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LAST UPDATED: February 3rd, 2023

Kitchen Tune-Up was started by Dave and Cindy Haglund in 1988. After opening its doors in South Dakota, it has grown to provide services to all 50 states in the U.S. The company was founded on an idea that Dave had in 1986: a process providing that kept kitchen cabinets looking new forever. As a result of this effort, his company got its name “Kitchen Tune-Up.”

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The Good

  • Online Design Tool
  • Family-Owned
  • Product Variety

Online Design Tool

One of the main features of the website is a tool that lets customers get a glimpse at what their kitchen could look like. It is extremely simply and user-friendly—not to mention helpful for those who don’t know one product look from another. Customers can plan out the look of their new kitchen before they even contact the company.


Founding by a husband and wife team, Kitchen Tune-Up is family owned and operated. Kitchen Tune-Up only recently had a change in management when Heidi Morrissey, a daughter of the founders, became president of the company in 2017. The benefit of family-owned businesses is that employees are more likely to work hard and care about company reputation. This means the experts at Kitchen Tune-Up will work hard to win your approval. 

Product Variety

Kitchen Tune-Up offers laminate, solid surface, granite, quartz, and other countertop product types. Its employees hope to be able to educate you as to the best product and design choices according to your taste, budget, and kitchen design. The website also offers before and after pictures of previous projects. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Warranty
  • Undisclosed Fees

Undisclosed Warranty

Kitchen Tune-Up does not disclose warranty information on its website. Surprisingly, this is a relatively common occurrence in the industry, but does not excuse that fact that it forces customers to assume the company offers a bad warranty.

Undisclosed Fees

Just like with warranty information, Kitchen Tune-Up fails to include information regarding any fees along with its service. 


The Bottom Line

Kitchen Tune-Up has created a website painstakingly designed for the needs of its customers. Though it doesn't disclose information regarding warranty or fees, Kitchen Tune-Up shows proof of its excellent service through before and after photos of past work and by providing quality products. We recommend customers at least ask Kitchen Tune-Up for an in-home assessment before making any final decisions. 

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Mishiell Lockhart West Bloomfield, MI

Excellent company! Price was very competitive, selection of material was good and overall performance/finished product was superior! Kitchen tuneup delivered product and finish result as agreed upon. Farooq, my salesperson is honest and pays attention to detail. He was vey professional and courteous. He delivered an excellent presentation. Advertisement arrived by mail one week in advance, which gave me time to price compare with other companies. This company is the truth! You will not be disappointed! I was overjoyed and happy with the finished results. Thank you Farooq for a beautiful job! Rev. Lockhart🤗👍

5 months ago

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Mark in CO Kansas City, MO

DO NOT USE Invoices are not transparent. Was told job was all done and looking great but there were exposed wires, faucets not reinstalled and appliances still in boxes. The project manager, AJ from their Arvada franchise, hadn't even visited the job site in close to a month I came to find out. The job quality was poor and I had to go in to finish the trim, paint, drywall repair and put up all the shelving. After demo of old cabinets, the drywall repairs were not done and the company put up the new cabinets prior to painting the walls. I was given a final balance due invoice of $13K after I was told the job "Was looking great and ready for professional pictures". However, when they did come in to finish what they said was already done they gave me an updated bill for an extra $5K. It cost me over $10K in extra time and expenses out of my own pocket to get this job done, which was fixing their mistakes due to lack of follow through and not following what I wanted them to do. After I asked for a detailed bill with the extra $5K and the entire scope of work, I was refused and the broken out bill was never provided. Then during our dispute discussions, the company put a Mechanic's Lien (which is unfortunately very easy for anyone to do without proof it is actually warranted) on my house. DO NOT USE.

