredients
  • Customized Care
  • Easy Application System
  • Better Lawn Guarantee
  • Plan Options

Safer Ingredients

Most lawn care services include a heavy dose of herbicides and pesticides being applied to a lawn. Traditional lawn care can use up to 10 times more pesticide per acre than even industrial farms. Sunday Lawn Care also argues that this traditional lawn care is a brute force model that makes grass and soil dependent on these chemicals.

Instead Sunday uses a few ingredients with recognizable names such as soy protein which is a natural source of nitrogen. The company also includes iron to help grass develop a rich dark green color, seaweed to increase soil fertility, and molasses. 

Customized Care

Sunday Lawn Care’s plans are customized to each lawn by warm or cool-season grass types based on customers’ climates. Customers can go to the company's website and enter their address. Using satellite imagery, property data, weather data, and soil composition, the site creates an immediate report for customers with information on the soil, condition of the lawn, and climate where they live.

This helps the company determine what products each lawn needs most. Every plan also comes with a free laboratory soil test. You'll see what's in your soil, and the company will adjust for any nutrient deficincies it finds.

This gives Sunday a significant advantage over other DIY lawn care fertilizers that homeowners can purchase from stores which are not customized to that level. 

Easy Application System

Its team has designed an easy system for applying Sunday’s lawn fertilizers and treatments. Each kit comes with a hose end connector that allows customers to attach their hose to the fertilizer pouches and distribute it over their lawn. Boxes are shipped once annually (typically) with all of the tools and treatments you need for an entire year of lawn care. No trips to the store. 

Better Lawn Guarantee

Sunday Lawn Care has a Better Lawn Guarantee and is committed to making sure its products work for customers. Like many of its competitors, Sunday Lawn Care will help you grow a better lawn guaranteed. Customers can contact its team with any complaints, or to request replacements. The company will refund customers’ money if they are not completely satisfied. 

Plan Options

Traditional lawn care services can run into the hundreds of dollars each year for their treatments. Sunday Lawn Care has plans that start in the low $100s. If customers choose to upgrade to higher-end plans, then the cost comes into line with traditional lawn care services. 


The Bad

  • Weed Control Not Included
  • Better for Smaller Yards

Weed Control Not Included

Many lawn treatments include weed control. A common term used for these products is weed-and-feed. Sunday Lawn Care sells two weed control products separate from its fertilizers: a dandelion product, and one that kills grass, weeds, algae, and moss. They are applied via a spot treatment system. Its weed control product is separate from its fertilizer which means customers will have a two step process. 

The company also doesn’t sell a pre-emergent weed control product. Pre-emergent weed control is a pesticide that is laid down across an entire lawn before weeds emerge to kill them. Sunday Lawn Care prefers to limit pesticide use, so it has designed its weed control to include hand pulling and spot treating. This may mean more work for customers, but overall a healthier ecosystem for animals and people.

Better for Smaller Yards

The company's plans are optimized for lawns that are 10,000 square feet, or less than a third of an acre. If your lawn is bigger than this, it may be a good idea to consider a different option. 


The Bottom Line

Sunday Lawn Care is a convenient, environmentally friendly, and safe subscription lawn care service. Unlike most of its competitors, we appreciate that its lawn fertilizers are customized to your soil. This means that it will likely be more effective. The company's fertilizers and herbicides are made of ingredients that are safer for humans and animals alike. Sunday Lawn Care has many positive customer reviews both on its site and from popular home and lawn websites such as This Old House. 

While we appreciate the company's safer, healthier approach to lawn care, coupled with the convenience of a customized subscription, Sunday’s format may not work for larger lawns. Because it is a different, less toxic approach, Sunday's weed products also take a bit more work and time.

Overall it is a great option for customers with a mid to small-sized lawn that are looking for an effective, less toxic lawn care option. 

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