3 months ago

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Rene Gaytan North Richland Hills, TX

This company promises a new kitchen in 1-5 days. They told me 2 weeks max. I paid 50% of the entire project on February 13th and they didn't step foot in my house until April 19th, then June 23, and finally August 12th. So it took 6 months to complete. First thing, the project started with a lie and the lies just continued. They demoed my pantry and were to replace it with a 36" pantry. However; because they either measured wrong or didn't measure at all, I ended up with a 24" pantry which I was told "will still have rollout trays and be much more accessible/user friendly". I ended up with two stacked cabinets and no rollouts. When I questioned them they tried to say I was confused and it was never agreed upon. When I reminded her she promised them and I had it in writing, they gave me 2. When I questioned this because the pantry has 8 shelves, so how does having 2 rollouts make it more functional and accessible? This is where what I call, the blackmail, came in. They would give me 2 more roll outs, but only if I signed an NDA, basically preventing me from reporting her to the BBB, leaving negative feedback, discussing the project with anyone etc. (questionable behavior and, makes you wonder about all the positive reviews). But, I refused to be silenced. They installed damaged cabinets, (which is part of the delay), some of the cabinet fronts were the wrong color (more delays), there was constantly "missing pieces". I couldn't believe anything this woman told me. I walked on eggshells almost the whole 6 months, as she would send me emails after they kept delaying, that said things like "let us know if you don't want us to complete the project". I was in constant fear that I was going to be stuck with no kitchen and they had a huge chunk of my money. And then, I am ashamed to say I let her manipulate me into giving her even another 40% believing she was delivering all of the cabinets to complete the project. I knew she was a liar, but I believe she purposefully showed up when I told her I had a meeting so I was distracted and did not do my due diligence and make her open all of the boxes. But, as usual, she lied again. So another 2 months go by before they finally get the last of the "missing pieces" to finish the project. And you would think that ok, it's over I can breathe easy. But what is so disheartening is, as much as I want to love my kitchen, every time I look at it, it just brings up all the horrible feelings again. My health took a toll because of the constant stress I was under. I could go on for pages but the bottom line is, just steer clear and hire someone else. Believe me you will be much better off!

4 months ago

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Nancy Zolnai Taylors, SC

My husband and I have had many enhancements made to our home since we purchased years ago- bathroom renovation, new screen porch, front door with window, kitchen granite and backsplash, carpet, etc. We have been very pleased with all of them and have gladly recommended to friends and relatives. Unfortunately, our experience with Kitchen TuneUp Greenville, SC has been the complete opposite. We had our last cabinets and refrigerator side panel installed December 21st. This is 298 days after we signed the agreement and paid 50% deposit in February of 2022. Their facebook page states “We specialize in 1-5 day kitchen updates”. We were told it would be ~6 weeks before the cabinets were available for install. Over 5 months went by with our follow up calls/texts either being ignored for days, and/or responded to with endless excuses as received throughout the project (at a business conference, on a deep sea fishing boat, family has a stomach bug, cannot get the supplier to provide an update, etc..). We continued to press, and exhaustingly discussed disputing the credit card payment. This seemed to finally get their attention and to take action. As soon as the inventory was scheduled to be received, we selected the earliest date we could, Monday August 8th. KTU has Monday morning meetings, and only worked in the afternoons on at least 2 Mondays they were in our home. Since so much time has past and I was not working from home on this day, I cannot say with 100% certainty this was the case on the 8th. However, if this was the case, they only worked in the afternoon on Monday and then on Tuesday, primarily removing all the cabinets and drawers as well as prepping for installation of the veneer. There were very few strips of veneer installed on Monday and a little more on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the color after installed did not go well with the rest of the kitchen in our opinion. My husband and I discussed it that evening. We called KTU to get an idea as to how much it would cost to make a color change. We were told less than $1,000. This cost was significantly reduced because KTU stated they had ordered shaker cabinets by mistake. This was good news in that we could change at a low cost, but disconcerting we had not been told about the cabinets. They stated they were just planning to install them temporarily and install the correct ones when they arrived. They agreed to halt work on our home, and we selected the new color ~48 hours later. We were told it would be 15 days to receive the new inventory. We decided going without cabinets for 3 weeks would be fine. After all, it was completely OUR choice to change the color since KTU said it would be less than $1,000. Had it been more, we were going to go other routes (changing backsplash/paint etc.). This was also good for KTU in terms of labor costs. Removing a few strips of veneer is much less labor intensive than installing incorrectly ordered cabinets and reinstalling the correct ones later. Once again, weeks went by with our follow up calls/texts being ignored for days and more excuses given. On Sept. 16th we finally had a ship date of Sept. 21st. KTU asked us to choose an install date between estimated arrival and 28th of October. We stated, “We can take the next available start date but need to start on a Tuesday”. This was agreed to be the week of October 10th. By this point, school had started for our 9 year-old son, and I was now working from home on Mondays and Fridays. This would not have been an issue had the install been completed between February when we signed the agreement and mid-August of 2022. KTU later asked if they could start the Friday prior. I had important meetings that day, and we requested to stick to the schedule as previously agreed. On October 10th we provided KTU with the information to enter our home, and were told in a text from the owner “We are hoping to finish Friday but it will likely take an additional day or two next week!”. This would have the project completed October 19th at the latest. When we arrive home from work on 13th of October our end panels had been painted the same color as the cabinets. My husband and I were concerned and reached out to KTU. Here is her response: “was going to reach out to you tomorrow to present both options because painting is an option that was not available when you originally planned to install the smolder stained materials. Paint would have been proposed as an option if you had originally gone with painted wood product so we wanted to give you the opportunity to make an informed decision by seeing both options in the real time. We have the materials in hand either way, so we are happy to proceed with your preference.” We thought it strange and a waste of time. We stated we paid for panels so let’s go that route. KTU’s only response: “Sounds good! Yes, that is correct!” On October 17th at 10:05pm KTU sent an invoice for the color change for $2,894.75. We saw it first thing the next morning. This is $1,894.75 more than the max from the verbal quote. Included in the invoice was the following threat “If you do not intend to remit payment for this invoice today, please let our office know. Unfortunately, if this is the case, we will have to modify our installation plan and will not be able to return to your home on Tuesday. This will, unfortunately, result in a delayed completion date. “ Also included with this invoice was the 40% of the rest of the project. As explained to us, this 40% payment was requested only after KTU had verified all correct materials had been delivered with correct measurements and no defects. We took their word and paid the 40% invoice that morning. Regarding the invoice for the color change, we repeatedly asked for a written response as to why the difference from what we were told verbally. This request was ignored until October 28th. Here is part of the response: “ When you asked about the cost of the factory finished painted wood veneer, I stated that I thought that would cost less than $1,000. We discussed ways to create cost savings, such as by repainting the end panels, moldings, etc that were a part of the original order. The preference I understood was that you all preferred to move forward with the order for new, factory finished refacing materials instead. Thus, the order was placed and the change order was created. The change order, therefore, reflects the cost of all of the refacing materials ordered to complete your project in the new paint finish - color - Antique.” We never discussed using paint. This is just one of many examples of how KTU constantly avoids and covers up mistakes. They include untruths, unrelated facts, and place blame rather than acting like a professional organization. Just prior to sending the above statement, she told my husband verbally she didn’t include the end panels. Now we understand why they wasted time painting the end panels. Before paying the bill for the color change, I specially asked about the open balance and when it would need to be paid. KTU response “To answer your question, the total remaining balance due for your project is $4880.13. So yes, once you submit your payment of $1992.82, the remaining balance due upon project completion will be $2957.31. “ We promptly paid right after her response. At this point we felt we had no recourse as we had nothing in writing. The following lists the numerous additional mistakes and remaining open items on October 28th, 7 business days past the maximum estimated completion date in which we have reluctantly given KTU 100% access to our home. On this day one person came to our home for a short time and installed once piece of molding. We were told someone would be out to paint that afternoon. My son and I waited. No one showed and no explanation was given when we inquired. • Wrong knobs were ordered and installed. We did agree to keep. • 2 Drawers in desk area incorrectly ordered- Did not disclose until asked many times when project would be complete. • 2 Drawers in wet bar incorrectly ordered- Did not disclose until asked many times when project would be complete. • 2 Drawers under stove incorrectly ordered- Did not disclose until asked many times when project would be complete. • Installed trashcan door with cabinet hole. Owner stated this would be replaced. Hole was patched, reinstalled and did not disclose. • Painted edge inside many cabinets that should have veneer. Tells us that is their practice while other areas are professionally done. • Original order states 2 doors to cover desk. Only 1 door was installed and never communicated as to why. • Needed to apply second coat of paint to corbels in living room. • Install lazy susan door. The one ordered did not fit/was incorrectly measured. • Install panel on right side of refrigerator incorrectly cut by installer. • Installed pillars need at least one more coat of paint • Install cover over area near oven • Glue to install glass on 5 cabinets needs to be professional and neat • Fill in all seams so they appear professional and neat KTU continues to slowly progress until ~November 3rd to complete the contractually obligated contract along with our color change. We asked for nothing more. At this time, we are once again in a holding pattern waiting on incorrectly ordered materials. Included with this is now a cover for a drawer in the wet bar area. KTU came out to adjust the drawer because 2 drawers were touching when open. A hairline crack was discovered in the drawer cover that evening. I cannot say for certain if it was there prior to the adjustment or not. Once shipment arrives, we are told all remaining items with the exception of the lazy susan doors would be installed on December 1st. This all of sudden changed to include the refrigerator side panel. We inquired as to why, and no explanation was given. We are then blindsided with an invoice the afternoon of Dec. 1st for $682.45. KTU also stated “We honored our commitment to return to your home today. We request that you honor your obligation to tbe contract you signed by bringing your account current!” I kindly reminded her she stated in writing all remaining payment was due upon completion, and we would disregard this invoice. This is one of many examples of why we gave up on verbal communication with KTU during the course of the project and requested everything be addressed in writing. Open items after Dec 1st install: • Missing knob for one of cabinets installed. • Small indention in trashcan door installed. We agreed to have this patched. • Lazy susan doors do not fit • Refrigerator side panel incorrectly cut by installer in the first 2 weeks of the project is still missing. • Need to fill in a few seams and fix uneven veneer in a few places. We are once again holding on shipping with an estimated ship date of Dec 7th. We were contacted on December 19th and KTU finally finished on Dec 21st. We received the final invoice on 22nd as I was sent after 10pm the night before. We then received over 10 e-mails and a text a 5am threating to come to our home for a check when we had always paid via credit card. When we tried to pay there was a $103 credit card surcharge fee that we did not pay with our previous payments. Lots of back and forth with the owner to finally get her to reduce. Then when I finally try to pay (4 times) I get an error. We receive a text they will fix and get us a new link to pay later that day or the following week. On Tuesday, they want to come out for a check. We agree to have one available when they arrive Thursday night. When we agreed to pay the 20,000+ project it was understood to be completed in a few months. We still have to pay the total amount while the project took 10+ months.

5 months ago

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Tina Dungan Bend, OR

This is such a highly touted company-but I can't say my experience was that good. I truly wish I had shopped around more and gotten other bids. $20K+ for my kitchen remodel. Add cabinets in the 23 inches of wasted space above the 20 yr old ones. Remove a curved cabinet on the floor and replace with a straighter, bigger one. Add drawers for pans, undermount the sink and replace a cupboard with a 2 bin garbage can pull out. Long story short, this took 6 months from start to final completion due to the errors. If I did not have a good friend who knew cabinetry, I probably would have not seen or paid attention to some of the issues. (I also would have been a chicken and not have done anything about it) I didn't get the coveted undermount sink...because "you can't have that with laminate countertops". (Then why didn't the salesman tell me that!?) I got a 1 bin trash can slot, in the wrong location. Finally got the 2 bin after complaining. The one bin is still there-suggested use? Pet food-not a bad idea. Through this odyssey I did contact the parent company, which resulted in the owner coming to see me and assuring me it would be made right. The workers were awesome. Always there, very kind and mostly cleaned up after themselves. You would think that when you removed the cabinet on the floor and got ready for the next one you would have thought of the new, laminate floor. Nope! All of a sudden I had a triangle that I had to pay the floor installer to come out and fix. They don't do plumbing-so pay a plumber to come and put in your sink. Oh! Check that your dishwasher is re-mounted! Mine wasn't for TWO months while I waited for them to come back! And don't get me started on my lovely shiny sealant that marries the backsplash to the kitchen countertops. Sighhhh

6 months ago

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Jim Andrews Greenville, SC

After a consult, It took a month to receive the quote (Jenny claimed she emailed it and Kitchen-Tune Up's system was not working properly). I gave her the benefit of the doubt and paid my deposit. I STILL HAVE NOT APPROVED ANYTHING! Which of course means an order has not been placed. AND SHE HAS MY DEPOSIT. She will not call me and every 3 or so weeks will sent a text "I sent you something to approve via email . . . let me resend". Still waiting for that resend (after requesting several times via text). This company and franchise . . . AWFUL!

9 months ago Edited September 2, 2022

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Cory Sheppard Mesa, AZ

The Kitchen Tune-Up Franchise in Mesa, AZ (Pellman) is a complete joke. We are into the 8th month of this project and they still don't seem to know what they are doing. Yes, EIGHT months. Not exactly the 1-5 days they advertise. They blame the delay on supply chain because apparently we chose the wrong knobs and pulls. That doesn't answer why the "soft-close" drawers and shelves are so horrible. Some stop halfway. Some have to be pushed all the way in. No two are the same. the turntable they installed is too big for the space. Now they are going to cut out the inside of the box. Wish we never contacted this clown show.

1 year ago

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James Trezza Schwenksville, PA

This is a REAL HONEST REVIEW...I recently bought a home 8/20 that had refacing done (2018-19) of the entire kitchen cabinets, replacement doors and drawers by Kitchen Tune Up. I needed a side refrigerator panel installed and the upper cabinet moved forward along with warranty work since the plastic refacing was falling off several cabinets and bubbling. Unfortunately, getting Kitchen Tune up's contact person, Jeff the "owner" or basically anyone to return phone calls, texts to confirm scheduling was impossible. Weeks would go by after submitting photos of the requested work, then only to be told, resubmit the photos again. When the installer finally arrived, he was unprepared to do the work, even though I had planned this with them via photos, etc., months in advance. While he was at my home, I showed him the cabinets above the cooktop that they were uneven, 36" in the back wall and 35.5" in the front making it impossible to replace the 30" range hood with a 36". The installer agreed that the panels that were previously installed with the laminate was incorrect and when I was ready to replace the hood to call the office. I called Kitchen Tune up a few months later when I had the new 36" range hood and I was told that they would not do small jobs under $2500 and they refused to make good on their shoddy work even though I was willing to pay to repair this work. I called 2 GC's and both said that the work was unprofessional and shoddy and could not make the repairs due to the refacing. Now I have the $650 range hood that is sitting in my kitchen unable to get installed. Kitchen Tune up DOES NOT stand behind their poor quality work and most importantly, you are faced with the fact they will not honor warranty work or return your calls- as many other reviewers stated on Google. If you want to go through **** to get this cheap quality work done then you will be on your own. As I mentioned, this is a true honest review and I really would not want someone to be in the situation that I am currently in.

2 years ago

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Joshua Saltzman Lutz, FL

I really have little positive to say about this company. Workers don’t show up on time, the organizer cannot draw plans properly. Their subcontractors come to your house and raise their voice to you. They about burned down the house. It took more than a month where it says 1-5 days. Just an atrocity in customer service for a +$20000 job. Steer clear of this used car salesman.

1 year ago